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VOL. 4, NO. 51 - THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018Page 2The Rockaway TimesWhalemina’s Return ades or so, Whalemina was…
VOL. 4, NO. 51 - THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018Page 2The Rockaway TimesWhaleminaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Return ades or so, Whalemina was decorated and celebrated by thousands of beachgoers and locals alikeâ&#x20AC;¦until Sandy took her away. With support from the local people of Rockaway and the not-for-profit Projects of Peace, a new Whalemina has been created. Special thanks go to the late Billy Taylor, whose gen-At some time in the late 20th Century, the late Sal Arena, an avid Rockaway citizen and dedicated Rockaway Beach Civic Association member, came to me with an odd request. He wanted help bringing the iconic grey whale from Central Park Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Zoo to our beach. Sal discovered that the New York City Parks Department was finally renovating The Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Zooâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and theerosity knew no bounds. Whalemina will make her debut appearance at The Coney Island Mermaid Parade this Saturday, June 16, before making her way back to her beloved Rockaway Beach. Watch out for her in the neighborhood. -Geoff Rawling, Artist and founding member of Rockaway Mermaid Brigadewhale was outâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;he secured her move to the beach. I was willing to help fix her up, if allowed to decorate her with a mosaic of local fauna and flora from beach to bay. At first there was resistance to this idea, until, after her move from park (Central) to park (NYC Beach), she quickly deteriorated. We rallied different organizations and individuals, private and public, young and old. Over the next two dec-&KLQ 8S)DWKHUÅ&#x2013;V'D\ *LIW&DUGV6PRRWK 'XGH*HWULGRI\RXU GRXEOHFKLQ'DGVQHHG ³PHWLPH´ WRR%RWR[LV QRWMXVW IRUWKHODGLHV%X\WKHPDQLQ\RXU OLIHDJLIWFDUGIRUD WUHDWPHQWRIKLV FKRLFH*HWRII %RWR[ ,QMHFWLRQVIRU )DWKHU¶V'D\%X\6FXOS6XUH IRUWKHFKLQ JHWRII ,QFOXGHV WUHDWPHQWV,QMHFWDEOHV /DVHU*HQHVLV 0LFURQHHGOLQJ 8OWKHUD6NLQ7LJKWHQLQJ +\GUD)DFLDO 3HHOV /DVHU+DLU5HPRYDO 6FXOS6XUH)DW0HOWLQJ&DOOIRUD)5((&RQVXOWDWLRQ7RGD\  48((165RFNDZD\%HDFK %OYG5RFNDZD\3DUN1< 0$1+$77$13DUN$YH1HZ<RUN1<·ZZZQLFROHIURQWHUDEHDXW\FRPTo advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.comThe Rockaway TimesTHURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018Page 3·To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.comTHURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018Page 4The Rockaway TimesContact The ElectedCongressman Gregory Meeks 67-12 Rockaway Beach Boulevard Arverne, NY 11692 Phone: (347) 230-4032 Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato 9516 Rockaway Beach Blvd Rockaway Beach, NY 11693 718-945-9550 City Councilman Eric Ulrich 114-12 Beach Channel Drive, suite #1 Rockaway Park, NY 11694 718-318-6411 State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. 88-08 Rockaway Beach Blvd Room 311 Rockaway Beach, NY 11693 718-318-0702 State Senator James Sanders Jr. 1931 Mott Avenue - Suite 305 Far Rockaway, NY 11691 718-327-7017 City Councilman Donovan Richards 1931 Mott Avenue, Suite 410 Far Rockaway, NY 11691 718-471-7014 Assemblywoman Michele Titus 1931 Mott Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY 11691 718- 327-1845 Community Board 14 1931 Mott Ave Far Rockaway, NY 11691 718-471-7300718-439-0005Kevin Boyle PUBLISHER Pat McVeigh MANAGING DIRECTOR Katie McFadden MANAGING EDITOR Kami-Leigh Agard REPORTER Fred Marino, Frank Chimera SALES The Rockaway Times 114-04 Beach Channel Drive Rockaway Park, NY 11694 Phone: 718-634-3030 • www.rockawaytimes.com • Email: news@rockawaytimes.com, mail@rockawaytimes.com THE ROCKAWAY TIMES is published every Thursday by Double Nickel LLC, 114-04 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Park, NY 11694. Send address changes to The Rockaway Times, 114-04 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Park, NY 11694. Ad space reservations by Monday, 12 noon, preceding date of publication. Editorial submission must be made by Monday, 3 P.M., pre- ceding date of publication. All letters to THE ROCKAWAY TIMES should be brief and are subject to editing. Writers should include a full address and home / office telephone number. Anonymous letters are not printed. Name withheld on request. No such ad or any part thereof may be reproduced without permission of THE ROCKAWAY TIMES. The publisher will not be responsible for any error in advertising beyond the cost of the space occupied by the error. Errors must be reported to THE ROCKAWAY TIMES within five days of publication. Ad position cannot be guaranteed unless paid prior to publication. THE ROCKAWAY TIMES assumes no liability for the content or re- ply to any ads. The advertiser assumes all liability for the content of and all replies. The advertiser agrees to hold THE ROCKAWAY TIMES and its employees harmless from all costs, expenses, liabilities, and damages resulting from or caused by the publication placed by the advertiser or any reply to any such advertisement. © 2015 Double Nickel LLC.732-792-2333OUR 30th YEAR!and see Come in signed ly de our new oom showr11’9”x10’15’7”x10’19’3”x10’$2,199$2,499$2,999 ·Available in select fabrics. All retractable awnings included installation, wall mounting and 2’ x 10’ capped backer board on vinyl sided homes.To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.comThe Awning Warehouse •The Rockaway TimesTHURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018Check Point I was at a bar in Myrtle Beach. A group of golfers, maybe eight or 10 guys, were at a table next to me. They’d just obviously finished a round of golf and now were having a few rounds. Standard issue, middle-aged guys having some laughs, burgers and beers. I don’t golf but I do play the 19th hole occasionally, especially if the sun’s still out. I was a little envious of the boys having such a good time though things were winding down. They reminded me of my pals and then… And then they asked for separate checks. What the…?! A couple of them were insistent they only had two Coors Lights, not three. I was appalled. These guys. I mean, they can all afford a golfing getaway but they gotta quibble over a beer or two? If I had a golf club I might’ve come out swinging. I hated myself for wanting to join their fun ten minutes earlier. I ordered two more beers and one check. On the same trip down south, I visited friends who’d moved to Charleston. I told them about these rubes who got separate checks and they told me it was kinda common in these parts. I immediately asked the waitress what percentage of people ask for separate checks and she saidabout half! The Civil War was not over. So, wait a second. You’re with friends and you’re going to break out a calculator and say, Joe, you owe fifteen dollars and forty-two cents. And Bill, you had cheese fries, not just regular fries, you owe seventeen dollars and 25 cents. I want to fight these guys, not have a meal with them. That’s not to say there aren’t chiselers out there if you’re splitting one bill. There are guys who order like it’s their last meal on death row knowing the bill is going to be split evenly. If the bill is being split evenly, they have to order the Johnny Walker Blue and the most expensive entrée. This is usually the same type of guy who was identified as a “pile assassin” by our once-in-awhile columnist, Beefchip. A pile assassin learns there is a pool of money on the bar for the group of guys. Twenty or forty bucks and that’ll take care of a few drinks and tip for each guy. He tosses his money in. But, but, but, he’s about to game the honor system. The pile assassin now takes the opportunity to buy drinks for other people, not in the group. Buy those ladies drinks, take it out of there, pointing to the pile. He’s generous with OPM —other people’s money. Check-splitting and pile assassination came to mindPage 5because a friend tells me he and his wife have been having dinner with two other couples forever. One couple always, always, orders top shelf and have never, in a hundred years, acknowledged that they owe extra when the bill is delivered. This ploy wears on the other couples. But they still go out with the play-dumb chiseling cheapskates. The fault, I tell my frustrated friend, is yours. Eating out with friends is a team game. If somebody continually messes up the chemistry, they’ve gotta get the boot. How to give the boot? Well, he could just go out without them or better, do the unspeakable and ask for separate checks. That’s right. The one time separate checks is acceptable is when it’s used as a weapon. See, if your regular group gets it, they split the one bill evenly, and they make exceptions when necessary. If everybody’s drinking like fish and somebody’s not or somebody is not eating a full mealfor whatever reason, everybody else knows they either treat or accept only a token chip-in. If you order a special that’s twice what everybody else ordered, you volunteer to toss in extra. If it’s a one-time thing, your friends might refuse the offer but they’ll appreciate the gesture and be reminded why they like going out with you. You’re not with me on this? You like the idea of separate checks? Ok, we can still be friends. Just don’t invite me out to dinner.Want To Get In Touch? Send Email to Mail@RockawayTimes.comMOVING SALE GARAGE SALE Furniture, Kitchenware, Bikes, Snow Blower, Silver Set, Knickknacks, Tools, Boogie Boards, Beach Stuff, Barbecue grill, Sewing Machine, Art Photos, TVs, Too Much to mentionSat. June 16th212 Beach 126th10 a.m. to p.m. NO EARLY BIRDS ·To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.comTHURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018Page 6The Rockaway TimesCB 14 Convenes Before Summer Break By Katie McFaddenIt was standing room only at the Knights of Columbus on Tuesday, June 12, as many sought to have their voices heard at the last Community Board 14 meeting before the summer hiatus. From parks and transportation issues to a controversial decision over a proposed synagogue in Far Rockaway, the last meeting was productive, disappointing for some, and long for all. Before delving into the big issues, the meeting opened with public speaking. A teacher from P.S. 183 spoke about issues at the school including safety concerns, construction and more. Jill Lauri gave a heads up for the 2nd Annual Animal Rock event on July 21, brought up a topic on many minds—the beach closures, and thanked CB 14 for their support in turning down the proposed Williams pipeline. JK Canepa said the pipeline fight is raging on and an anti-pipeline meeting will be held at 6:30p.m. on June 27 at 388 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn. In the meantime, there is an opportunity to request that energy company, Equinor, bring an offshore wind lease to Rockaway, as opposed to Long Beach. A public comment period to make this request is open until July 30. For more info, email Canepa at jk.nycag@ gmail.com. Some spoke about bringing a new charter school for girls with an extensive STEM program for K-5 in fall 2019. For more information, see ropecharterschoolforgirls.com. Florence Ferguson spoke about Beach 59th Street Playground updates, including a reading series program starting on June 23, with a special guest on August 11, plus paint nights, movie nights and more. A Peninsula Library rep also spoke about some upcoming programming like a Louis Armstrong tribute on June 29 at 6 p.m., a science fair featuring an inflatable boat on July 14, and more. With beach closures being a big topic, Hank Iori spoke aboutan important meeting on June 19 at 7 p.m. at P.S. 114, in which elected officials have been invited to speak about the issue. Someone suggested starting a marketing campaign to show Rockaway Beach is open. Visit rockawaybeachisopen.com for more info. Another urged CB 14 not to take a summer hiatus, but rather focus hard on the beach closure issue. Frustrated neighbors on Beach 90th Street brought up their issue with a neighboring DJ that blasts music into the late-night hours, rattling nearby homes. The neighbors claim that the 100th Precinct hasn’t done enough to stop the disruptions. They turned to CB 14 in the hopes that more will be done. Following public speaking, Rockaway United gave a presentation on bringing a microgrid to the peninsula, which could help bring backup power in an emergency. They’re now working with NYU’s Urban Infrastructure Institute to make it a reality. They’re looking atan area around Beach 108th to bring the microgrid. NYU is currently in the preliminary phase of conducting a study on the possibility. The Land Use and Housing committee presentation took center stage with a controversial topic of building a new synagogue in Far Rockaway, but first, a vote was made on a citywide issue of requiring special permits for new hotels in manufacturing, or M1 districts across the city. The citywide text amendment would place restrictions on new hotels in these areas, requiring special permission to build a new one. Many liked the idea so much that they requested this be applied to all hotels, not just ones in M1 districts. A motion was made to support the citywide text amendment, and to see this extended to all hotel construction. The motion was approved. The hot button issue of the night came down to BSA #2018Continued on page 16%RDUGZDON PIZZERIA • RESTAURANTAT ARVERNE BY THE SEA - 68-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd -347-619-8002FREE DELIVERY OPEN 7 DAYSMon-Thurs 10-10 • Fri-Sat 10-11 • Sun 11-10$% 10 OFF 2 OFFAny Pie With This AdAny Catering Order*Not to be combined with any other offer *Excludes PizzettesWith This Ad(pick-up only)·To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.comPick Up or Free Delivery9;NOW Delivering To Breezy Point & Broad ChannelThe Rockaway Times***** Flag Day is June 14. In celebration, 7-year-old Willow Gresser wrote a short poem called "My Flag"...The flag is my life, my freedom and my heart. I believe the flag is the magnet that holds our country together. ***** It’s not ‘til Sunday but it’s never too early to say: Happy Father’s Day! The photos we have on the front and on pages 20-21 were sent in by family members. If you want dad in next year, ya gotta email us! ***** Emil Lucev died this week. The amateur, and expert, Rockaway historian was the author of our Rockaway Ol’ Times column. He started out collecting old bottles along the shores of the peninsula and his interest in local history grew from there. He was a long-time col-THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018 umnist, book author, and an important contributor to the now-dormant Rockaway Museum. A friendly guy with a ready laugh and story to tell, he’ll be missed. Emil recorded history and in doing so, made some history himself. ***** FYI: More than “4.5 blocks of Rockaway Beach remain open.” It’s more like 4.5 miles. Nightly news broadcasts, yes, more than one, recently made this huge mistake when talking about beach closures. Incorrect information like this is damaging to the local economy, so please get the word out there… the beach is open! ***** The annual RIBS Golf Classic, a great tradition honoring lost friends, Charlie Heeran, Chris Lawler and Mike Glover has been cancelled. The event, which raised thousands of dollars that supported various charity efforts, had to be called off because the cost of running the event at Riis Pitch N Putt became prohibitive. New ownership says they have catering,liquor licenses, and partnership deals, which gives them little flexibility with pricing. That’s not good. It’s been a great time, year in and year out, and the golf course benefitted from all the locals who turned out (and then patronized the place throughout the summer). We hope the RIBS can figure out an alternative. ***** Row-row reunion. On September 8, there’ll be a reunion of all Beach Channel High School Crew Team Alumni. Coach Bill Stein will be attending. For more information contact Corinne Waldheim McDonough ’93 (718) 869-0105 or Phil McManus ’83 (718) 6795309. ***** Speaking of rowing. The Grand Opening / Open House for the Community Boathouse on Beach 88th Street and Jamaica Bay is set for Saturday, June 30! See Page 15 for more info. ***** Our little free newspaper is noticed far and wide. An editor from The Los Angeles TimesPage 7 Book Review saw Marilyn Macron’s review of John Rechy's Pablo! in the May 31 issue of The RT and contacted Marilyn about lengthening the review a bit to fit their guidelines and then they’d publish it. Marilyn writes The Literary Chick for us every couple of weeks. ***** Always good to see a new business getting started. Best of luck to Stitch N Print in Broad Channel. And the gas station next to Duane Reade on Beach 116th and Beach Channel Drive has reopened as Gulf. ***** The date of the New York City Council Parks & Recreation Committee hearing on beach erosion has been moved to June 25 at 11 a.m. at 250 Broadway. ***** Madelaine Chocolate celebrated its post-Sandy recovery on Tuesday and were joined by Rep. Gregory Meeks and reps from the Small Business Administration. The company was able to hire many workers back and has now rebuilt to its preSandy capacity.Your Lock • Your KeyOPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKROCKAWAY’S PREMIER STORAGE FACILITY • 60,000 Square Foot Facility • Rockaway Owned & Operated For More Than 20 Years • Most Competitive Rates In The Borough • Documents & Record Storage Services • Lighting And Security Cameras Throughout 24/7 • Climate Controlled Rooms Available • Drive Up Accessible Rooms • Mail Boxes Available • Perfect For Contractors • Shipping & Packing Supplies Available 226 Beach 88th Street, Rockaway Beach, NY 88StreetSelfStorage.com718-474-2300 ·To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.comTHURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018Page 8The Rockaway TimesWE WANT TO GIVE BACK FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Thank you everybody who has shown their support for our new Everything Rockaway Beach app. We would love to give back to our amazing community with some deals! Everything Rockaway Beach is a new and free phone app that informs you of the deals, specials, events, places to eat, drink, stay and go and MORE. If you would like your business listed, reach out to us so you can reach out to the people! If you are a local and would like to list real estate, public events or any other ideas you would like advertised, we have a deal for you! Any questions or inquiries can be sent toEverythingRBNY@Gmail.comFollow us on our Facebook page Everything Rockaway Or on our Instagram @Everything Rockaway for updates and more! If you'd like to rock our apparel, use this promotion! Find us this weekend, June 16th and June 17th at Riis Park Market to shop apparel and check us out! Bring this cut out coupon for $5 off your order! Or purchase online and use promo code RCKWY5 for $5 off for a limited time only!We love the Rockaway’s and we know you do too. (SRŘXQMWWEFIEXXLMWWYQQIVHS[RPSEHSYV*6))ETT today! Thank you for downloading and supporting us! ·To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030 ads@RockawayTimes.comThe Rockaway TimesTHURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2018Page 9This Week in History JUNE 14 Bill Quigley was born.Michael Reinhardt was born.1775 - The United States Army was founded. 1954 - On Flag Day, President Eisenhower signed the bill into law to insert the words "under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance. JUNE 15 Marni Rhyne was born. Luke Raphael Tomasetti was born.1775 - The Battle of Bunker Hill took place during the American Revolution. 1994 - O. J. Simpson's slow-speed chase by the police, watched by millions on TV, ended in his arrest. JUNE 18 1815 - Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by British, German, and Dutch forces. 1983 - Sally Ride became the first American woman in space.1215 - King John sealed the Magna Carta. JUNE 19 1923 - Lou Gehrig made his New York Tom Long was born. Yankee debut as a pinch runner. Tom Kushner was born. Rockaway Rod was born. JUNE 16 Nicole Taylor-Lang was born. 1964 - The Civil Rights Act o
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