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Envision , Evolve, Unleash Performance Testing - LR Venu Gopal Reddy.S Contents ã ã ã ã ã ã Why Load Test Your Web Application ? Functional vs. Load Web Testing Web-Based, Multi-Tiered Architecture Manual Testing Is Problematic The LoadRunner Solution LoadRunner Expert Workflow “The Big Picture” ã Plan Load Test ã Sample Task Distribution Diagram ã Transaction Profile 10/17/08 2 Contents Contd… ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã User Profile How to Use the Information Create VuserScript Actions Think Time
  Envision , Evolve, Unleash Performance Testing -LR Venu Gopal Reddy.S  8/8/2011 2 C ontents ‡ Wh y Load Test Your  W eb Application ? ‡ F unctional vs. Load W eb Testing ‡ W eb-Based, Multi-Tiered Arc h itecture ‡ Manual Testing Is Problematic ‡ T h e LoadRunner Solution ‡ LoadRunner Expert W orkflow³T h e Big Picture´ ‡ Plan Load Test ‡ Sample Task Distribution Diagram ‡ Transaction Profile  8/8/2011 3 C ontents C ontd« ‡ U ser Profile ‡ H ow to U se t h e Information ‡ C reate VuserScript ‡  Actions ‡ T h ink Times ‡ Parameterization ‡ Determine Wh ic h   F ields to Parameterize ‡ Parameterization Decision-Maker  ‡ Select t h e Data Access Met h od  8/8/2011 4 C ontents C ontd« ‡ Data F ile Replacement Met h ods ‡ Run-Time Settings ±Iterations ‡ Summary -Parameterization ‡ Transactions ‡  Automatic Transactions ‡ Summary ‡ N ext session«««.
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