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The Obsolescence of Privacy 1 Günther Anders 1958

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A translation of Günther Anders' 1958 essay 'The Obsolescence of Privacy' - on Electronic Surveillance, The Nature of Privacy, Acoustic Unfreedom and McCarthy’s America.
  !"## %&'% () %*+,-#+%.(, /+, 0& )*&&#1 +//&--&2 3&*&4 3%%54667778&"55"0#.-3.,98/(:62(.652)5#"-6;<8==>>6/(",%8?<;@8<<@= A!(* + 73.#&B The Obsolescence of Privacy 1   GŸnther Anders 1958 1. ÔThe world is not only delivered to the houseÕ, the inverse is also true, Ôthe house is delivered to the worldÕ   In Volume 1 of The Obsolescence of Human Beings I described how television and radio ÔbringsÕ world objects and events Ôinto our homeÕ just like gas and water are brought in. I discussed how the world, channeled in through even the thickest walls and across the greatest distances, loses its quality of being outside as well as its reality. It isnÕt encountered as ÔworldÕ anymore, but it hasnÕt simply turned into an ÔimageÕ either: it has become something of its own kind, a Ôworld-phantom Õ. This phantom, I showed, has achieved a higher level of pragmatic realism than many aspects of the so called ÔworldÕ, for it acts as a Ô matrix Õ that molds us, who actually consume this phantom, and the way broadcast events unfold.   The supply of world-phantoms is not simply a curious, isolated phenomenon, but a process that has completely transformed the relationship between the human and the world. As such, it is of fundamental  philosophical significance. This does not say that our existence today exclusively unfolds as instances and processes of receiving deliveries, or even that it has become one single, vast consignment, for there is a complementary process that shapes our existence no less decisively than Ôthe supply of worldÕ ( Belieferung ), namely, Ô being supplied and surrendered to the world  Õ (  Auslieferung ).   "#$ %$ &'(( )*+) ,-. /0 #%1.2%-#0# 30405 3%%54667778&"55"0#.-3.,98/(:62(.6+0-6;<8==>>6/(",%8?<;@8<<@=  GŸnther Anders, ÔThe Obsolescence of PrivacyÕ, trans. by Christopher John MŸller, CounterText: A  Journal for the Study of the Post-Literary  (2017), 3:1, 20-46.   See also, Christopher MŸller, ÔIntroduction: GŸnther AndersÕs ÒThe Obsolescence of PrivacyÓÕ, CounterText: A Journal for the Study of the Post-Literary  (2017), 3:1, 13-19.   Notes 1.   The Obsolescence of PrivacyÕ appears here as presented to the Lessing Society Hannover, under the title ÔAcoustic NakednessÕ, in October 1958. [Source Text for the translation: GŸnther Anders, ÔDie Antiquiertheit der PrivatheitÕ, in Die Antiquiertheit des Menschen 2: †ber die Zerstšrung des Lebens im Zeitalter der dritten industriellen Revolution , 3rd Edition (Munich: C.H. Beck, 2002), pp. 210Ð46; pp. 446Ð9РTrans.].
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