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RDSO spec for Data Logger for indian railways | Power Supply | Signal (Electrical Engineering)

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IRS S-99/2001 GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS (RAILWAY BOARD) INDIAN RAILWAYS STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR DATA LOGGER SYSTEM (TENTATIVE) Serial No. S-99/2001 0. 0.1 0.2 FOREWORD This specification is issued under the fixed serial number followed by the year of adoption as standard or in case of revision, year of latest revision. This specification requires reference to the following specifications: IRS: S23 RDSO/SPN/144 IS: 9000 Electrical signalling and interlocking equipment Safet
    IRS S-99/2001 GOVERNMENT OF INDIAMINISTRY OF RAILWAYS(RAILWAY BOARD)INDIAN RAILWAYSSTANDARD SPECIFICATIONSFORDATA LOGGER SYSTEM(TENTATIVE)Serial No. S-99/20010.FOREWORD 0.1 This specification is issued under the fixed serial number followed by theyear of adoption as standard or in case of revision, year of latest revision.0.2 This specification requires reference to the following specifications: -IRS: S23Electrical signalling and interlocking equipmentRDSO/SPN/144Safety and reliability requirement of electronicsignalling equipmentIS: 9000Basic environmental testing procedures for electronicand electrical itemsWherever, reference to any specification appears in this document, it shallbe taken as a reference to the latest version of that specification unlessthe year of issue of the specification is specifically stated. 1.0SCOPE 1.1This specification covers the technical and operational requirements of data logger equipment, which is installed to monitor the status of the Page 1 of 24    IRS S-99/2001 signalling gears at stations. It also covers minimum configuration   of centralmonitoring unit (CMU). 2.TERMINOLOGY 2.1. For the purpose of this specification, the terminology given in IRS: S23 andRDSO/ SPN/144 shall apply. 2.2. Input module means an electronic module/ card used to read status of relays (digital input) and/or level of analog signals . 2.3. Signal Conditioner means an electronic module or card used to convertanalog signals to a suitable level for recording. 2.4. SSI/ Electronic interlocking is a processor based electronic system tocontrol signalling equipments/ functions at any interlocked station.2.5Integrated power supply (IPS) is a composite module delivering various ACand DC voltage for signalling equipment. 3.GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 3.1The system shall chronologically monitor and record the status of variousfield functions like track circuits, points, signals, operators pushbuttons/switches (digital Inputs)   and status of various analog signals likeDC and AC supply   voltages,   Axle counter signals   etc. 3.2The equipment shall also have the capability of statistical analysis, predictthe faults and generate failure reports. It shall be possible for the user todefine fault logics taking digital/analog inputs into consideration andgenerate reports for such   faults.3.3The equipment shall be capable of generating audio-visual alarm under defined conditions. In addition it shall be able to deliver non-vital relayoutputs on receipt of command from CMU. At least 8 non-vital relayoutputs shall be provided. These outputs may be used for non-vitalfunctions like radio patching of control circuits etc.3.4For digital inputs, voltage free contacts shall be used. Analog signals shallbe scaled to a suitable limit using signal conditioner before converting todigital signal.3.5The system shall be suitable for working on non electrified, AC electrifiedand DC electrified areas and where passenger/freight trains hauled bysingle phase thyristor controlled or three phase induction motor controlledAC locomotives or chopper controlled EMU stock are operated. Page 2 of 24    IRS S-99/2001 3.6The system shall be capable of working in conjunction with conventionalrelay interlocking, multi-aspect colour light signalling installations operatedby lever frames/ slides & Electronic Interlocking systems. It shall havefacility to log data received from Electronic Interlocking through a serialport. 3.7 The system shall be capable for working in an ambient temperature range of 0 0 C. to 60 0 C. and relative humidity up to 95% at ambient temperature of 40 0 C. If forced cooling is required, the cooling fans shall operate on systempower supply. The MTBF of cooling fan shall be minimum 70,000 hours at 40 0 c. Special protection against ingress of dust, moisture etc. shall be provided.3.8 The data logger shall be capable of being connected to a printer for obtaining a hard copy of the function recorded.3.9The data logger shall record various field functions as indicated in para3.10 below chronologically in the following format:Date, time, field function,status / value3.10The status of various functions shall be recorded in the following way: -3.10.1Digital Input: FunctionsStatus configuration i) PointsNormal or reverse (N or R), locked or unlocked ii) SignalON or OFF (Y, YY, R, G, RI, Amarker) iii) TrackOccupied/Free iv) Level crossingLocked/Free v) Crank handleLocked/Free vi) Axle counterOccupied /free vii) Block equipmentLine Close/Train on Line/Line Clear  viii) RouteLocked /free ix) Route sectionsLocked / free x) Push buttons Pressed/released xi) SM’s keyIn/Out xii) SlotsGiven/ not given; Received / notreceived xiii) Insulation of Sig. CableGood /bad (through ELDs) xiv) Slots (Outgoing)Locked/ released xv) Slots (Incoming)Received /Absent xvi) Switch (2 position)Normal/ Reverse Page 3 of 24    IRS S-99/2001 xvii) Switch (3-position)Left/ Center/ Right xviii) General Relay Pickup / drop3.10.2Analog inputs FunctionsStatus configuration i) Axle counter Rx signal at the tagblockValue ii) AC power supply (230/ 110V)Value iii) DC supply (12/24/48/60/110 etc.)Value iv) Power supply equipmentWorking / Defective v) Temperature ValueThe purchaser shall indicate any additional field information required to berecorded.3.11 The system shall be easily re-configurable to any changes required byuser  , whenever modifications are carried out in the yard.3.12 Provision for networking and remote monitoring of several data loggersfrom the central place shall be provided. 4.TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS 4.1Data logger system consists of: (a) Data logger equipment which is provided near the signalling gears tobe monitored has following modules: (i) Processor module. (ii) Input module (digital/ analog) (iii) Signal conditioning module (iv) Communication module (v) Printer 80 Col. Dot matrix (Optional) (b) Central monitoring unit (if provided) with communication facility toretrieve data from data logger (s) provided at   station(s). The centralmonitoring unit shall run the diagnostic software to generate alarm &exception reports. 4.2Data Logger Equipment : 4.2.1The equipment shall cater for minimum 512 digital inputs (in the form of voltage free contacts) and 32 analog inputs. The system shall be Page 4 of 24
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