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Ougd503 Module Report Danielle Muntyan | Graphic Design | Design

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Ougd503 06 Danielle Muntyan
  DanielleMun- t- yan. ModuleRe- port. OUGD- 503  Live Briefs. EcletticoJade Clark Look Book Jade Clark Poster Series Competition Briefs. Secret 7” YCN - Cath KidstonOnes to WatchMarkus Mueller Digital Art Contest Type TriathlonPenguin Design AwardsHummingbird Holdings Logo Design Collaborations. D&AD - WPP  Live Briefs. EcletticoJade Clark Look Book Jade Clark Poster Series  Eclettico  Branding & Identity - Unisex Hair Salon Client - James Pratt  The Brief:Re-brand the Doncaster based unisex hair salon The Hair Boutique,  with the name Eclettico giving a fresh, eclectic and new identity.Deliverables:Letterhead & EnvelopePrice ListBusiness/Appointment CardsHair Colour CardsLogoI was asked by my long-term hairdresser James Pratt to re-brand his current workplace for his take over of the business. In response to his new ownership he wanted to bring his own personality and heritage into  the salon, targeting new and existing customers.‘Eclettico’ is the Italian translation of Eclectic, reecting the clients style and varied customers, whilst hinting at his Italian heritage.I chose to work on this brief as I felt it  was well suited to my own style and personality which are very similar to my clients, as well as having a keen interest in branding and identity.  Aside from this, my client has an eye for design and unusual approaches  to design which is reected through both of our work. Having a good relationship with James prior to starting the brief, would only benet the design and communication process throughout. Concept:Initially we discussed ideas together in regards to different routes which could be taken, as well as discussing  the deliverables necessary for the business to run smoothly and well. The concept which was decided on  was the idea of diversity with the sa-lon being unisex and open to all types and styles of hair. This is relayed  through the collaged images of hair creating a bed of eclectic colours, shades and tones. The deliverables  were produced and manipulated digitally, after working with the srcinal collaged imagery by hand.Process:Communication was maintained  throughout the design process, asking the client questions and showing him the current designs, to inform development and to produce a well-designed and appropriate outcome. Throughout this brief, I learnt that  working with a client can be much easier when communication is kept, and ideas are talked about and discussed beforehand. However, overall i was lucky with this brief, my client allowed me to have total creative control and trusted my initial ideas which then ourished.I learnt it is important to ensure target audience and tone or voice are  thought about continuously due  to the business being unisex. This affected design decisions such as  typography choices needing to be neutral. I also learnt I can work to deadlines and pitch to clients condently with independant concepts and proposed mock-ups of design work.Overall I am happy with the outcome of the work, and the client has taken  the designs into production for the  the salon ‘Eclettico’ which is due to open in June. He has also expressed interest of a website which I am in  talks about working on also.Client Feedback & Testimonial :“I asked Danielle Muntyan to design my business cards, price lists and colour test cards for my new salon Eclettico. Keeping a strong hold  towards my heritage was very important to me as well as it been  very important that my level of high professionalism was portrayed which I feel that Danielle has captured within  this very personal and unique design. Danielle has kept in contact  throughout the whole design, and allowed me add my personal input and opinions into the nished design. Overall I am very impressed with Danielle’s professionalism and keen eye towards detail. I wouldn’t hesitate  to recommend Danielle to others, nor  would I hesitate to employ Danielle to handle any design work I would need for my salon in the future.” - James Pratt, Senior Stylist & Salon Owner Doncaster, UK 
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