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Revista Virtual Otaku De Ricardo Mejorada

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Historic background Otakus are one of Japan's most famous urban tribes among young people around the world. ORIGIN The Word “Otaku” emerged in The term…
Historic background Otakus are one of Japan's most famous urban tribes among young people around the world. ORIGIN The Word “Otaku” emerged in The term Otaku comes from de the 1980s, where in an anime Japan. In Japanese culture, this series it referred to one of the Word refers to people with too characters as Otaku. much obsession with something (a hobby, a game, and anime). Generally, Otakus are usually obsessed with anime, mangas, video games or computers. Otakus are obsessed with anime SAMSUNG Otaku If we extend the definition of Otaku outside Japanese culture, we can also include in this category fans of “cult” video games, series and movie who know the scenes and plot from memory and feel fully identified with the characters and the fantasy world shown. THE OTAKUS AT PRESENT Athough they originated in Japan, the otakus culture has spread all over the World. They are usually Young people between the age of 13 and 25 who live in large cities in developed countries Interests & ACTIVITIES In their free time, the otakus decide to spend their time, watching anime on the internet or on TV, as well as, they are very fanatical about video games, cinema and the Reading of If you need help with comics, called by computing, Otakus are great themselves mangas. in this digital realm. Some otakus listen to genres of music related to pop, but exclusively, compositions made by themselves, such as mixtures of pop music with hip hop. Normally the music that the otakus listen to is the opening or ending of on anime or the music that is listened to while the anime goes on. Most of These videos reflect feelings these songs are japanese. through images related to the The opening is a video anime and tonality or the with music that is put at song. the beginning of the anime and the ending is the same but it is put at the end of the anime. MUSIC ANIME TYPES PES SHONE N SHOJO JOSEI SEINEN In manga or video game events they usually dress up as their favorite characters, The humble otaku will called "Cosplayers". In have to evolve everyday life, however, gradually, starting they don't have any with much cheaper peculiarities when it pieces and comes to dressing up. adornments, while the rich usually enter with everything in otaku fashion, with the best cosplays and much understanding...Of fashion. THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF OTAKUS In most cases, in societies that do not yet enter another level of vision, take a person with different tastes as something bad if they do not like you, although in if the otakus has a broader view on various cultural issues, are very respected and independent in almost all urbanized societies. Otakus in Some people have an colombia erroneous knowledge This culture came to Colombia about otakus because in the 80's with Japanese series they consider them as if such as Astroboy and the Mayan they were antisocial Bee. Later, in the nineties, the (although mostly this Knights of the Zodiac and term is misused, since Dragon Ball Z arrived. the correct ter mis Bogotá has 74 groups, many of asocial) which is not true which meet at national events because many of them such as tournaments, launches have even hundreds of and festivals that the community friends. has consolidated and extended to Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla, where otaku conventions are held with 800 attendees. REFERENCES http://animegamingmusica.blogspot.com/ https://sites.google.com/site/latinotakucol ombia/otakus-en-colombia-y-latinoamerica https://todas-las-tribus- urbanas.blogspot.com/2013/05/otakus- cultura-otaku.html
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