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The Port Times Record - August 15, 2019

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tbrnewsmedia.comThePORT TIMES RECORD P O R T J E F F E R S O N ã B E L L E T E R R E ã P O R T J E F F E R S O N S TAT I O N ã T E R R Y V I L L EAugust 15,…
tbrnewsmedia.comThePORT TIMES RECORD P O R T J E F F E R S O N • B E L L E T E R R E • P O R T J E F F E R S O N S TAT I O N • T E R R Y V I L L EAugust 15, 2019 KYLE BARRVol. 32, No. 38They built it, and they camePort Jefferson community and the family of beloved late resident Jill Nees-Russell dedicate new stage with song$1.00Safe and sound at home againA3Transformations exhibit opens at Mills Pond GalleryAlso: Winners of Miss Long Island pageant, ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ reviewedB1SPACE RESERVED FOR SUBSCRIBER ADDRESSNavy cadets made landfall in Port Jefferson the weekend of Aug. 9 — A4Grand Opening September 9th An exclusive active adult rental communityVisit VistasPJ.com to sign up for our VIP Waitlist. (631) 881-4471588 Bicycle Path Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 info@vistaspj.com165840PAGE A2 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • AUGUST 15, 2019D O N AT E YO U R C A RJewelry AppraisalsWheels For WishesbenefitingMake-A-Wish ® Suffolk County or Metro New York WheelsForWishes.org It doesn't hurt to periodically check the value of your jewelry for insurance and estate purposes. In fact, with ever-escalating prices, it helps!* 100% Tax Deductible * Free Vehicle Pickup ANYWHERE * We Accept Most Vehicles Running or Not * We Also Accept Boats, Motorcycles & RVsMetro New York Call:(917)336-1254 Suffolk County Call:(631)317-2014* Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes. To learn more about our programs or financial information, call (213) 948-2000 or visit www.wheelsforwishes.org.We offer professionally written appraisals complete with photographs, based on knowledge and backed by experience, whether for insurance or for estate evaluation.159993Please call for an appointment. 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The Promotional CDs must be opened with new money not currently on deposit with the Bank. Offer may be withdrawn at the discretion of the bank at any time. ©2019 New York Community Bank1602031AUGUST 15, 2019 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • PAGE A3Village of Port JeffersonStage debuts at Harborfront Park dedicated to Port Jeff resident Beloved Port Jefferson resident Jill Nees-Russell lost her battle with cancer in June 2018, and now the community is celebrating her spirit with a new performance stage at Harborfront Park. It all started last year when, after her passing, her friend Carolyn Benson of East Setauket, along with village-based landscape engineer Michael Opisso, decided to find a permanent space that could honor Jill’s legacy. The Port Jefferson resident came to the North Shore from Los Angeles and immediately became involved with the community. She worked alongside Mayor Margot Garant as the village’s director of economic development and public relations, as well as with the Port Jeff arts council and the Port Jefferson School of Rock, and had worked in tandem with the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. “Dedicating this perfect stage to Jill is special,” Garant said. “She was a huge advocate for the arts within the community … dedicating this stage to her made sense and it was something the community could get behind.” The planning for the 15 by 25 foot half-circle wood stage overlooking the harbor began inApril. On Saturday, Aug. 10, it made its debut with an afternoon of songs all with the common themes of family and home. The lawn was filled with more than a hundred people whose lives were touched by Jill. “We have beautiful weather today,” Garant said, “We know who’s looking out for us.” More than 500 volunteers came together and money was set aside for the concept. With Opisso as the designer on record and Andrew Fortier as the builder, Opisso said that it wouldn’t have been made possible if it weren’t for Jill. “I feel like Jill designed this stage,” he said, “I just held the pen.” Fortier was also the first performer on the stage with his two children in their group, Tricycle. Together they kicked off the show with a song they dedicated to Jill and the legacy she left behind called “Beautiful Light.” “I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for what you’ve done for this community,” he said before they started to play. Among the hundreds of people that attended Saturday’s event were Jill’s siblings and family who flew in from all over the country from places like Oklahoma, California and North Carolina. “We want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for dedicating the stage to her,”Fred Russell, Jill’s husband, speaks of his late wife before the shows began. Photo by Julianne MosherJeffrey Nees said. “Although she was from Oklahoma, her heart and her home were here in Port Jefferson.” As emotional as the day was, Nees said that he knows his sister would be thrilled. “Jill would think today’s event would be wonderful,” he said. “The stage is a way to showcase the talent that’s here and to showcase the community she loved.” A dozen community members performed on the stage, including students from the Port Jefferson School of Rock as well as a reading from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Theatre Three’s artistic director Jeffrey Sanzel.RANGE OF EXPERTISESTATE-OF-THE-ART LOCATIONS • • • • •Port Jefferson Station Selden Rocky Point Patchogue Commack• Spine & Arthritis Therapy • Post-Surgical Rehab • Neurological & Balance Therapy • Home Care • Aquatic Therapy • Balance Therapy • Sports Rehab & Injury Prevention See a therapist without a prescriptionFortier said that performing on a stage is special because every performance is different. “That’s the beauty of live music,” he said. “That’s the beauty of what’s going to be happening on this very stage.” Although this weekend’s concert kicked off the planned future performances the stage will hold, the stage was not entirely complete. A plaque dedicated to Jill will be added to the stage, as well as a canvas sail canopy that will embody the look of a sailing ship. “The stage is a tribute to who she was,” Garant said. “It’s about time we had a focal point in our backyard that allows us to celebrate.”Visit MetroPT.COm For More Info Free Silver Sneakers Join Us for an exercise class designed for active older adultsMedicare accepted162637BY JULIANNE MOSHER DESK@TBRNEWSMEDIA.COMPAGE A4 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • AUGUST 15, 2019TownPort Jefferson hosts Navy midshipmen on training voyage BY KYLE BARR KYLE@TBRNEWSMEDIA.COMAbove, cadets on the Navy boat Intrepid toss a line to those on the dock; right, midshipmen on the Valiant sail in Port Jefferson Harbor. Photos by Kyle Barrduring the storm. The program that Vernam helps run, called the Offshore Sail Training Squadron, is meant to give cadets a leadership experience. Four midshipmen are up on deck at a time and are instructed to listen to advice as they carry out operations of the vessel, even getting the vessel safely into dock through their own muscle and sweat. “We try to let these guys run the boat and exercise leadership,” Vernam said. George Hoffman, cofounder of the Setauket Harbor Task Force, had helped suggest Port Jeff as a place the sailors could visit on their tour. When the boats came in the Thursday morning, they did so with a police boat escort.Vernam, a graduate of Shoreham-Wading River High School and a Wading River native, said it was nice to be back to his home on the North Shore. His father, Don Vernam, was acting on the Valiant as a civilian volunteer, and his family reunion would include his mother who came up to greet them both on the harbor. “It’s nice having two local bodies to plan this,” he said. Rob LoScalzo, a Wading River resident, helped contact the Navy to have the midshipman take their boats into Port Jefferson. His son Mike, a fellow SWR graduate, had just graduated from the Navy academy in May. LoScalzo said he has been trying to get the Navy to Long Island for years, originally tryingwith the Village of Patchogue but the keel was too long for the harbor. “With all the naval history that’s around here, with the Culper Spy Ring, to the Taylor Brewster, to the shipbuilding — its rich history — we’re just so excited that we could piece it together.” The Town of Brookhaven allowed the visitors to use the dock space, and the public was able to visit for tours on the vessels. People on the Port Jefferson Tall Ship Committee, who have been working to bring tall, masted sailing ships into Port Jefferson Harbor, watched the tall ship Lady Maryland sail away on the morning’s tide, listening for the cannon shot to announce its departure. Chris Ryon, village historian, said he expects the historical schooner Amistad to make its appearance once again in PJ Harbor some time in the near future.Do you know THESE MEN? William Authenrieth Hugo Bedoya Edward Brennan Douglas Brown Joseph P. Byrns Gerard J. Chasse Angelo J. DittaMichael R. Hands Martin Osborne Charles A. Ribaudo Ernest E. Robinson Afred B. Soave Raymond StegmannIf you have information regarding alleged abuse or its cover-up involving these men, CONTACT US.The NY Child Victims Act may be able to help you!646-493-185057 West 57th Street, 3 rd Floor New York, NY 10019159975159990From the west, a storm came in. Five U.S. Navy boats watched the clouds sweep in from the opposite direction they sailed, with lightning flicking out of dark skies. With the direction of the officers on the small 44-foot crafts, they knew what to do. Two made it into Port Jefferson Harbor through the night of Aug. 7, while the other three stayed out in the Sound beyond the harbor. People on the vessel Valiant said they saw gusts of wind driving them at 38 knots, then staying in the mid 20s for a time after that. With two reefs in the mainsail and no jib, the boat, carrying eight midshipmen and two other officers, was as light and fast as a bird over a rough swell. “We did hit that storm for a little while; for an hour and a half it was pretty rough,” said senior officer first class Joe Llewellyn, laughing, “It was a bit of a thrill … these guys,” he looked to the other young midshipmen, “handled the boat great though.” The rapid entry into Port Jefferson Harbor was part of the U.S. Naval Academy’s Summer Navigation and Seamanship Training Block, where Lt. Matt Vernam, a commanding officer on one of the vessels, took around 40 young midshipmen (despite the name, it consists of both men and women) from Annapolis, Maryland, to Delaware Bay into New York City Harbor, where the cadets watched the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower roll by, before climbing up the Hudson and visiting the USS Intrepid. The boats then sailed down the East River and made good sail until they came outside Port JeffersonAUGUST 15, 2019 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • PAGE A5Village of Port JeffersonPJ and NYSDOT look for sidewalks up hill on West Broadway Mayor: No money for state road paving projects in Port Jeff until 2025 BY KYLE BARR KYLE@TBRNEWSMEDIA.COM For nearly six years, village resident Vanessa Taranto has sounded the drum to the New York State Department of Transportation for a sidewalk running along the north side of West Broadway from Setauket into Port Jefferson Village. In letter after letter, she asked for a chance to take her children down the road without the anxiety of walking in the opposite direction of cars. In 2013, she received a letter from state DOT saying there were no accidents involving pedestrians on the road, and it would have been cost prohibitive. This, especially, had her laughing to herself. “People are driving up the hill during the day sometimes with the sun in their eyes, and it’s dangerous,” Taranto said. “I wrote back to everyone, ‘Does the Village of Port Jefferson have to wait for someone to die before they build a sidewalk five blocks long?’” To people like the Port Jefferson mayor and the DOT, she became known as the “sidewalk lady.” Now her wish could soon become a reality, and those looking to climb the hill of West Broadway into Setauket may soon find their path aided with a new sidewalk. DOT confirmed the plans to construct a new sidewalk by late next year along the north side of West Broadway, a quarter-mile stretch compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act connecting existing sidewalk sections between Hoyt Lane and Bayview Terrace. While this is good news for those along the state-owned stretch of road, of course, there is a catch — and it’s a big one. While bids have already gone out for a sidewalk along the north side of West Broadway, otherwise known as Route 25A, a true repaving of the steep road from the village into Setauket is missing funds on the part of the state. Mayor Margot Garant told the public at the last board meeting Aug. 5 the state DOT does not have any more funds for road repaving in all of New York until 2025. Though this does not preclude the village going in to patch holes, complete repaving — usually an expensive endeavor — might not be in the pipe for another six years. “It means I could not put in a request to have West Broadway repaved,” Garant said, “[DOT]Above, Vanessa Taranto looks at letters she’s sent to officials over the years; left, DOT plans to build a sidewalk on the north side of West Broadway up toward Setauket. Photos by Kyle Barrsaid the best they could do was to have the maintenance crew go out and patch on the south side of West Broadway going down the hill.” The DOT did not confirm or deny the lack of funds for projects until 2025, and instead said they were looking for other options for dealing with Route 25A. “Route 25A (Main Street) was resurfaced three years ago between the ferry terminal and NYS Route 112 and we are exploring options for additional paving on Route 25A in the near future,” DOT spokesman Stephen Canzoneri said in an email. “We are in the process of scheduling a follow-up meeting with the mayor’s team to discuss these projects.” Garant said she learned this in a meeting with DOT officials several weeks ago along with other village officials including Steve Gallagher, superintendent of the village Department of Public Works. West Broadway is a steep hill climbing up toward Setauket, and several parts of that street are pockmarked with wide and deep potholes. Route 25A, which is otherwise known as Main Street before turning into West Broadway, travels all the way from Calverton into Queens at Long Island City. Taranto called the state of the road “a nightmare.” Garant said while the village could ask the state for permission to go in and patch the worst parts of the road, the village Department of Public Works would not be keen on spending timeand money on a road that should be handled by the state. Though repaving on West Broadway has been stymied, the north facing sidewalk is still in the pipe. One plan for the new sidewalk goes all the way down the north side of West Broadway until Beach Street, but the other would be pushed back to start after Bayview Terrace. Garant was adamant it should start by the bottom of the hill. “If we’re going to do this, we should doit right and make it one continuous walkable community,” the mayor said. The mayor said the village will be having a follow-up meeting Aug. 27 with the DOT. The final decision comes down to DOT officials. Meg Danielson, a transportation analyst for the state DOT who will be meeting with village officials later this month, did not respond to requests for comment. Meanwhile, Port Jeff is gathering funds to repave several village-owned roads, including: Pine Tree Court, Nadia Court, Contessa Court, Roslyn Court, Peninsula Drive and Landing Lane at a total cost $349,404. Paving is being done by Rosemar Contracting Inc. of East Moriches. Previous quotes for repaving had come in at just under $500,000, according to village officials. “Their quote was so wonderful that we added another street,” Garant said at the Aug. 5 board meeting. “That’s not to say there’s other streets in the village that need to be done.” And despite the state of West Broadway, Taranto is looking forward to a chance to bring her children down into Port. For one of her daughters, Roxanne, who is on the autism spectrum, it’s an important opportunity to allow her some degree of independence as she grows toward high school. It wasn’t just for her, Taranto said, nor her other daughter Maggie, but for the other 12 children — 11 girls and one boy — living on her block along Longacre Court, who she said have developed into a close-knit community. “If I can do this for all of those kids to keep them safe, that’s really my goal,” Taranto said.DEMAND JUSTICE Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy or by authority figures at school have rights. NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY LAW HAVE EXTENDED THE TIME PERIOD IN WHICH TO FILE YOUR SEXUAL ABUSE CLAIM. ACT NOW TO GET YOUR CLAIM TIMELY FILED.CLERGY ABUSE ATTORNEY HOTLINE 800-444-9112 ATTORNEY ADVERTISING DOUGLAS & LONDON, P.C. 59 MAIDEN LN, 6TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10038 THE MATTHEWS LAW FIRM, PLLC, 244 5TH AVENUE, SUITE 2882, NY, NY 10001 MAIN OFFICE: 2905 SACKETT STREET, HOUSTON, TEXAS 77098159976PAGE A6 • THE PORT TIMES RECORD • AUGUST 15, 2019Obituaries Robyne McGoughRobyne McGough, a Port Jeff native and graduate of Port Jefferson high school, passed June 15. McGough had worked at the Port Jefferson to Bridgeport ferry company for several years and later worked as a paralegal in Port Jefferson Station. She was the daughter of Maryanne and the late Thomas McGough; the loving sister of Richard, Sharon, Kelly, Timothy, Joseph and Joanne; the beloved aunt to Monica Treutle; the friend of Dorthy, Nikki and Colleen; loved niece to James and the late Helen Knox and Richard Knox. Our love and prayers be with you always.Thomas BelleauThomas F. Belleau, 76, of Setauket, died Aug. 4. He was born March 27, 1943, in Adams, Massachusetts and was the son of Clare and Donald Belleau. Tom attended Saint Joseph’s Catholic High School in North Adams and the University of Notre Dame where he graduated from the class of 1965. He was an avid Fighting Irish fan and supporter. He attended graduate school in finance at New York University where he earned his CPA and MBA degree. He worked as an accountant and chief financial officer in Melville. Tom was a faithful parishioner at Saint James R.C. Church in East Setauket wherehe was an eucharistic minister, member of the parish finance committee and member and Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus. Tom was an active member of St George’s Golf Club and the Old Field Club. He was a devoted community servant and was actively involved and had been a board member of the Three Village Community Trust, the Three Village Historical Society and the Cornell Cooperative Extension. The Three Village Community Trust informed their members in an email of his passing and described the past treasurer of the trust as “a valued pillar of the community” who was responsible for digitizing the trust’s financial records during his tenure. Left to cherish his memory are his wife, Olga; daughters Maria and Renee; son-inlaw John and grandchildren Peter, Michael, Hannah, Jacob and Zachary. Services were held at St. James R.C. Church Aug. 8. Interment followed at the St. James R.C. Chu
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