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MOMENTS OF Zionism Zionism Apostles Essay Text Documentary Zionism = National Movement of the Jews for Return in Country of Zion – ‘The Holly Land’ (or ‘The Promise Land’) and the formation of Eretz Israel State (not necessarily a definition). Development Zionist movements in European countries and the U.S. (midsection. XIX - sec. XX) becomes the engine and sponsor (through organizations Joint type) of various stages of Jewish Return, in a land barren and then hostile; social phenomenon is calle
    MOMENTS OF Zionism Zionism Apostles EssayText Documentary Zionism = National Movement of the Jews for Return in Country of Zion – ‘TheHolly Land’ (or ‘The Promise Land’) and the formation of Eretz Israel State (notnecessarily a definition).Development Zionist movements in European countries and the U.S. (mid-section. XIX - sec. XX) becomes the engine and sponsor (through organizationsJoint type) of various stages of Jewish Return, in a land barren and then hostile;social phenomenon is called generic: ALYA. National consciousness develops in jewish communities in Europe based on two social vectors: Simultaneous eventin communities in Europe, two contradictory states of mind:   Integration intothe daily lives of the majority population of Jews (and in some cases, theassimilation through mixed marriages).Resistance and organizing demonstrations in front of anti-Semitism andintolerance of other ethnic populations in the majority.How this sequence have different times in different European countries,including the Russian Empire, hebrew communities were in a continuous searchfor solutions. Formation of national consciousness. The join around Jewish  That although many times there were open conflicts between the rabbi.   Although many families of Hebrew in the middle class realized why not go in the wilderness when going very well where they lived, with the majority population.  Therefore the first who left were poor people - schnorers. A large number of immigrants took to the road America beginning sec. XIX (where, no more than70 years and will come before the main financial support of the Jewish Joint). Another initiative was jew tycoon Moritz de Hirsh (finance, among others theconstruction of railways in the Balkans and East) send to 7000 in RussiaHebrew poverty in Argentina. Jew tycoon Edmond de Rotchschild fundsdirectly (1870-1910) the creation of compact settlements in Palestine ...Individual events and punctual.It was to be like, before Messaiah (God sent) waiting at a handful of Hebrew, therabbi to lawyers, bankers, men of culture, etc. from all jewish communities inEurope and Russia, and social conditions very different; but united by the belief that Return is the only way to true peace and dignity Hebrew people. Itconfirmed the tragical Schoah of the Jews in European fascism andcommunism, the harbinger of countless pogroms neighborhoods of big cities but in small urban settlements at the end of sec. XIX and early XX century.Is unpleasant, but correctly noted that this process was not idyllic place. The five social vectors: The Council of Rabbies (the classic and Hassid are in acontinuous war of deaf and leading jewish communities).Considered class (great bankers of Europe, accustomed to generous gesturessingular, too full of them to mix with the herd – is famous that say Rotchschild bankers to Zionist leader Theodor Herzl: ‘What do you think that, with 100,000schnorers (poor) to cure a Country of Israel ?!’), middle class (swing betweensatisfaction and empowerment recent idea of financial support andparticipation - especially the Hebrew of these young families – to buildeconomic infrastructure to the future new Hebrew State).Poor People (ordinary people today to live together, side by side with themajority poor population, but having a higher education community andpractice of faith for thousands of years) - They will mobilize by Theodor Herzl,(after being rejected by bankers Hirsch and Rotchschild) They constitute amajority in the firsts ALYA.Zioniştii (heterogeneous group as social class of srcin and countries of srcin,gathered around the idea of achieving the Jew - Eretz Israel during 1840 - 1897 which will be the rule of law and fact in the Basel Congress in 1897 had many moments in which opinions and attitudes were different. Unity of purpose andlocation of the miracle right leaders in the latter exodus Hebrew of the peopleresulted in the establishment of the State of Hebrew (1948). The road wasopened for business two Rabbi: Yehuda Solomon Alcalai  Yehuda Solomon Alkalai (Yehudah Ben Shlomo Alkalai, Judah Alkalay) (1798-1878).    He was born in Sarajevo in Bosnia. After a period of study in Jerusalem (where become advocates of teaching Kabbala) is return in Serbia, where leads a smallsephard community Semlim (Zemun) near Belgrade (1825).Under the influence of origin nationalist movements in the Balkans and Europe(which will culminate with the 1948 revolutions across the continent), but alsoin consonance with the desire to reform life, which are generated in the sec.XVIII Hassid spiritual movement initiated by Yisroel (Israel) ben Eliezer Calledthe Baal Shem Tov (Besht - Shin Bet Ayin Tes) (1698 -1760) and Dov Ber of Mezritsh (1704-1772); Alkalay of work in 1834, ‘Shema Yisrael ‘(‘ Listen to thepeople of Israel ‘) starts from the idea that you pray and deplores the Jew inGalut (exile) to God by asking for expressions Force Him to be displaced againin ‘the Holy Land’ (something commonly practiced in the synagogues of theDiaspora jewish communities and in Jerusalem, where he preached his pendingMessaiah to restore them in Hebrew on Israel and release of Galut) is notsufficient. Jews must act and held for real Return as more and their spiritualand real life in their country, in those days called Palestine. ‘Then the God willcome!’ Said Rabbi Alkalay. There he issued the first modern doctrine In theintroduction to a book of Hebrew grammar (Darkhei No’am), in 1839, and‘Shelom Yerushalayim’ (1840), he urges people to prepare both spiritual andmaterial resources through the collection - proposes the allocation of eachfamily of Hebrew tenths of an income ‘tithe’ to support those who want to settlein Jerusalem. Provides also future dangers of living in the Diaspora and futureeffects of the welfare of the majority population accumulated exponentially  because of Hebrew children’s early education, a system of socialization andsupport specific to jewish communities, which the majority population not know to apply and generate forms of early anti-Semitism - which in fact will happenover the next years ... In the same year, 1840 in Damascus, are killed in Hebrew reason to be killed Christians for ritual manufacture matzot map (azyme) forEaster. Comment: This was    the Franciscan brother Thomas and his greek servant, then    disappeared. French consul in Damascus Turkish governor alerts    claiming that murder is a ritual practiced by the Hebrew. This    starts an investigation, during which a barber Jew recognizes as    torture deed and he accuses the three. have held shares of    pogrom at the Hebrew settlements in the   Middle East. Funeral    disappeared two Christians are held in their absence bodies ...  That confirms it’s Alkalay that Jews can be free only in their own (from theOttoman Empire) on which to base jews settlements. Idea taken and TheodorHerzl (whose grandfather was friends with Alkalay). In 1874 is established inPalestine to contribute to the settlements of Hebrew. Died in 1878. Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795 --- 1874) Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795 - 1874) In the same period a rabbi in Poland (aschenaz) militate for the same idea:Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795 - 1874), rabbi of the community in Torun. In1862 he declared that the Return to Zion the Hebrew p emoupuslset tboegreinin wstiathll concrete, practicing agriculture and self as a means of implantation.He traveled up and across to Germany asking for fund-raising by the Jewishstate with settlement projects of jewish families in Palestine, including bankersBerlin branch of the Rothschild family. 1862 paper published in ‘Drishat Tziyon veHevrat Erez Noshevet’ (“looking for the Zion”), a first training manual formodern agricultural settlements in Israel.Both rabbis were aware that community empowerment of the first decade of theXIX century in France , the Habsburg Empire and Germany, by Napoleon I, wasnot sufficient. It induces a selfmiddle class and Hebrew magnaţilor across theeveryday life: a mortal danger to induce that state of mind of what a sacrifice was establish land arid and response to our hospitable local population inPalestine (which and what happened after 1890). Therefore militants forsystematic development of national consciousness within the Hebrew community, in close collaboration with Talmudic training and community socialization of the young generation as a first step in the process of Return.Kalisher succeeds in 1864 to establish the Central Committee for setting theregion of Israel, in Berlin. Manages to raise awareness Jewess Universal Alliancein support of agricultural settlements in Israel and the first agricultural school:Mikve Yisrael in 1870. He suggests that residents of settlements to combinefarming with that of self-defending in local Guard Units to counter attacks
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