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MUET Writing Task 1 - Sample and Exercise | Grocery Store | Retailing

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A sample of MUET Writing Task 1 answer with one exercise concerning the sample.
  TITLE Shoppers’ Choice of Venue for Grocery Shopping   Can be extracted from the rubrics INTRODUCTION Figure 1 shows the choice of venue where shoppers bought their groceries in 2000 and 2005 while able 1 shows the features of the shopping venues in 2005!   Answers the questions ‘what’, ‘when’ or ‘ where’   Can be extracted from the titles of the visuals  given OVERVIEW Generally shoppers were influenced by the features of the different shopping venues in 2005!   Shows a link between visuals   Answers the questions ‘what’, ‘when’ or ‘ where’  KEY FEATURES 1!#n 2000 grocery stores $%5&' and wet (ar)ets $*5&' were the two (ost popular venues in 2005!2!he least popular choice of shopping venue in 2000 was the convenience store charting at only 5&!+!,ore shoppers shopped at hyper(ar)ets $-0&' than wet (ar)ets $+0&' in 2005!%!Convenience stores $15&' were the least fre.uented venue in 2005 as convenience was the only feature!5!/yper(ar)ets charted a higher percentage of shoppers in 2005 at -0& than in 2000 at 10& because of great discounts convenience co(fort variety and reasonable prices in 2005! *!he percentage of shoppers at night (ar)ets re(ained the sa(e at 20& in both 2000 and 2005 although night (ar)ets offered variety convenience good service and reasonable  prices in 2005!-!Grocery stores charted %5& of shoppers in 2000 higher than in 2005 at 25& even though grocery stores offered convenience good service and reasonable prices in 2005!  KF  trend word  data  com!arison  time frame   Anal sis   Anal sis #ink Figure $ and %able $   S nthesis   S nthesis   S nthesis CONCLUSION #n conclusion hyper(ar)ets were the (ost  popular choice of venue in 2005 for grocery shopping!   Summar of the re!ort  INSTRUCTION: Connect the sentences given to for ! co #ete for of re ort $riting%
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