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Vietnam and the APEC Education Strategy - Việt Nam và Chiến lược giáo dục của APEC

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Vietnam and the APEC Education Strategy - Việt Nam và Chiến lược giáo dục của APEC
  16/05/20171 Lê  ôngPh  ! ngVietnam Institute of Education Sciences What we share?   Diversity: culture, languages, tradition   Movements between member economies   Students, workers, managers, academics   Parts, goods, products…   Innovation, high-techs..   Strong influence on the international stage   Common goal of making things better, especially the life of our people!  16/05/20172 What we share?   Education is top priority of all APEC member economies   Inter-dependence/ Interconnectedness in the development of APEC economies   Human resource development in each member economy benefits all others   Emphasis has been given in 2016 APEC Leaders’ Statement What shall we do?   Recognizing the diversity and differences   Cultures   Languages   Traditions   Facilitating the flow of knowledge, skills and people   Recognition of prior learning in different places, different systems Recognition of qualifications from member economies   Enforcing shared vision on education and human resource development  16/05/20173 What shall we do?   Ensuring common quality and standards for the development of human resources and employment of manpower Pushing innovation as drive for economic development and enhancer for education   Making cross-border education part of education system across the member economies How Vietnam undertake this?   Reform of education   New system structure to be followed up by major changes in the systems   New school curriculum   Quality enhancement in higher education   Market-driven skill training   Regional integration   Referencing VQF to AQRF   Mutual agreements on qualifications   Collaboration in TVET and higher education  16/05/20174 How Vietnam undertake this?   Higher education-employer collaboration   Standard setting   Education deliveries   Innovation for market adaptation   Internationalization of education   Foreign schools, programs and degrees   Twinnning programs   Mobility of staff and students   English language in education What next?   Looking towards further cooperation and collaboration with traditional and new partners in the APEC community   Ready to learn from others and providing hard-learned lessons   Ready to join force in initiatives/projects/programs with other member economies
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