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DETAILS OF PROJECT FOR PATENT / COPYRIGHT FOR AC.YR-2013-14 DEPARTMENT Project Title IDP / UDP Internal Guide Name Internal Guide Email I.D. Student Name: E-mail I.D. ABSTRACT COMPUTER ENGINEERING U.G. /P.G P.G ENHANCED APPROCH FOR DYNAMIC WEB SERVICE COMPOSITION Mr. Mohammed Husain Mob.No. 7405370028 mohammed.jeeranwala@gmail.com Mr . Krutil J. Patel Krutil123@gmail.com Mob.No. 9998976090 Web services are small applications that can be separately deploy and invoked by further software or serv
  DETAILS OF PROJECT FOR PATENT / COPYRIGHT FOR AC.YR-2013-14 DEPARTMENT COMPUTER ENGINEERING U.G. /P.G P.G Project Title IDP / UDP ENHANCED APPROCH FOR DYNAMIC WEB SERVICE COMPOSITION Internal Guide Name Mr. Mohammed Husain Mob.No. 7405370028 Internal Guide E-mail I.D. mohammed.jeeranwala@gmail.com Student Name: Mr . Krutil J. Patel Mob.No. 9998976090 E-mail I.D. Krutil123@gmail.com ABSTRACT Web services are small applications that can be separately deploy and invoked by further software or services on the web. Service is a network addressable software component to  perform a specific task. A service discovery mechanism can be used to find services that can  be executed and satisfy a service request. Service Oriented Architecture enables that kind of seamlessly service binding, discovery and invocation of service at run time. In dynamic web service composition, appropriate services choose and compose at run time. For composing that kind of services in dynamic environment is most challenging task as well as very important for  provides better services. A service composition module generates a composition plan and by using that plan composition is done. Lots of Web service is available for similar kind of task  but at the time of choosing service, Quality of Service is considered for better results. In Dynamic Web Service concept multiple services are composed together and generate final results appropriately. Here proposed approach is based on improved Quality Of Service (Functional & Non Functional) parameters like response time, Availability, cost and rating of service. By considering that parameters effective composition is possible and getting user centric response. This approach is used in many applications like travel planning, health care management, online shopping and other many service management portals. Signature of Students: Signature of Internal Guide:  DETAILS OF PROJECT FOR PATENT / COPYRIGHT FOR AC.YR-2013-14 1.   DYNAMIC WEB SERVICE COMPOSITION TO SERVICE A USER REQUEST PATENT NO : US 8,050,935 B2 ABSTRACT :- A method and apparatus for dynamic Web Service composition is described. A user request is received. Multiple Web Services that may need to be performed according to the user request are identified. A Web Service composition is generated from the multiple Web Services. The Web Service composition is expressed in a business process modeling language that incorporates exception handling. Web Service composition is the task of composing sets of Web Services to achieve more complex goals. The Web offers a variety of services that can be accessed by an individual using a Web browser. Web Services may be information services (e.g., routing services that provide driving directions, yellow-page services that provide information about places of interest, movie-time services for movie listings, etc.) or action facilitating services (e.g., Web Services enabling specific actions such as buying books, booking fights and hotels, operating Webcams, etc.). In addition, Web Services may provide networked access to electronic devices (e.g., online Weather services providing the Wind speed and temperature to a Weather station) or be provided by electronic devices (e.g., a GPS device providing the service of specifying its location, a mobile  phone providing a communication service, a PDA providing an interface service, etc.). 2.   FRAMEWORK FOR DYNAMIC COMPOSITION OF WEB SERVICE PATENT NO:-US 7,783,499 B2 ABSTRACT:- A framework for Web services integration can include a Web services integrator having a scheduler coupled to a control. The control can have a coupling to a consumer  preferences repository. The scheduler, by comparison, can have couplings both to a State data repository and also to Service activation repository. Finally, the framework can include an interface to the Web Service integrator notably an agenda can be dis posed within the scheduler. Moreover, a collection of service activation rules can be disposed within the service activation repository. The framework yet further can 1nclude a collect1on of service requestor preferences disposed within the consumer preferences repository. Finally, the framework can include service request state data disposed within the state data repository.  DETAILS OF PROJECT FOR PATENT / COPYRIGHT FOR AC.YR-2013-14 3.   DYNAMIC SERVICE COMPOSITION AND ORCHESTRATION PATENT NO: -   US 7,774,485 B2 ABSTRACT: -  The need for enterprise software applications to Work together With Web  browser-based front ends lead to the development of application servers. Application servers  provide a framework for integrating front-end Web applications with back-end enterprise applications. Beyond simply invoking enterprise applications from applications servers, a need arose to compose pieces of different enterprise applications into composite applications. One Way this can be done is to expose an enterprise application as a set of reusable services that other systems can access. However, enterprise applications are typically deployed on multiple application platforms and in heterogeneous environments. These factors make the composition effort proprietary and programming-driven, resulting in brittle and expensive integrations. What is needed is flexible infrastructure to dynamically compose services and handle any incompatibilities that might arise between 4.   WEB SERVICE BROCKER PATENT NO: -   US 7,725,590 B2 ABSTRACT: -  A method for providing a web service broker includes providing an interface  between an enterprise and at least one of a service client and a service provider. The service client discovers web services on a service registry and uses the corresponding web services from the service provider. Communication is provided between the enterprise and the at least one of the service client and the service provider. Information from or to the enterprise is converted to a form that is appropriate for the at least one of the service client and the service provider. Additionally or alternatively, information from or to the at least one of the service client and the service provider is converted to a form that is appropriate for the enterprise. 5.   SYSTEM FOR WEB SERVICE QOS OBSERVATION AND DYNAMIC SELECTION PATENT NO: -   US 7,386,620 B2 ABSTRACT:  A system and method permits a user to observe the Quality of Service (QoS) of Web services and allows dynamic selection based on the user's preference. The system is built on  DETAILS OF PROJECT FOR PATENT / COPYRIGHT FOR AC.YR-2013-14 QoS observation meta-model and comprises a QoS observation manager, service criteria generator, service repository, evaluation manager and service invocation manager. The QoS observation manager allows users to define observation model and deploy to the service criteria generator. The service criteria generator computes the QoS criteria values of services by subscribing events which include user feedback events and service execution events, based on deployed observation model. The service repository provides the persistence storage for QoS criteria value. The evaluation manager allows users to specify selection preferences and select services based on QoS ranking. The service invocation manger invokes Web services and  publishes events according to the QoS of Web services. The system enables users to observe the QoS of Web service and select Web service based on QoS ranking that reflects the user's selection preference. 6.   DEVELOPING QOS AWARE PERVASIVE APPLICATIONS FOR WEB SERVICE INTERACTION PATENT NO: -   US7640331 B2 ABSTRACT:- A system is described for selecting web services accessible over a network. The system comprises a pervasive device, one or more servers in communication with the network and supporting at least one base web service that provides an output in reply to a request from the pervasive device. The system further comprises one or more servers supporting at least one extended web service operable to reduce a computational load of the pervasive device in an interaction with the base web service. An application running on the pervasive device evaluates attributes of a Quality of Service (QoS) model relating to interactions between pervasive device, a base web service and corresponding expanded web service. The application chooses whether or not to use the corresponding web service based on the evaluated attributes. 
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