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4IBEFTPG(SFZ 1SJOUT1IPUPHSBQIZ0OMJOF"VDUJPO 0+!.̐̕˄+2!)!.̑ˈ̐̎̏̔ *%!3ˊ 0+!.̐̕˄+2!)!.̑ˈ̐̎̏̔%*0!.*0%+*(.0ˉ3%*#0+*/ˉ,!%(%/0ˊ 1/*+!.0/+* ̖̗̒̏̔̒̔̏̕̕ /.˴3 %*#0+*/ˉ !(!,$+*!ˊ̗̒̏̔̓̎̒̏̎̎ 4ˊ̒̏̔̓̎̒̎̎̑̑ +((.!!ˊ̖̏̓̎̒̓̎̎̕̕̕ ̐̓̕ %*#0.!!0/0ˈ!+* (++. +.+*0+*0.%+*  ̓̏ ̐ %0%+*( *"+.)0%+*2%((!+*+1.3!/%0! %*#0+*/ˉ1 David Bailey (1938-) DAVID BAILEY'S BOX OF PINUPS, (PORTFOLIO OF 36), 19652 Henry Moore (1898-1986) THREE SEATED FIGURES IN SETTING, 1975 [CRAMER, 421]3 Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002) JUTE III, 1967 [YSEULT RIOPELLE, 1967.14EST.L.I]4 Joan Miro (1893-1983) LITHOGRAPH 1, 1930 [MOURLOT, 1]The complete set of 36 half-tone prints, contained in the original cardboard box with printed title on spine, with text on the back of the box and illustrated with a photograph of David Bailey by Mick Jagger at the bottom.Colour lithograph on heavy wove unwatermarked Arches paper; signed and numbered 8/75 in pencil to margin, titled “3 Seated figures” in pencil in an unknown hand verso, titled “Three Seated Figures” to gallery label verso. Published by Ediciones Polígrafa, Barcelona. Printed by Curwen Prints.Colour lithograph on Lana paper; signed and numbered 33/75 in pencil. Published by ARTE Adrien Maeght, Maeght Editeur, ParisLithograph on chine paper printed to the edges; signed and numbered 7/8 in pencil, inscribed “Miro” and titled “Lune et Croix” to the paper label attached to the verso backing. Aside from the edition of 75. Published by Zervos, Paris.14.50 ins x 12.50 ins; 36.8 cms x 31.8 cms $8,000—12,00029.50 ins x 41 ins; 74.9 cms x 104.1 cms $4,000—4,5008.70 ins x 13.80 ins; 22.0 cms x 35.1 cms9.50 ins x 12.50 ins; 24.1 cms x 31.8 cms $1,500—2,500$800—1,2005 Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) JEUNE FEMME EN LIQUETTE, FAUNE ET TETE DE BOUC (FROM SERIES 347), 1968/1969 [BLOCH, 1662] Etching and drypoint; signed and numbered 24/50 in pencil to margin. Published by Galerie L. Leiris, Paris.6 Marcus Leatherdale (1952 - ) EXOTICA, SPECIAL EDITION PORTFOLIO, PLATES I TO XI, 19917 Andre de Dienes (1913-1985) EDWARD WESTON COLLECTION, 1992 (29 PLATES)The complete folio of eleven gelatin silver prints with tissue guards: with title page listing each plate numbered in Roman numerals I to XI with their titles and dates. 10 ins x 8 ins; 25.4 cms x 20.3 cmsTwenty-nine gelatin silver prints; each with blindstamp ‘Andre de Dienes/Edward Weston Collection' on the recto; numbered “proof” in pen and ink with the Andre de Dienes Estate/Edward Weston Fine Art copyright stamp verso.$6,000—8,00013 ins x 10 ins; 33.0 cms x 25.4 cms8 ins x 5.75 ins; 20.3 cms x 14.6 cms $2,500—4,500$9,000—12,0008 Andre Kertesz (1894-1985) SATIRIC DANCER, 1926 Gelatin silver print; signed and dated 1926 at Paris in pencil verso. Contemporary print from a 1926 negative. 10 ins x 8 ins; 25.4 cms x 20.3 cms $3,000—5,0009 Harold Barling Town (19241990) GIRL WITH BICYCLE (TWO FROM FRENCH POSTCARD SERIES), 1971 Two lithographs on paper; the first, signed, dated 71 and numbered Artist’s Proof #2 in pencil to the bottom edge, the second, signed, dated 71 and numbered “-56-57” in pencil along the top edge 20 ins x 14 ins; 50.8 cms x 35.6 cms10 Victor Pasmore (1908-1998) BY WHAT GEOMETRY MUST WE CONSTRUCT THE PHYSICAL WORD? (FROM WORD AND IMAGE), 1974 [BOWNESS & LAMBERTINE, 39 (C)] Etching and aquatint in brown with additional screenprinted text on White Ink Limited blindstamped paper; signed with initials, dated 74 and numbered 57 /60 in pencil to margin, titled to gallery label verso. Published by Marlborough Graphics.$800—1,200 15.70 ins x 15.60 ins; 39.9 cms x 39.6 cms11 Ben Nicholson (1894-1982) TREE, COLUMN AND MOON (PL. 10 FROM BEN NICHOLSON 3), [LAFRANCA, 58] Etching and aquatint on BFK Rives wove paper with the François Lafranca blindstamp lower left; signed and numbered 48/50 in pencil to margin. Published by Ganymed Original Editions & Marlborough Fine Art, London. Printed by F. Lafranca & M. Basis. 17.60 ins x 17.50 ins; 44.8 cms x 44.5 cms12 Dame Barbara Hepworth (19031975) SEA FORMS, 1969 Lithograph printed in black and yellow with embossing on wove paper; signed and numbered X 14/30 (overseas edition) in pencil (aside from the edition of 60). Published by Curwen Studio, London with their blindstamp lower left. 23.25 ins x 32 ins; 59.1 cms x 81.3 cms $1,000—1,500$1,500—2,000$800—1,20013 Yves Gaucher (1934-2000) TRANSITIONS, 1967, (PORTFOLIO) The complete suite of eight colour lithographs from zinc plates on Johannot watermarked wove paper; each signed, each plate numbered in Roman numerals from I - VIII, numbered 10/50 and dated ‘67 in pencil along the bottom edge. 17.50 ins x 28 ins; 44.5 cms x 71.1 cms14 Josef Albers (1888-1976) INTROITUS (DEDICATION) (FROM GRAPHIC TECTONIC ONE PLATE FROM THE FOLIO OF EIGHT), 1942 [DANILOWITZ, 102 ] Lithograph on Serir Whitewove paper; signed, titled, dated 42 and numbered 26/30 in pencil. Printed by Reinhard Schumann, Hickory, North Carolina. 14.10 ins x 7 ins; 35.9 cms x 17.9 cms$2,000—3,000 $2,000—3,00015 Richard Hamilton (1922-2011) FIVE TYRES REMOULDED (PORTFOLIO OF 8), 1971 [LULLIN, 79] Comprising one relief cast in white synthetic rubber with seven screenprints in black ink on mylar, the relief and one screenprint signed and numbered 79/150 in pencil.16 Donald Sultan (1951-) FEMALE SERIES, APRIL 1988 (SUITE OF 11), 1988 The complete set of eleven etchings with aquatint on thick Arches watercolour paper; each initialed in pencil, titled, dated April 1988, and numbered 11/15 in pencil to margins. Published by Parasol Press Ltd., New York. One framed.23.60 ins x 33.50 ins; 60.0 cms x 85.0 cms4 ins x 6 ins; 10.2 cms x 15.2 cms$4,000—6,000$2,000—3,00017 Ralph Gibson (1939-) UNTITLED (TWINS WITH MIRRORS), 197418 Trevor Southey (1940- ) TWO NUDES: SHELL SHEDDING; PASSAGEGelatin silver print; signed and annotated by ‘Ralph” the artist with a star in pencil to marginTwo drypoint etchings; each signed, titled and numbered 55/55 and 53/55 respectively in pencil to margins6 ins x 9 ins; 15.2 cms x 22.9 cms $700—1,00023.50 ins x 35 ins; 59.7 cms x 88.9 cms19 Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) PEINTRE PEIGNANT SUR SON MODELE (PL. 204 FROM SERIES 347), 1968 [BLOCH, 1684] Etching; signed and numbered 45/50 in pencil to margin. Published by Galerie L. Leiris, Paris. 16 ins x 19.50 ins; 40.6 cms x 49.5 cms$1,000—1,50020 Jacob Yerex (20th/21st Century) AFTER NICCOLINI (SURFACING, MALE NUDE), 2010 Monoprint on Somerset paper; signed and numbered 1/10 in pencil to margin, titled and dated 2010 to gallery label verso 31 ins x 24 ins; 78.7 cms x 61.0 cms $2,000—3,000$3,000—4,00021 Tim Du Vernet (20th century) PORTRAIT OF CANADIAN ARTIST BARKER FAIRLEY (1887-1986) Gelatin silver print mounted 19.80 ins x 15.70 ins; 50.4 cms x 39.9 cms $500—70022 Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) PEINTRE DEVANT SON CHEVALET (PL. 12 FROM LE CHEF D’OEUVRE INCONNU), 1927 [BLOCH, 93] Etching on heavy wove Van Gelder watermarked paper; signed and numbered 9/99 in red/brownish ink (faded) to margin. Published by Vollard, Paris.23 Helmut Newton (1920-2004) PORTRAIT OF VIOLETTA, 1979 Gelatin silver print; signed, titled and dated 1979 at Paris in blue pen and ink verso 11.30 ins x 7.60 ins; 28.8 cms x 19.2 cms24 Lincoln Clarkes (1957- ) MARTINI WOMAN (OR ANTHEA WITH MARTINI), VANCOUVER, 1997; HELMUT NEWTON, LONDON, 1988 Two chromogenic prints on Fujifilm paper; each stamped with artist studio stamps verso and to the backboards.$8,000—12,000 Provenance:7.60 ins x 10.90 ins; 19.4 cms x 27.8 cms $3,000—5,00013.90 ins x 9.40 ins; 35.4 cms x 23.8 cms $1,000—1,50025 Robert (Bob) Freeman (1936-) THE BEATLES ‘64, 1988 Gelatin silver print; signed and dated ‘88. in blue pen and ink to margin, inscribed “Bob Freeman/London” in pencil to the backboard 8.40 ins x 11.90 ins; 21.3 cms x 30.3 cms26 Sybil Andrews (1898-1992) “CANON (SIC) STREET RAILWAY BRIDGE”, (LONDON), CIRCA 1924-9 Etching and drypoint on wove paper with laid lines; signed “Sybil Andrews del et imp”, titled “Canon StreetRailway Bridge” and numbered 21/25 in pencil to margin27 James Nizam (1977- ) PYRAMID, 201328 Robert (Bob) Freeman (1936-) IDOL LANE, 1965Archival pigment print on fibre paper; signed in black ink to label verso, also titled, dated 2013 and numbered 4/25 to the same label versoGelatin silver print mounted on matboard support; signed in pencil to the photographer’s mat. Printed later. 19 ins x 12 ins; 48.3 cms x 30.5 cms20 ins x 16 ins; 50.8 cms x 40.6 cms $700—1,000 $1,000—1,500$700—1,0008 ins x 10.80 ins; 20.2 cms x 27.5 cms $3,000—5,00029 Joe Andoe (1955-) UNTITLED (FOUR PLATES FROM “SUITE OF FIVE”), 1990 Four etchings with aquatint with tone on wove paper; each signed in reverse in the plate, each signed, dated 90 and numbered 14/50 in pencil to margins 10 ins x 12.25 ins; 25.4 cms x 31.1 cms30 April Hickox (1955- ) WHITE TEA CUPS #2 (FROM PORCELAIN, CRYSTAL, GLASS SERIES), 2002 Gelatin silver print; signed, titled, dated 2002 and numbered 4/7 in pencil verso 17 ins x 16.50 ins; 43.2 cms x 41.9 cms $1,200—1,60031 Kenneth A. Webb (1950- ) TOTEM (A TRIPTYCH), 1989 Three etchings en grisaille; each plate signed and numbered 22/25 in white pencil to margins, the central image, also titled in white pencil, dated 1989 to gallery label verso. Each tipped onto a white sheet support and contained in one frame.32 Josef Sudek (1898-1976) STILLEBEH (STILL LIFE), 1950, PRINTED LATER Gelatin silver print; signed, titled twice and dated 1968 in pencil verso 11.75 ins x 9.40 ins; 29.8 cms x 24.0 cms $2,000—3,00038.75 ins x 12.25 ins; 98.4 cms x 31.1 cms$1,200—1,800 $600—80033 Walter Joseph Phillips (18841963) SNAKE ISLAND, LAKE WINNIPEG (FROM TEN WOODCUTS), 1931 [BOULET, 157]; WATERFALL, LAKE OF THE WOODS, 1934 [BOULET, 205]; THE SOURCE OF THE BOW, LAKE OF THE WOODS, 1936 [BOULET, 217]34 David Lloyd Blackwood (1941-) CAPTAIN NED BISHOP HOME IN WESLEYVILLE, 1976Three wood engravings on Japon paper; each signed in pencil to margin.$1,500—1,800Colour etching and aquatint on wove paper; signed, titled, dated 1976 and numbered “artist’s proof” in pencil to margin 20 ins x 32 ins; 50.8 cms x 81.3 cms35 Edward Sheriff Curtis (18681952) FLATHEAD CAMP ON THE JOCKO RIVER (FROM THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN, VOL. 7, PLATE 232), 1910 Orotone; signed and annotated “To Heber Archibald from Edward S Curtis” on “Jan. 1913” by the artist in pen and ink to the mount lower right 11.70 ins x 15.60 ins; 29.6 cms x 39.7 cms4.10 ins x 7.70 ins; 10.3 cms x 19.5 cms36 Victor Vasarely (1906-1997) ME-TA (FROM BACH), 1973 Black and white colour silkscreen with grey colour border on paper; signed, titled and numbered 181/200 in black ink to margin, titled and dated 1973 to gallery label verso 29.50 ins x 24 ins; 74.9 cms x 61.0 cms $600—800$4,000—6,000$2,200—2,80037 Michael William Morris (1942 -) UNTITLED, 196738 Anni Albers (1899-1994) UNTITLED I, 1963Silvered colour silkscreen; signed, dated 1967 and numbered 34/50 in blue pen and ink along the bottom edge of the imageColour silkscreen on wove paper; signed, titled, numbered and inscribed “I 67/75” in pencil to margin, inscribed #6 in pencil verso, titled “Untitled, I” and dated 1963 to gallery label verso28 ins x 22 ins; 71.1 cms x 55.9 cms $500—70024 ins x 19.25 ins; 61.0 cms x 48.9 cms $500—70039 Erik Desmazieres (1948- ) THREE ETCHINGS: LE FEU, 1973; L’ECROULEMENT, 1975; LA TOUR DE BABEL, 1976 [FITCH-FEBVREL 8, 16 & 21] The first, etching; signed, dated 1973 and numbered 79/90 in pencil to margin. Printed by Atelier Georges Leblanc, Paris. The second, etching printed to the edges; signed and numbered 18/100 in the image in pencil at the bottom edge. The third, etching; signed, dated 1976 and numbered 10/90 in pencil to the image at the bottom edge. 18.50 ins x 26 ins; 47.0 cms x 66.0 cms $2,000—3,00040 Dieter Roth (1930-1998) AN DER SEE (BY THE SEA), 1971 [DOBKE, 236] Etching on wove paper; signed, dated 71 and numbered 27/50 in pencil to margin 15.40 ins x 23.20 ins; 39.0 cms x 59.0 cms $800—1,20041 Anni Albers (1899-1994) PO. II, 197342 Charles Arnoldi (1946-) UNTITLED (90.MP.28), 1990Colour silkscreen and photo offset on heavy wove paper; signed, titled, dated 1973 and numbered “PO. II 9/30” in pencil to marginColour monoprint with collage and embossing on handmade paper; signed and dated “Arnoldi 1990” in pencil lower left, titled and dated to gallery label verso14.90 ins x 12.40 ins; 37.8 cms x 31.5 cms31 ins x 23.50 ins; 78.7 cms x 59.7 cms$500—700 $1,000—2,00043 Geoffrey James (1942- ) THE LAST DWARF; ROAD BY THE COAST; NEAR SAN GIMIGNANO44 Charles Pachter (1942- ) FOLIO: EXPEDITIONS (POEMS BY MARGARET ATWOOD), WINTER, 1965/66Three gelatin silver prints; the first, signed and dated 1970 at “Forte dei Marni, Italy” in pencil verso, titled with artist’s dedication: “For Chris” in pen and ink to the bottom of the matboard support​The second title; signed, dated 78 and inscribed “Victoria 1977” in pencil verso;​The third, signed, titled and dated 1977 in pen and ink verso, with the artist’s printing date, “Jan. 79” in pen and ink versoContaining 8 lithographs by Pachter on BFK Rives watermarked, folded sheets with text poems by Atwood. 22.50 ins x 20.75 ins; 57.2 cms x 52.7 cms $1,200—1,80011.60 ins x 8.70 ins; 29.5 cms x 22.0 cms $500—70045 Edward Sheriff Curtis (18681952) THE VANISHING RACE, 190446 Larry Towell (1953- ) NARAY VILLAGE, KUNAR AFGHANISTAN, 200947 James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) BLACK LION WHARF, 1859 [KENNEDY, 42; GLASGOW, 54]48 David Lloyd Blackwood (1941- ) WINTER VISITORS ABOARD THE FLORA S. NICKERSON, 1976Orotone; blind stamped lower left, with negative number: “301-04” in the plate below it lower left, signed in pen and ink to the image lower right, signed and annotated “To Heber Archibald from Edward S Curtis” on “Jan. 1913” in pen and ink to the mount lower rightDigital print on fibre paper; signed, titled, dated 2009 and numbered 4/25 in pencil to labels verso.Colour etching and aquatint; signed, titled, dated 1976 and numbered 21/35 in pencil to margin6.50 ins x 18 ins; 16.5 cms x 45.7 cmsEtching in laid paper; signed and dated 1859 in the plate lower right, titled and further inscribed “K. 42 II of 3 states” in pencil to the matboard recto$900—1,2006 ins x 9 ins; 15.2 cms x 22.9 cms10.80 ins x 13.80 ins; 27.5 cms x 35.0 cms $1,200—1,50012.40 ins x 16.10 ins; 31.5 cms x 41.0 cms $4,000—6,000$1,200—1,80049 Bill Stone (20th/21st Century) MADONNA, 1978 Toned gelatin silver Cibachrome print; with numeric notations in pencil and in red crayon inscribed: “98” “Sepia” / ”10. 11 x 14” along the bottom edge and the left side in the artist’s hand verso. Contained in a white lacquer frame. 19.60 ins x 12.40 ins; 49.8 cms x 31.5 cms $5,000—7,000
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