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ORFEO Preparatory Programme 2 nd of January GT6 & 7 Meeting

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ORFEO Preparatory Programme 2 nd of January GT6 & 7 Meeting Introduction B Boissin Réunion GT 6 & 7 02 février f 2009 CNES Paris 1 Agenda Avancement du programme ORFEO : CNES Avancement du PPU - plan de
ORFEO Preparatory Programme 2 nd of January GT6 & 7 Meeting Introduction B Boissin Réunion GT 6 & 7 02 février f 2009 CNES Paris 1 Agenda Avancement du programme ORFEO : CNES Avancement du PPU - plan de travail : CNES Avancement ORFEO Tool Box : CNES Avancement des études décidées Autres études? Conclusion 2 Pleiades status Satellite Instrument Major anomaly on filters in front of multispectral flight detectors Detection unit integration was interrupted during 16 months : now fixed Integration operations on the Focal Plane have been resumed and processed satisfactorily Instrument delivered in July 2008 Bus The 2 buses have been delivered Satellite Start of satellite AIT (instrument assembly on MQV bus) : September 2008 Satellite delivery : early November 2009 with good confidence 3 Satellite: some achievements 4 Satellite: some achievements Flight telescopes undergoing integration in Thales Cannes premisses. 5 Satellite: some achievements 6 Satellite: some achievements 7 Ground segment & System tests Ground Segment Programming Chain & Imaging chain: First version delivered and OK used fir integration of users ground segment (FDUGS-FCUGS SpDUGS) User Ground segment Delivery foreseen in November 2008 System test Currently integrating in the Secure Dual Ground segment (SDGC) Compatibility tests First global system loop performed end 2007 : satellite FM programmation using Programming Chain V1 ; real image telemetry recording via the X-band Station Emulator ; image telemetry processing using Imaging.Chain V1 First operability tests performed beginning 2008 : System Technical Qualification January July 2009 System Operational Qualification July 2009-December 2009 In orbit acceptance 2 months after launch 8 Launch Launch contract with Arianespace (awarded Dec. 2004) for two launches (Pléiades 1 and 2) Launch from Kourou SOYOUZ 2.1.a launcher, Contractual Launch period : Dec to May 2010 for pléiades 1, 15 mois later for Pléiades 2 9 Image Simulations with measured performances Comparison with Specification 10 Simulation parameters MTF inst : Instrument Modulation Transfer Function MTF inst : System Modulation Transfer Function after processing ( MTF enhancement by deconvolution + denoising) PA B0 B1 B2 B3 Spécifications SNR=90 SNR=111 SNR=107 SNR=107 SNR=155 MTF inst =0.08 MTF sys =0.20 FTM=0.38 FTM=0.36 FTM=0.34 FTM=0.32 Mesures TAS 04/08 SNR=165 SNR=148 SNR=152 SNR=154 SNR=188 (valeurs moyennes) MTF inst =0.14 MTF syst =0.30/0,40 FTM=0.38 FTM=0.36 FTM=0.34 FTM= Comparaison niveaux spécifications et mesures essais TAS (zoom x3) 12 Comparaison niveaux spécifications et mesures essais TAS (zoom x3) 13 Comparaison niveaux spécifications et mesures essais TAS (zoom x3) 14 COSMO-SkyMed 2 first satellites operational since 1st of August Third satellite launched the 25 th of October First Announcement of Opportunity : selection of projects achieved Still waiting for notification to the PI Second AO : 2009 with full constellation 15 AO COSMO (TBC by ASI) institut sujet prévu n Status Uni. Catholique Louvain + VITO-TAP+KMI-IRM +Uni. Liège + Alterra + INRA+ EU JRC Global agricultural monitoring systems by integration of Earth observation and modelling techniques 1122 oui Boost + CLS (+ CEDRE) POTENTIAL OF COSMO-SKYMED FOR SHIP DETECTION 1223 oui SERTIT + IWHR (Chine) Assessment of CosmoSkymed for flood mapping and monitoring. Potential of VHR and polarized data for water surface, water paths and hydrological features recognition oui SHOM + Boost Techno Analysis of COSMO-SKYMED X Band SAR data potential for surface wave retrieval and X-SWELLl 1323 oui Boost + CEDRE ANALYSIS OF THE POTENTIALITY AND LIMITATIONS OF OIL SPILL DETECTION 1340 oui Univ Gent Synergy of radar and optical VHR imagery for forest mapping and inventory 1741 oui ENST Paris + CNES + Uni. Hannovres Monitoring urban areas by X band SAR interferometry 1780 oui Uni. Clermont-Ferrand, CNES, MLV, CREGUR Toward operational InSAR monitoring of volcanic activity 2080 oui UMLV + DGA Use of X SAR COSMO SkyMed data for land and coastal survey in tropical humid areas oui LIS/INPG + ENST Paris, LISTIC Monitoring glacier activity by combined interferometry and PRI image processing 2145 oui Noveltis + INRA-Avignon Use of Cosmo-Skymed products for flood area detection and culture monitoring 2150 non BRGM Assessment of Cosmo-Skymed capabilities for the monitoring of ground displacements using radar interferometry and image correlation 2162 oui INDRA + EUSC Assessment of improvement of stripmap COSMO-SkyMed products using superresolution methods oui CNES + CIRAD + BRGM + EPOC Enhancement of the Kalideos Reference Remote Sensing Databases using Cosmo-SkyMed data 2170 oui INRIA/Ariana + ENSTB +.. The use of COSMO/SkyMed SAR data for multirisk applications involving urban areas and infrastructures oui CNES, IGN Potential of CosmoSkymed Spotlight and ScanSAR image modes for DTM retrieval and ground monitoring oui EUSC + GMES / LIMES Consortium Coastal detection and tracking of ships outside the EU 2211 retiré EUSC + GMES / TANGO Consortium Non-combatant Evacuation Operations scenario in Malawi within the frame work of GMES / TANGO 2212 non EUSC + GMES / TANGO Consortium Monitoring of a ship through its route in North sea, Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea non INTA + EUSC Obstacles/Man-made artefacts detection and identification above the land surface non AGRHYMET (Niger), CIRAD, MLV, ID-Niamey Use of X SAR CosmoSkymed data for very small water body monitoring in Saudian and Sahelian region 2244 oui IRD, Uni. Savoie, Uni. Mexico, CENAPRED (Mexique) Monitoring stratovlocanoes activity by interferometry: application to Mexican volcanoes 2257 oui 16
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