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Restorative Composite Resins | Dental Composite | Tooth Enamel

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  Restorative Composite Resins Col Kraig S. Vandewalle USAF Dental Evaluation & Consultation Service  Official Disclaimer ã The opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the US Air Force or the Department of Defense (DOD) ã Devices or materials appearing in this presentation are used as examples of currently available products/technologies and do not imply an endorsement by the author and/or the USAF/DOD  Overview ã Direct restoratives   – composition  – classification  – performance factors ã Flowable ã Packables Click here for briefing on composite resins (PDF)  Composite ã Material with two or more distinct substances  – metals, ceramics or polymers ã Dental resin composite  – soft organic-resin matrix ã polymer  – hard, inorganic-filler particles ã ceramic ã Most frequently used  –  esthetic-restorative material Leinfelder 1993
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