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Project report on job satisfactions | Job Satisfaction | Turnover (Employment)

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MBA/BBA Project report
  JOB SATISFACTION INTRODUCTION Job satisfaction is not the same as motivation. It is more if an attitude, an internal state of the person concerned. It could, for example, be associated with a personal feeling of achievement. Job satisfaction is an individual‟s emotional reaction to the job itself. It is his attitude towards his job. Definitions:   “ Job satisfaction does not seem to reduce absence, turnover and perhaps accident rates”.  -Robert L. Kahn “Job satisfaction is a general attitude towards one‟s job: the difference between the amount of reward workers receive and the amount they believe they should receive.”  -P. Robbins Job satisfaction defines as “The amount of over all positive affect (or feeling) that individuals have toward their jobs.”  -Hugh J. Arnold and Daniel C. Feldman    “Job satisfaction is the amount of pleasure or contentment associated with a job. If you like your  job intensely, you will experience high job satisfaction. If you dislike your job intensely, you will experience job dissatisfaction.” By Andrew J DuBrins, The practice of supervision, New Delhi Job satisfaction is one part of life satisfaction. The environment influences the job. Similarly, since a job is important part of life, job satisfaction influences one‟s general life satisfaction. Manager may need to monitor not only the job and immediate work environment but also their employees attitudes towards other part of life. JOB FAMILY POLITICS LIFE LEISURE RELATED ELEMENT OF LIFE SATISFACTION    Human life has become very complex and completed in now-a-days. In modern society the needs and requirements of the people are ever increasing and ever changing. When the people are ever increasing and ever changing, when the peoples needs are not fulfilled they become dissatisfied. Dissatisfied people are likely to contribute very little for any purpose. Job satisfaction of industrial workers us very important for the industry to function successfully. Apart from managerial and technical aspects, employers can be considered as backbone of any industrial development. To utilize their contribution they should be provided with good working conditions to boost their job satisfaction. Any business can achieve success and peace only when the  problem of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of workers are felt understood and solved, problem of efficiency absenteeism labour turnover require a social skill of understanding human problems and dealing with them scientific investigation serves the purpose to solve the human problems in the industry. a) Pay.  b) The work itself. c) Promotion d) The work group. e) Working condition. f) Supervision. PAY   Wages do play a significant role in determining of satisfaction. Pay is instrumental in fulfilling so many needs. Money facilities the obtaining of food, shelter, and clothing and provides the means to enjoy valued leisure interest outside of work. More over, pay can serve as symbol of achievement and a source of recognition. Employees often see pay as a reflection of organization. Fringe benefits have not been found to have strong influence on job satisfaction as direct wages. THE WORK ITSELF Along with pay, the content of the work itself plays a very major role in determining how satisfied employees are with their jobs. By and large, workers want jobs that are challenging; they do want to be doing mindless jobs day after day. The two most important aspect of the work itself that influence job satisfaction are variety and control over work methods and work place. In general, job with a moderate amount of variety produce the most job satisfaction. Jobs with too little variety cause workers to feel bored and fatigue. Jobs with too much variety and stimulation cause workers to feel psychologically stressed and „burnout‟.   PROMOTION Promotional opportunities have a moderate impact on job satisfaction. A promotion to a higher level in an organization typically involves positive changes I supervision, job content and pay. Jobs that are at the higher level of an organization usually provide workers with more freedom, more challenging work assignments and high salary. SUPERVISION
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