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Spesifikasi Totalstation Horizon h72A

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H72A Total Station TypeInfra-red / ReflectorlessLaser classVisible Laser: Class III a (3R) (Reflectorless)/ Class II (2) (Prism, Retro-target) IEC 60852-1:2001/ EN…
H72A Total Station TypeInfra-red / ReflectorlessLaser classVisible Laser: Class III a (3R) (Reflectorless)/ Class II (2) (Prism, Retro-target) IEC 60852-1:2001/ EN 60825-1: 1994 +A11 : 1996 (CE - Test Standard: EN 61000-6-1: 2007 & EN 61000-6-1: 2003 as shown in the Test Report Number: SHEMO09080087001)ConformityTelescopeFully Transiting, Coaxial sighting and Distance measuring optics. Image: Erect. Magnification 30x. Objective aperture: 45mm (EDM:50mm). Resolving power: 3”. Field of view: 1º 30’ . Minimum focus: 1.2m, Reticle glass: ∞ mark printed. Reticle illumination: 5 brightness levelsAngle MeasurementPhotoelectrical absolute encoder scanning. Both circles adopt diametrical detectionDisplay resolution1"/5" selectableAngle Accuracy (ISO 17123-3)2"Distance measurementModulated laser type: 0.670µm, Basic Frequency: 60MHz, Coaxial EDM, Laser spot: 7 x 14mm/ 20mUnit of MeasurementMeters/ Feet SelectableMeasurement range using: a. Single Prism4500mb. Triple Prism6000mc. Mini prism (25.4mm)1500md. HORIZON retro target1200me. Reflectorless (Long range)900mf. Reflectorless (Standard range)600mg. Display resolution1mmDistance Measuring Accuracy a. Fine mode with prism2mm + 2ppm x Db. Track mode with prism3mm + 2ppm x Dc. Reflectorless mode (LR/SR)3mm + 2ppm x D/ 5mm + 2ppm x DMeasuring time a. Fine mode with prism0.8sb. Track mode with prism0.3sc. Reflectorless mode1.5sVial SensitivityPlate vial: 30”/2mm, Circular Vial 8’/2mmCompensator SystemLiquid Electric Detection type with 3’ correction rangeTypeDual Axis CompensatorGraphical Plan displayLCD graphical survey plan display system of measurements, points lines and polygons. Zoom in, Zoom out, Panning featuresGeneral Display and keypad Data storage and transferAlphanumeric/Dot Matrix LCD/ Full screen illumination using white backlight/ 28 keys/ dual keypads SD card, RS232 and USB selectable. 30,000-40,000 internal memory .100 000 points using SD cardOn board software programsREM, MLM, Area 2D/3D, Point to Line, Layout, Resection, Offsets, Z Coordinates, Volume calculation, Road Design, COGO(Travers e, Line, Arc, Point Intersection, Inverse), Lead Traverse (Calculation, Adjustment and Balancing)Laser PointerYesTribrach typePremium construction, dust and water proof, 3-pin forced groove detachablePlummet typeSelectable between Optical plummet: Erect image 3x magnification, focusing range: 0.3m to ∞, Field view 5º OR Laser plummet (Class II laser)Battery and chargerCompact Ni-H battery, 6V DC, Operation duration 15hrs (continuous), 16hrs (dormancy), quick battery charger with power cord, optional external battery (24hrs continuous operation time)Operating temperature range-20ºC to +55ºCSensors and CorrectionsAuto sensing and correction. Refraction and Earth curvature correction: Selectable K=0.14/0.02Physical dimensions200 x 180 x 350mm, 5.8kg weightStandard accessoriesCarrying case, rain cover, Transfer cables (USB and RS232c), plumb bob, extra battery, charger with power cord, 1GB SD card, Manual, target board, HLink data transfer softwareWaterproofing standardIP66
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