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Sep 2011 San Diego Sierra | Reclaimed Water | Water Purification

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Sep 2011 San Diego Sierra
  Sierra Club San Diego Chapter ã Serving Imperial and San Diego Counties  Working To Preserve The Special Nature of San Diego for Over Half A Century  Explore, Enjoy and Protect the PlanetExplore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet Vol 70 No. 5 Visit our website at: www.sandiego.sierraclub.org September/October 2011 Help us Move San Diego to a Clean Energy Future Saturday, September 24th The chapter has joined with several other local grassroots environ-mental groups to stage San Diego’s response to the 350.org call for an international day of action for climate change on Saturday, September 24, 2011. Hundreds of similar events all over the world will be held that day to send a strong message to our leaders that climate change is real and will dramatically diminish the quality of life, prosperity, and happiness for us and our future generations.Environmentalists around the world have already made personal life-style changes to combat climate change, but to really solve the prob-lem, governments need to restrict carbon emissions through legisla-tion. The US must lead in the international effort. Our Sept 24th action will focus on sending this message to our elected representatives: as individuals, we are changing our ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – and we demand that government do the same so together we can reverse the trend of overheating the planet which will cause weather changes, geographic instability, food shortages and irreversible ecological damage. See page 6 for more information. Clean Energy: continued on page 7 continued on page 6  The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 569 and the San Diego Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)  joined by Senator Christine Kehoe, 39th District unveiled a solar-powered electric vehicle charging sta-tion that can be used by the local community at no cost. Representatives from the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club and Operation Free, a national coalition of veterans, national security experts and retired military personnel working to secure America with clean energy,  joined the event to kick off the announcement. The Training Center is located at 4675 Viewridge Avenue, San Diego, CA 92126. Free Community Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station Unveiled Sierra Club San Diego Chapter volunteer Jim Chase and Chapter Chair Carolyn Chase both drove their electric vehicles to the event. New Solar Partnership Offers Easy, Affordable Way for Sierra Club Members to Combat Climate Change As Sierra Club members, we know the growing threat of climate change poses real challenges to our local communities. Fortunately, we also know we can take simple actions to create a healthier, more sus-tainable future. From choosing reusable bags and energy efficient light bulbs to advocating for cleaner transportation, Sierra Club members are making cleaner, greener choices every day.Now, with the addition of the new Sierra Club Solar Homes Initiative Campaign, members have another opportunity to do our part to com-bat global warming. This innovative partnership between the Sierra Club and SunRun, a California-based solar service provider, provides members and supporters an affordable way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy bills and support the campaign work of their local Chapter. Solar: continued on page 14  September/October 2011 ã Hi Sierran ã San Diego 2 HIHISIERRANSIERR     AN Sierra Club San Diego Chapter 8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #101San Diego, CA 92111(858) 569-6005 Editor Judy Thomas (619) 462-5168HSEditor@SierraClubSanDiego.org Creative Director Scott Thomas (619) 462-5168HSAds@SierraClubSanDiego.orgwww.thomascreative.com Advertising HSAds@SierraClubSanDiego.org Hi Sierran Committee Chair Dave Grubb davidgrubb@sbcglobal.netConservation HSConservation@SierraClubSanDiego.org Meetings and Activities scoffice@sierraclubsandiego.org One Club Listserv  To subscribe go to:http://lists.sierraclub.org/scripts/wa.exe?index  September/October 2011 USPS - 896140  The Hi Sierran is published bi-monthly by the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club, 8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #101, San Diego, CA 92111, for members in San Diego and Imperial counties. Periodicals Postage Paid at San Diego, CA. Postmaster: Send address changes to Hi Sierran, Sierra Club Member Services P.O. Box 421041 Palm Coast, FL 32142-6417 Address Correction? Send your current mailing label and your correct address to:Sierra ClubP.O. Box 421041 Palm Coast, FL 32142-6417 or call Membership Services at 415-977-5653, Monday - Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, Pacific Time. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing . Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet   IN THIS ISSUE: Chapter Outings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Monthly Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Chapter Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 In July I was thrilled to attend the dedica-tion of a public charging station for elec-tric cars powered by solar panels on the roof of the Kearny Mesa training facility for the local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Remarks by State Senator Christine Kehoe reminded me that California is still leading the way with sup-port for electrical vehicles and sound goals for renewable energy Fellow Chapter volunteer Jim Chase (no relation) and I showed off our new NISSAN Leaf completely electric cars by being the first official folks to plug-in to the sun there. As of this writing there is still a $2500 federal rebate available and the State rebate of $2500 is expected to be funded, for either purchasers or leases of electric cars. Addressing both climate change and national security was the topic of the representative from Operation Free, Lance Cpl. Brian VanRiper, a former Marine who had served in Iraq. He point-ed out the high costs and added burdens in combat of our excessive dependence on fossil fuels. He gave example after example of how solar panels and other clean energy technologies lightened their load and reduced their risks in the field. He shared that it costs upwards of $400 for a gallon of gas to get into the field in Afghanistan, in addition to providing dangerous targets for insurgents. But while the list of environmental dam-age continues to grow, the politics of the environment has never been worse. We’ve reach a new low at the Federal level where anything and everything related to environ-mental protection is being attacked.Can we “talk”? Frankly, I’m depressed (probably not in medically-speaking terms, but in spiritual terms at least). The poli-tics of our age is getting me down. We just seem to be spiraling away from the things that matter - or really should matter - to everyone: protecting the environment that we all depend upon, building a clean energy future to address climate change, jobs and national security, and protecting the natu-ral world from degradation. But each of these in so many ways is being reduced to a political football, with reality being shunted aside. While every politician claims to care about “the future” and “their kids and grandkids,” how can so many people ignore all the evidence? Alas, too many won’t even look at evidence! What can be done? The only thing ever matters, is to organize with others who care. The way things are lost is for people to sit on the sidelines and not participate. Whether it’s beginning to volunteer, or calling an elected official, writ-ing a letter, attending a hearing or a rally,  your participation in public events and civic affairs has never been more needed.Make sure you are on our email list to receive the Chapter’s e-news. Every other week it features upcoming events and volunteer needs.Here are just a few of the upcoming ways  you can engage: The International Day of Action on Climate Change will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2011 in Balboa Park. The Chapter’s Political Committee began meeting with Mayoral candidates in August and new members are always wel-come. We are planning a Mayoral Forum on October 21st at University of San Diego as part of the “Bright Green Future” Conference. “Veg week” is happening in October. Chapter volunteers lead hikes every weekend to help “get away” and be restored in nature. The monthly program showcases informed local speakers. The Conservation Committee meets monthly.While it appears that one person is too small against the political tide, the only way to change that tide is to work with others to make a difference. Whether it’s time or money, whatever you are currently doing to help nature and the environment, I urge  you to do more.  September/October 2011 ã Hi Sierran ã San Diego 3 Make your holiday shopping easy this year by ordering  your Sierra Club 2012 Calendars and Holiday Cards from the comfort of your home or office this year. No need to make a special trip to the San Diego Chapter office. It’s easy. Just go to our on-line store at  www.sierraclubsandiego.mycafecommerce.com. Sierra Club memebrs get a 10% when ordering on-line!Of course is you prefer to pick up your calendars and holiday cards from our office, just give us a call at 858-569-6005 and we will be happy to hold them for you. 10% Discount to Members When Ordering On-LineChapter “Opens” On-Line Store www.sierraclubsandiego.mycafecommerce.com Purchase Calendars, Holiday Cards, and Club Accessories The San Diego Chapter has opened an on-line store that will make your holi-day shopping easy this year. Members and the public can now order Sierra Club 2012 calendars, holiday cards and club accessories from the comfort of your home or office. 2012 Sierra Club Calendars and Holiday Cards Order Form Pricing Item Member Non-Member Qty Total Engagement Desk Calendar $12.55 $13.95 ____ _________Wilderness Wall Calendar $11.65 $12.95 ____ _________ Holiday Cards (20 cards & 20 envelopes, 5 designs, 4 cards of each design) Birds in Winter $13.50 $15.00 ____ _________Penguins $13.50 $15.00 ____ _________Polar Bears $13.50 $15.00 ____ _________Winter Trees $13.50 $15.00 ____ _________Yosemite $13.50 $15.00 ____ _________ Subtotals ____ _________ Sales Tax 7.75% _________Shipping & Handling $3.00Add $1.00 for each item (Total Qty x $1.00) _________ GRAND TOTAL _________Please make checks payable to “Sierra Club” and mail to:Sierra Club San Diego8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Ste 101San Diego, CA 92111-1315To pay by credit card, please call Richard at 858-569-6005.Ship To:Name ___________________________Address _________________________________________________________City ____________________________ State __________ Zip ______________Phone (______)___________________Email ___________________________ You can even make a monetary donation to the Chapter – what a great holiday gift!Some of the current accessories available include the retro1892 Club rucksack, and camping and excursion bags. Just go to www.sierraclubsandiego.mycafecommerce.com.Of course is you prefer to pick up your calendars, holiday cards or other items from our office, just give us a call at 858-569-6005 and we will be happy to hold them for you. Volunteers Needed! The Chapter does as much as it does because many volunteers donate generous amounts of time to making it all work. Some ways you can help is by volunteer-ing for our “Tabling Team.” Tabling volunteers take our Outreach Kit to events, and set out flyers, sign-up sheets, and petitions. The Chapter’s Conservation Committee is looking for motivated people in the San Diego and Imperial Counties area. If you are interested in any of these opportunities. Contact Richard Miller 858-569-6005 or rmiller@sierraclubsandiego.org.  September/October 2011 ã Hi Sierran ã San Diego 4 Win-Win for Sierra Singles and Foster Lodge On July 25th and 26th the Sierra Singles hosted a Car Camp and Chili Cook-off at Foster Lodge to raise funds for Foster Lodge upgrades to their water system. With plans to utilize the Lodge bi-annu-ally, $500 was raised at this event to add to a $500 dona-tion sent earlier this year by Sierra Singles, bringing the total donation for the year to $1,000. It seemed that everyone attending had a wonderful time and many vowed to return in October for our Halloween Car Camp.Participants at the Car camp included 34 Sierra Singles and their guests, with ages ranging from 21 to 75. The agenda for the weekend was three hikes, a happy hour that included a representative from the California Wolf Center, potluck din-ner (with the Singles providing the main course of BBQ ribs and chicken), chili cook-off, dancing, door prizes, breakfast provided by Sierra Singles, and an early morning yoga class. We also got in some bocce ball and folk music with guitars.The hikes included Garnet Peak, led by Doug Nolff (Saturday), Pacific Crest Trail led by Michael Taylor (Saturday), and the Zombie Hike (beautiful Big and Little Laguna Lakes) also led by Michael Taylor (Sunday) - everyone was pretty wiped out from too much fun on Saturday night. Michael did an excel-lent job leading these 2 evaluated hikes, and should be accepted as a COL soon. Michael’s training also included WBC. Assisting Michael as hike Assistant and/or Evaluator were Melody Eues, E. L. Lotecka and Carol Stultz.Six great chili recipes were presented by six contestants. Everyone tasted the 6 chil-ies and voted for the best. The winning recipe was provided by Ed Hoopes - “Ed’s Hawaiian Chili” (recipe to fol-low). For his win he received a Sierra Club backpack, ticket for 2 to tour the California Wolf Center, and certificate for 2 for a free stay at Foster Lodge small cabin.The door prize drawing provided 6 prizes of either 2 free passes to the California Wolf Center or Foster Lodge small cabin. All prizes for this event were donated.The early Sunday morning yoga class provided by Shae Alai left partici-pants zenfully energized and ready for another beautiful day at Foster Lodge. Our intrepid photographers for the event were Steve Mitton and Dundee Reyno. Future of water on public display Marsi A. Steirer Water Purification Demonstration Project Director, City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department  The City of San Diego opens the doors this summer to a facility that is testing whether it could provide a new local source of water for San Diego. Located in northern San Diego, the Advanced Water Purification Facility is a small-scale, state-of-the-art water puri-fication facility that purifies one million gallons of recycled water every day to a level similar to distilled water quality.The facility is one component of the City’s Water Purification Demonstration Project that is examining the safety and cost of purifying recycled water. If this project is approved to go full-scale, the purified water would blend with the City’s imported supplies at San Vicente Reservoir and would become part of the City’s drinking water supply. As another component of the Demonstration Project, the City is studying San Vicente Reservoir and the potential effects of adding purified water to it. During the  year-long test phase, puri-fied water will not be sent to San Vicente Reservoir or the City’s drinking water system; instead, the purified water will be added to the City’s recycled water system. San Diego is testing water purification as a means to develop a locally con-trolled, supplemental water supply. San Diego’s semi-arid region is at the end of pipelines that import water from hun-dreds of miles away. The City needs to develop local, reliable water sources to lessen its dependence on expensive and limited imported water supplies. All wastewater in San Diego undergoes treatment to remove harmful con-taminants, making it safe enough to be discharged into the ocean. Some waste-water is diverted to the City’s recycled water facilities, where it is further treated and then used for irrigation and industrial purposes. A portion of the recycled water produced at the North City Water Reclamation Plant will be sent to the Advanced Water Purification Facility.At the facility, the recycled water under-goes the multi-barrier purification pro-cess, which includes membrane filtra-tion, reverse osmosis, and advanced oxi-dation with ultraviolet disinfection and high-strength hydrogen peroxide. The multi-barrier approach of consecutive treatment steps work together to remove or destroy all unwanted materials in Water: continued on page 13
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