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Precancerous Oral Lesion Due to Tobacco | Tobacco | Cutaneous Conditions

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        In western countriesIn western countries--Cigarettes, Cigars, PipesCigarettes, Cigars, PipesIn IndiaIn India--Chewing tobacco,Snuff dipping,Chewing tobacco,Snuff dipping,GutkaGutka, Quid, Quid  Carcinogens in TobaccoCarcinogens in TobaccoTobacco when kept in mouth leaches outTobacco when kept in mouth leaches outcarcinogens, which act on oral mucosacarcinogens, which act on oral mucosacausingcausingneoplasticneoplasticchangeschangesTobacco contains potent carcinogens includingTobacco contains potent carcinogens includingNitrosamines (nicotine), polycyclicNitrosamines (nicotine), polycyclicaromatichydrocarbonsaromatichydrocarbons,,NitrosodiethanolamineNitrosodiethanolamine,,NitrosoprolineNitrosoproline, and polonium. Tobacco smoke, and polonium. Tobacco smokecontains carbon monoxide,contains carbon monoxide,ThiocyanateThiocyanate,,hydrogen cyanide, nicotine and metabolites ofhydrogen cyanide, nicotine and metabolites ofthese constituents.these constituents.  Toxic substances in tobacco are absorbed throughToxic substances in tobacco are absorbed throughthe tissues of the mouth and into the body. Thesethe tissues of the mouth and into the body. Thesesubstances include:substances include:CadmiumCadmiumFormaldehydeFormaldehydeLeadLeadNicotineNicotineUranium 235Uranium 235
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