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(ADMISSION TO THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2008/09) For a list of eligible Master Programs for SI scholarships, click here. For SI scholarship programs please see StudyinSweden.se. 1. CONTACT DETAILS OF APPLICANT First name Last name Date of birth (YY-MMDD) Citizenship Resident permit in E-mail Male/Female Male Female $ SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM FOR MASTER STUDIES IN SWEDEN 2. PRESENT OCCUPATION Are you currently a full-time Yes student? Are you currently a full-time Yes employee? Do you currently liv
  SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORMFOR MASTER STUDIES IN SWEDEN (ADMISSION TO THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2008/09) For a list of eligible Master Programs for SI scholarships,click here.For SI scholarship programs please seeStudyinSweden.se. 1. CONTACT DETAILS OF APPLICANT First name Last name Date of birth (YY-MM-DD) Citizenship Resident permit in E-mail Male/Female Male Female2. PRESENT OCCUPATION Are you currently a full-timestudent?  Yes No Are you currently a full-timeemployee?  Yes No Do you currently live in Sweden?  Yes No If yes, please state purpose and date of entry: 3. CIVIL STATUS Married/spouse Married/spouse with children Single/notmarried 4. QUESTIONS CONCERNING STUDY PLANS/FUNDING How would a study period in Sweden benefit your future life on a personaland professional level? (800 characters maximum)I have had all my education in Ghana thats Africa and therefore wants tohave an experience of having an outside programme to vary myknowlegde. It will help me to interact with diffrent people all over theworld and to learn different cultures that are diffrent from mine. This willhelp me to understand different views from different people.Theknowlegde that will be acquired will help me to solve contemporary issuesrelating to my job.What are your plans for the immediate future after the study period inSweden? (300 characters maximum) Why do you want to study in Sweden? (300 characters maximum)  Financial reasons for applying for the scholarship (300 charactersmaximum):    $$$$$  THIS APPLICATION MUST BE SENT TOGETHER WITH YOURMASTER’S PROGRAMME APPLICATION AFTER FINISHING YOURONLINE APPLICATION. By ticking the box in the online application and enclosing this SIScholarship Form together with your supporting documents, you havecompleted your scholarship application.
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