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Certain brands have paved the way by creating amazing spaces, including hotels, bars, museums, apartments, theatres and laboratories. A hundred examples are included in this publication. Marketing and retail professionals, this white paper is for
  Source of inspiration for businesses Designed by REINVENT THE EXPERIENCE / 60 striking brand places uncovered / Hotels, restaurants, museums, apartments, theatres, laboratories,... PLACEBRANDING   ideeslocales.fr In collaboration with  PLACE BRANDING – REINVENT THE EXPERIENCEPLACE BRANDING – REINVENT THE EXPERIENCE 23        3                       5 1. The shopper of the future, a collector of experiences 6 2. The viewpoint of Gilles Lipovetsky, sociologist, philosopher 8                    9 1. Stimulate the imagination and emotional response 10 2. Incorporate an aesthetic dimension 11 3. Promote experimentation 12 4. Make room for the human dimension 13 5. Put the customer at the centre of the experience 13 6. Offer a memorable experience 14 7. Offer a moment of wellbeing 14     15                       22   The retail safari 35     38          40 This publication, dating from Febuary 2016 was edited by PagesJaunes, a public limited company with a capital of euros, and its head office located at Immeuble Citylights – Tours du Pont de Sèvres – 204, Rond-point du Pont de Sèvres in Boulogne-Billancourt (92100) – 444 212 955 RCS Nanterre.Legal Representative and Director of Publication: Christophe Pingard.Editorial Director: Gérard Lenepveu.Collaborator: Qualiquanti Creative Intelligence.PagesJaunes would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this project, in particular INFluencia.The professionals highlighted in this document can be clients of PagesJaunes, investing in publicity budgets, and supporting us, however, the philosophy and aim behind the creation of this publication is to give information which is local and factual.   Long live the shopping experience! In France, PagesJaunes (Yellow Pages) is one of the leading companies in advertis-ing and local information on all platforms: internet, mobile and paper. It has therefore become an expert in local business and carefully analyses developments in the busi-ness world. Its partners include many major brands who have a large network of stores and local retailers.So what does the shop of tomorrow look like? That is THE question. Multi-channelled, aesthetic, surprising and changing, stores as seen by new consumers are above all a place where people can share enriching experiences far beyond the mere act of pur-chasing. At a time when we can order anything on the internet, retailers must offer a real shopping experience to set themselves apart. Certain brands have paved the way by creating amazing spaces, including hotels, bars, museums, apartments, theatres and laboratories. A hundred examples are included in this publication.Marketing and retail professionals, this white paper is for you. It will give you ideas on how to entice clients in a personalised way through immersion in meaningful spaces.The demand is certainly there: the digital world has created a need for proximity, a demand for social links, for a sumptuous experience which only a bricks-and-mortar shop can offer. This is something that pure players have realised; these days they seek to place their products in shop windows and meet their clients by setting up in the heart of towns and cities.Happy reading! Gérard Lenepveu SoLocal Group Brand and Publicity Director Follow us on the ideeslocales.fr blog it is a source of inspiration for businesses, focussing on a number of specific initiatives.  PLACE BRANDING – REINVENT THE EXPERIENCE 5 PLACE BRANDING – REINVENT THE EXPERIENCE 4 A quick glance at the founding dates of these top brands, though not exhaustive, proves just how much this phenomenon has developed. 2018 PARIS Hôtel Fauchon Fauchon 2016 (reopening) VEVEY, SWITZERLAND Alimentarium Nestlé 2015 (reopening) PARIS Worklife Steelcase 2015 (reopening) PARIS Musée Fragonard Fragonard 2015 PARIS Running Lab Asics 2015 RUEIL-MALMAISON La Bulle Mercedes-Benz 2015 NEW YORK RL Restaurant Ralph Lauren 2014 PARIS Fondation Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 2014 NEW YORK Baccarat Hotel & Residences Baccarat 2013 BERLIN The Digital Eatery Microsoft 2013 TOKYO The Ginza & The Parlour Shiseido 2013 COPENHAGUEN Flagship Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen 2013 DELRAY BEACH, USA Fotobar Polaroid 2013 PARIS Manufacture du chocolat Ducasse 2012 LONDON Audi City Audi 2012 PARIS Cafe Kousmichoff Kusmi Tea 2012 MILAN, ITALY Hôtel Armani Armani 2011 PARIS Le Lab Legrand 2011 SHANGHAI Johnnie Walker House  Johnnie Walker 2011 PARIS 2 Opéra BNP Paribas 2011 NEW YORK Apartment 32 Weatherproof 2011 LONDON M&M’s World M&M’s 2011 SEOUL D’light Samsung 2011 AUBERVILLIERS, FRANCE DomoLab Saint-Gobain 2010 SHANGHAI The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Swatch 2010 BRUSSELS Hôtel Pantone Pantone 2010 MILAN, ITALY Maison Moschino Moschino 2009 LA GACILLY, FRANCE Hôtel La Grée-des-Landes Yves Rocher   2008 BRUSSELS Boutique Côte d’Or Côte d’Or 2008 LONDON National Geographic Store National Geographic 2008 LONDON A Dunhill Bourdon House Dunhill 2008 AMSTERDAM House of Bols Bols 2007 ATLANTA World of Coca-Cola Coca-Cola 2006 PARIS Cafe ING Direct ING Direct 2006 TURIN Mirafiori Motor Village Fiat 2005 BARCELONA Casa Camper Camper 2001 FLORENCE Musée Gucci Gucci 1. To compete with online retailers, physical stores must offer unique and memorable experiences. FOLLOW CONSUMER DEVELOPMENT  PLACE BRANDING – REINVENT THE EXPERIENCEPLACE BRANDING – REINVENT THE EXPERIENCE 67 1. THE SHOPPER OF THE FUTURE, A COLLECTOR OF EXPERIENCES According to Régine Vanheems, co-director of l’Observatoire du cross-canal et du commerce connecté (Observatory of Cross-Channel and Connected Commerce): “As a result of spending hours on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, using these cold, soulless screens, you start to feel a great emptiness. Saturation point is near...*” Although these products are available online, consumers feel the need to come into a store. This is not just to buy something, but also a seeking for human relations, the need for social interaction and experiences. WELL INFORMED AND DEMANDING Having said that, consumers look online before buying a product in-store and this is true across the generations. Well informed consumers expect retailers to have greater knowledge and be able to give advice which is adapted to their demands and personalities. URGENCY Consumers are used to being able to buy products with just one click and want to act as quickly as possible. In his work published in 2011, La Dictature de l’Immédiateté (The Tyranny of Immediacy), Stephen Kerckhove explains that we live during the reign of presentism, an ideology which refuses to wait for anything and lives in a constant state of urgency. DEPENDENT ON CONTEXT Consumer’s moods are changeable, with differing factors affecting different days. When not much time is available, consumers will prefer simple and efficient shopping, and therefore expect a customer pathway which matches these high expectations. On the other hand, if consumers have some spare time, they will appreciate a more complex product presentation and will be more open to experiences which are offered to them. * Union Presse, November 2014 edition 1. THE SHOPPER OF THE FUTURE, A COLLECTOR OF EXPERIENCES (CONTINUED) IN SEARCH OF MEANING AND PERSONAL VALUES Consumers want their purchases to reflect their values. They need to be confident and feel that they are being treated in a sincere and genuine way. Online purchases are increasingly linked to labelling and to product quality. It is important that products are environmentally-friendly and locally-made (think Made in Britain).Faced with consumers who are more and more demanding, retail outlets must stand out. Visiting a store must create a memorable experience and make the consumer feel that the store has given them a genuine brand offering. Brands are creating a small revolution in their relationships with the public. They are moving away from the idea of encouraging people to shop, and are instead creating the idea of sharing information, personal values, sensation and fun. In return stores hope for consumer reciprocity in the form of a purchase. Brand communication is developing in the same way: advertising is making way more and more to richer and more complex editorial content. COMMERCIAL LOGIC STOREA uniform, single-purpose space which is made for sales only Isolated productBuild the brand/consumer relationship as a supplier/buyer relationshipA PLACE TO EXPERIENCE THE BRANDA multi-purpose space which offers multiple activities related to the brand (bars, galleries etc.)A product which is integrated in a sensorially complete and rich world shown by a network of diverse symbols (decor, materials, ambience, staff…)Consumers who respond to the brand become part of it GIFT LOGIC  PLACE BRANDING – REINVENT THE EXPERIENCE 9 PLACE BRANDING – REINVENT THE EXPERIENCE 8 2. THE VIEW OF GILLES LIPOVETSKY, SOCIOLOGIST, PHILOSOPHER In October 2014 , the Cortex Club 1  organised a conference entitled  “Look at the bigger picture with the client experience”.Gilles Lipovetsky, a sociologist who examines transforming ways of life and behaviour, was the conference’s invited guest. According to him: “The neo-consumer is not on the lookout for utility, but for “pointless impressions” as Paul Valéry said, something purely experiential. This consumer wants to see and feel, so takes photos to do so. There is a democratisation of the aesthetic experience taking place.This aesthetic quest is seen through an increasing consumption of music, films, festivals and art and equally of decoration, design, gardens and tourism.”   Gilles Lipovetsky observes that we have entered into a mindset of emotional consumption: “We buy products to feel a semblance of adventure and beauty. Consumerism is searching for new experiences; it calls for perpetual youth and refutes repetition and routine.” In an interview in the Libération newspaper on 25 April 2013, Gilles Lipovetksy  also notes: “Now, we are addicted to the “new”. There are no limits in the search for sensory and ‘surprising’ experiences.” With the culture critic Jean Serroy, Gilles Lipovetsky  is also the author of “L’esthétisation du monde, vivre à l’âge du capitalisme artiste” (The Aesthesticisation of the World, Living in the Age of Artistic Capitalism) (Gallimard, 2013). “Artistic capitalism relates to consumption. That means all processes of decoration, stylisation and attracting consumers to products and places — stores, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, town centres, train stations, landscapes: no area escapes this paradigm any longer. The word aesthetic must be understood in its srcinal Greek sense, aesthesis, which relates to perceptions, sensations, effects, emotions. Artistic capitalism is the system which constructs the market of feelings. It works as an immense creator of dreams, emotion and imagination.” Gilles Lipovetsky  concluded the conference with: “Virtualisation does not lead to impoverished experiences. On the contrary, there will be more and more online opportunities for amazing experiences at the same time as the chance to enjoy experiences in the real world.” 1  Cortex is an ideas laboratory for innovation in the client experience area which is co-led by Laurence Body. 2. Competition from online retailers has altered the challenges facing businesses. They can no longer battle it out over pricing, they must differentiate themselves by identifying their uniqueness: their physical presence which is conducive to creating unique experiences. And they can also make use of new technologies. OFFER A SHOPPING EXPERIENCE
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