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“RENEWING the PROMISE of SYRACUSE” ____________________________________________ A 50 Point Plan for a 21st Century City the PLAN ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As Mayor, I will strive to improve the quality of life in the City of Syracuse by developing and implementing progressive policies steeped in innovation, transparency, community engagement, and a zeal for bold, equitable leadership that provides 21st Cent
  “RENEWING the PROMISE of  SYRACUSE”  ____________________________________________   A 50 Point Plan for a 21 st Century City   2 the PLAN  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  As Mayor, I will strive to improve the quality of life in the City of Syracuse by developing and implementing progressivepolicies steeped in innovation, transparency, community engagement, and a zeal for bold, equitable leadership thatprovides 21st Century responses to Syracuse’s 21st Century challenges and opportunities. My 50 Point Plan will cover six major policy areas: Economic Development and Job Creation, Education and Youth, Public Safety,Sustainability and the Environment, Community Development, Housing, and Neighborhoods, and Government Modernization andEfficiency. Within each of these six areas I will outline broadgoals and the specific strategies which collectively will create a critical mass of public action. This outline will provide clarity to city government that will bring transparency for our citizens, predictability for businesspeople, and a cohesive plan of action that will drive the operations of a united city workforce toward a cogent vision. The policy strategiesfound herein will also pull from best practices found in cities around the country and around the world. These areas provide the framework for a platform that will usher in an era of innovation and vigorin city government. While setting goals and defining strategies that will bring about the change our community so desperately needs, the links between thesepolicy areas will also be clearly illustrated. Focused solutions and targeted actions in each area will be imperative to achieve significantresults, but it is this holistic and integrated approach to governance that will bring about synergistic impacts and lasting change.Throughout this document you will find an emphasis on coordination within city government that gets departments and their personnel outof their traditional silos and into a more dynamic and creative atmosphere. This atmosphere will be the engine that creates efficiencies inthe government and generates multi-disciplinary solutions to meet the complex problems our city faces. Section One ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT and JOB CREATION Section Two EDUCATION and  YOUTH Section Three PUBLIC SAFETY  Section Four  COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, HOUSING and NEIGHBORHOODS Section Five SUSTAINABILITY  and the ENVIRONMENT Section Six GOVERNMENT MODERNIZATION and EFFICIENECY   4 Section Five SUSTAINABILITY and the ENVIRONMENT (summary)  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ã Reduce Syracuse’s carbon footprint. ã Reduce negative impacts on theOnondaga Creek watershed. ã Reduce the volume and impact of energy consumption in the City of Syracuse. ã Foment smart growth principles in theSyracuse metropolitan area. ã Improve the City of Syracuse’s local water, food and energy independence. ã Improve Syracuse’s air quality especially in currently high-traffic areas. _____________________________________________________________________________________ STRATEGY #33STRATEGY #33 Equip city government with personnel that can explore andimplement sustainability solutions for our government andour city. GOALSGOALS STRATEGY #35STRATEGY #35  Work with OCRRA and others to increase recyclingoptions and capacity for residents, businesses and inpublic places. STRATEGY #34STRATEGY #34 Conduct a carbon footprint and ecological impactassessment for the city and for city operations and develop along-term strategy for reductions. STRATEGY #36 STRATEGY #36  Explore the development of “green codes”in the City of Syracuse to increase energy generation and efficiency options, promote urban agriculture and increase effortsto improve storm water management. STRATEGY #37 STRATEGY #37  Make green infrastructure techniques, urban forestry and energy efficiency measures the first choice for City operations –not the exception. STRATEGY #38STRATEGY #38  Work with the Onondaga Environmental Institute, thePartnership for Onondaga Creek, the Onondaga Nation,Onondaga County, SUNY-ESF, the Syracuse CoE andothers to begin implementation of the Onondaga Creek Conceptual Revitalization Plan. STRATEGY #39STRATEGY #39 Make the construction and marketing of the OnondagaCreekwalk project a priority.
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