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Research Paper The Holocaust Samantha Vunovic ENG-102-110 Professor Neuburger 25 March 2011 Vunovic 2 Before the Nazi¶s took over and Hitler came to power, Jews lived normal lives and were no different than anyone else. During the time when the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, Jews were living all over Europe. There was close to nine million Jews. By the end of the war, two out of every three Jews would be dead, and European Jewish life was be changed forever. Jews were like any oth
   Research Paper The HolocaustSamantha VunovicENG-102-110Professor Neuburger 25 March 2011  Vunovic 2 Before the Nazi¶s took over and Hitler came to power, Jews lived normal lives and wereno different than anyone else. During the time when the Naziscame to power in Germany in 1933, Jews were living all over Europe. There was close to nine million Jews. By the end of thewar, two out of every three Jews would be dead, and EuropeanJewish life was be changed forever. Jews were like any other culture; they were farmers, factory hands, seamstresses, tailors,accountants, doctors, teachers, and small-business owners. Someof the Jewish families were wealthy, but many more were poor.Many children ended their schooling early to work but many others looked forward to continuingtheir education at the university level. By the time the Nazi¶s took power in the 1930¶s, theeveryday lives of the Jews no longer mattered. The all became the same, victims.Germany lost the war during World War 1. Research done by Seymour Russel states thatafter Germany lost the war, the Treaty of Versailles was passed. This treaty reduced the area of the German Empire by one tenth. This treaty also had other rules to follow. Germany was forcedto admit that it was guilty of starting the war. Also, the German government was forbidden toraise an army of more than a hundred thousand men, or to build any large weapons of war. Worstof all the treaty made Germany pay the Allies enormous amounts of money to compensate for the suffering caused by the war (Rossel). Adolf Hitler was one of the most well known peopleduring the Holocaust. According to the website www2.dsu.nodak.edu, Hitler was born on April20, 1889 in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn (Meier). Hitler served in World War 1and when the war was lost, Hitler tried to find people to blame for the wars loss. Hitler decidedthe Jews were to be blamed for Germany¶s loss. In 1919, Hitler joined a group called the German Jews along the streets of Paris before the war.http://bit.ly/fkAnfG  Vunovic 3 Workers' Party. Hitler became one of seven committeemembers who headed the party. They held meetings tocompare the present government¶s weaknesses to theGovernment before World War 1 and to discuss the enemy , the Jews. According to historyplace.com, Hitler gained power in politics quickly. Hitler became leader of the NaziParty in 1921 and over time the number of members soared. InJanuary of 1933, Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany (The Rise). From this day on, theJews lives changed forever.After Hitler was established the new Chancellor of Germany, the first concentrationcamps were created. The US Holocaust Museum¶s website gives a concentration camp timelinefor the camps during the Holocaust. These first concentration camps were used for politicalopponents and social deviants. Prisoners were held here and were forced to work. After WorldWar II broke out, more prisoners were targeted and the functions of these camps expanded. After the beginning of the war, the concentration camps turned toa new extreme. These camps also became sites for the massmurder of small targeted groups declared dangerous for  political or racial reasons, according to the Nazi¶s. For example, in 1941 hundreds of Dutch Jews were rounded upduring a strike and sent away to a camp. Within a few days,all of these Jews were reported dead (HolocaustEncyclopedia). Concentration camps started become more andmore vast, sub camps were being set up. At the camps, many Jews and other nationalities were Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germanyhttp://bit.ly/3U4NMdPolitical Prisoners arriving at a concentrationcamp in Oranienburghttp://bit.ly/aWh3Er   Vunovic 4 killed. About.com has a great chart of many camps during the Holocaust and statistics abouteach. There were many camps and sub camps, but there are 5 main camps; Auschwitz, Belzec,Dachua, Majdanek, and Sobibor (Concentration).Auschwitz-Birkenau has become known as the deadliest and largest concentration campthat existed during the Holocaust. The website Auschwitz.org declares that Auschwitz wasestablished in 1940 in Oswiecim, a polish city in Germany that became known as Auschwitz(Auschwitz). It is said that Auschwitz camp was built here because it was a central intersectionof roads and railways. The camp was surrounded bylarge electric barbed wire fences that were beingguarded by soldiers. In March 1942, trains began toarrive everyday carrying hundreds, even thousands of Jews. The majority of the Jewish men, women andchildren sent to Auschwitz were sent to their deaths inthe Birkenau gas chambers immediately after theyarrived. People here didn¶t just die from gaschambers and gun shots. Over fifty percent of prisoners died as a result of starvation, labor,stress caused by the terror that raged in the camp, executions, the terrible living conditions,disease, epidemics, punishment, torture, and criminal medical experiments. Prisoners werestripped and removed of all their belongings whenever they arrived. They were removed fromtheir families and sent to different parts of camp, having different tortures in store for them. Theliving conditions were terrible (Holocaust Survivors). A Holocaust survivor tells his story of what it was like living in the camp, The front enterance of Auschwitz-Birkenauconcentration camp.htt://bit.l/KsclV
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