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Warriors Super Edition: Squirrelflight's Hope

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S Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S­ HOPEWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 16/10/19 2:46 PMT H E ­ N E W ­ P RO P H E C YSU PE R E DI T ION S Firestar’s…
S Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S­ HOPEWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 16/10/19 2:46 PMT H E ­ N E W ­ P RO P H E C YSU PE R E DI T ION S Firestar’s Quest Bluestar’s Prophecy SkyClan’s Destiny Crookedstar’s Promise Yellowfang’s Secret Tallstar’s Revenge Bramble­star’s Storm Moth Flight’s Vision Hawk­wing’s Journey Tigerheart’s Shadow Crow­feather’s TrialWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 26/10/19 2:46 PMS Q U I R R E L ­F L I G H T ’ S­ HOPEERIN­ HUNTERWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 36/10/19 2:46 PMSquirrel­f light’s Hope Copyright © 2019 by Working Partners Limited Series created by Working Partners Limited Map art © 2019 by Dave Stevenson Interior art © 2019 by Owen Richardson All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. For information address HarperCollins Children’s Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, 195 Broadway, New York, NY 10007. www.harpercollinschildrens.com Library of Congress Control Number: 2019939329 ISBN 978-0-06-269880-3 (trade bdg.) ISBN 978-0-06-269881-0 (lib. bdg.) 19  20  21  22  23   PC/LSCH   10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1 ❖ First EditionWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 46/10/19 2:46 PMSpecial thanks to Kate CaryWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 56/10/19 2:46 PMWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 66/10/19 2:46 PMALLEGIANCES t h u n dercl a n L E A D E R bramblestar— dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes D E P U T Y squirrelflight— dark ginger she-cat with green eyes and one white paw M E D I CI N E C ATS leafpool— light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, white paws and chest jayfeather— gray tabby tom with blindblue eyesalderheart— dark ginger tom with ambereyesWARRIORS (toms and she-cats without kits) thornclaw— golden-brown tabby tom whitewing— white she-cat with green eyes birchfall— light brown tabby tom berrynose— cream-colored tom with a stump for a tail mousewhisker— gray-and-white tom poppyfrost— pale tortoiseshell-and-whiteshe-catlionblaze— golden tabby tom with ambereyesrosepetal— dark cream she-cat­ apprentice, bristlepaw (pale gray ­she-cat)WarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 76/10/19 2:46 PMlilyheart— small, dark tabby she-cat withwhite patches and blue eyesbumblestripe— very pale gray tom withblack stripescherryfall— ginger she-cat molewhisker— brown-and-cream tom cinderheart— gray tabby she-cat blossomfall— tortoiseshell-and-whiteshe-cat with petal-shaped white patchesivypool— silver-and-white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes stemleaf— white-and-orange tom eaglewing— ginger she-cat dewnose— gray-and-white tom­ apprentice, thriftpaw (dark gray ­she-cat)stormcloud — gray tabby tom hollytuft— black she-cat­ apprentice, flippaw (tabby tom) fernsong— yellow tabby tom leafshade— tortoiseshell she-cat spotfur— spotted tabby she-cat larksong— black tom honeyfur— white she-cat with yellowsplotchessparkpelt— orange tabby she-cat twigbranch— gray she-cat with green eyes finleap— brown tomWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 86/10/19 2:46 PMsnapptooth— golden tabby tom flywhisker— striped gray tabby she-cat shellfur— tortoiseshell tom plumstone— black-and-ginger she-catQUEENS (she-cats expecting or nursing kits) daisy— cream long-furred cat from the horseplace sorrelstripe— dark brown she-cat (mother to Baykit, a golden tabby kit with white splotches and Myrtlekit, a pale brown she-kit)ELDERS (former warriors and queens, now retired) graystripe— long-haired gray tom millie— striped silver tabby she-cat with blueeyesbrackenfur— golden-brown tabby tom cloudtail— long-haired white tom with blue eyes brightheart— white she-cat with gingerpatchess h a d ow c l a n L E A D E R tigerstar— dark brown tabby tom D E P U T Y cloverfoot— gray tabby she-cat M E D I C I N E C A T puddleshine— brown tom with white splotches­ apprentice, shadowpaw (gray tabby tom)WarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 96/10/19 2:46 PMW A R R I O R S tawnypelt— tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes dovewing— pale gray she-cat with green eyes strikestone— brown tabby tom stonewing— white tom­ apprentice, lightpaw (brown tabbyshe-cat)scorchfur— dark gray tom with slashedears­apprentice, flaxpaw (brown tabby tom) sparrowtail— large brown tabby tom snowbird — pure white she-cat with greeneyes­apprentice, pouncepaw (gray she-cat) yarrowleaf— ginger she-cat with yellow eyes­ apprentice, spirepaw (black-and-white tom) berryheart— black-and-white she-cat grassheart— pale brown tabby she-cat­ apprentice, hollowpaw (black tom) whorlpelt— gray-and-white tom­ apprentice, hoppaw (calico she-cat) antfur— tom with a brown-and-black splotched pelt blazefire— white-and-ginger tom cinnamontail— brown tabby she-cat withwhite pawsflowerstem— silver she-catWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 106/10/19 2:46 PMsnaketooth— honey-colored tabby she-cat­ apprentice, sunpaw (brown-and-whitetabby she-cat)slatefur— sleek gray tom conefoot— white-and-gray tom frondwhisker— gray tabby she-cat gullswoop— white she-catE L D E R S oakfur— small brown tom ratscar— scarred, skinny dark brown toms k yc l a n L E A D E R leafstar— brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes D E P U T Y hawkwing— dark gray tom with yellow eyes M E D I C I N E C AT S frecklewish— mottled light brown tabby she-cat with spotted legs fidgetflake— black-and-white tomM E D I A T O R tree— yellow tom with amber eyes W A R R I O R S sparrowpelt— dark brown tabby tom macgyver— black-and-white tom dewspring— sturdy gray tom plumwillow— dark gray she-cat sagenose— pale gray tom harrybrook— gray tom blossomheart— ginger-and-white she-cat sandynose— stocky light brown tom withginger legsWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 116/10/19 2:46 PMrabbitleap— brown tom mintfur— gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes nettlesplash— pale brown tom tinycloud — small white she-cat bellaleaf— pale orange she-cat with greeneyespalesky— black-and-white she-cat nectarsong— brown she-cat quailfeather— white tom with crow-black ears pigeonfoot— gray-and-white she-cat fringewhisker— white she-cat with brown splotches gravelnose— tan tom sunnypelt— ginger she-catQ U E E N S reedclaw— small pale tabby she-cat (mother to Kitekit, a reddish-brown tom, and Turtlekit, a tortoiseshell she-kit) violetshine— black-and-white she-cat withyellow eyes (mother to Rootkit, a yellow tom, and Needlekit, a black-and-white she-kit)E L D E R S fallowfern— pale brown she-cat who has lost her hearingw indcl a n L E A D E R harestar— brown-and-white tom D E P U T Y crowfeather— dark gray tomWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 126/10/19 2:46 PMM E D I C I N E C A T kestrelflight— mottled gray tom with white splotches like kestrel feathers W A R R I O R S nightcloud — black she-cat brindlewing— mottled brown she-cat gorsetail— very pale gray-and-white she-cat with blue eyesleaftail— dark tabby tom with amber eyes emberfoot— gray tom with two dark paws smokehaze— gray she-cat breezepelt— black tom with amber eyes crouchfoot— ginger tom larkwing— pale brown tabby she-cat sedgewhisker— light brown tabby she-cat slightfoot— black tom with white flash on his chest oatclaw— pale brown tabby tom hootwhisker— dark gray tom heathertail— light brown tabby she-catwith blue eyesfernstripe— gray tabby she-catQ U E E N S featherpelt— gray tabby she-cat E L D E R S whiskernose— light brown tomr i v ercl a n L E A D E R mistystar— gray she-cat with blue eyes D E P U T Y reedwhisker— black tomWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 136/10/19 2:46 PMM E D I C I N E C AT S mothwing— dappled golden she-cat willowshine— gray tabby she-catW A R R I O R S duskfur— brown tabby she-cat minnowtail— dark gray-and-white she-cat mallownose— light brown tabby tom curlfeather— pale brown she-cat podlight— gray-and-white tom shimmerpelt— silver she-cat lizardtail— light brown tom havenpelt— black-and-white she-cat sneezecloud — gray-and-white tom brackenpelt— tortoiseshell she-cat jayclaw— gray tom owlnose— brown tabby tom icewing— white she-cat with blue eyes nightsky— dark gray she-cat with blue eyes softpelt— gray she-cat dappletuft— gray-and-white tom breezeheart— brown-and-white she-cat harelight— white tom gorseclaw— white tom with gray earsE L D E R S mosspelt— tortoiseshell-and-white she-catWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 146/10/19 2:46 PMS Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S­ HOPEWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 156/10/19 2:46 PMGREENLEAF TWOLEGPLACE TWOLEG NESTTWSHADOWCLAN CAMPSM A L L THUN D E R PA TOLEGPATH TWOLEGPATH CLEARINGSKYCLAN CAMPHALFBRIDGEH GREENLEAF TWOLEGPLACE HALFBRIDGEISLANDSTREAMRIVERCLAN CAMPHORSEPLACEWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 166/10/19 2:46 PMMOONPOOL ABANDONED TWOLEG NESTOLH DTUE NDRPATHTHUNDERCLAN CAMPTHUNDERCLANANCIENT OAK RIVERCLANLAKESHADOWCLANWINDCLAN CAMPWINDCLANBROKEN HALFBRIDGESTARCLANTWOLEGPLACETWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 17N HUDEA RPTH6/10/19 2:46 PMHAREVIEW CAMPSITE SANCTUARY COTTAGESADLER WOODSLIT TLEPINER OADLITTLEPINE SAILING CENTERLITTLEPINE ISLANDRIVEWHWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 18RALBITECAHURCHR OADKNIGHT’S COPSE6/10/19 2:46 PMed)ABANDONED WORKMAN’S HOUSEQUARRYROAD(disusCRYSTAL POOLQUARRYHARE HILL WOODSDECIDUOUS WOODLANDPINE FORESTMARSHSANCTUARY LAKEHARE HILLLAKEFOOTPATHSHARE HILL RIDING STABLESHWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 19E ARHILLROAD6/10/19 2:46 PMWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 206/10/19 2:46 PMProlog;u eSquirrelpaw tasted the air. A soft breeze­ was­ spiraling­ into­ the­ sandy­ravine,­thick­with­the­scent­of­moss­and­prey.­Her­paws­ pricked­with­excitement. She­was­about­to­explore­her­Clan’s­ territory,­something­she’d­only­smelled­until­now,­for­the­first­ time.­Hurry up, Dustpelt. On­the­other­side­of­the­clearing,­her­ new­ mentor­ lingered­ beside­ Firestar­ while­ Cinderpelt­ and­ Sandstorm­ chatted­ next­ to­ them.­ She­ blinked­ at­ Leafpaw.­ “Couldn’t­they­have­done­their­talking­before­the­ceremony?”­ she­mewed.­“I­want­to­explore­the­forest.” “Me­too!”­Leafpaw’s­fur­was­fluffed­with­excitement.­“Cinderpelt­ promised­ to­ show­ me­ where­ coltsfoot­ and­ burdock­ grow.­I’m­going­to­make­my­first­poultice­this­afternoon.”­Her­ amber­eyes­sparkled.­“Wasn’t­the­ceremony­great?­Everyone­ was­looking­at­us­like­we­were­real­warriors­already­and­not­ kits­anymore.” “We’re­not­kits­anymore!”­Squirrelpaw­remembered­with­a­ shiver­of­pleasure­how­Firestar­had­said­her­apprentice­name­ for­ the­ first­ time.­ He’d­ looked­ so­ proud.­ She­ began­ to­ pace­ in­front­of­Leafpaw,­unable­to­keep­still.­“And­we’ll­be­a­real­ warrior­and­a­real­medicine­cat­soon.­I­hope­I­don’t­have­to­ 1WarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 16/10/19 2:46 PM2WA R R I O R S S U PE R E D I T I O N : S Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S H O PEtrain for too long. I want to be a warrior by leaf-bare. Then I can lead patrols.” Her thoughts were racing. “I wonder what my warrior name will be!” “Slow down! You only just got your apprentice name.” Leafpool nudged her with her muzzle. “But everyone gets to be a ’paw. I want a name that’s all my own.” “I can call you Squirrelface if you like,” Leafpaw purred. “Very funny.” Squirrelpaw glanced at her sister. “Do you think Firestar will name me Squirreltail? I hope not. I’d rather be called Squirrelflame or Squirreldash.” Her thoughts sped ahead. “But I won’t care what my warrior name is as long as I can be Squirrelstar someday.” She stopped and looked earnestly at Leafpaw. “Do you think I’ll be leader one day?” Leafpaw whisked her tail. “Of course!” Squirrelpaw felt a rush of pleasure. “I’ll be leader and I’ll have kits and they’ll rule the whole forest.” Leafpaw nodded eagerly. “And I’ll be the best medicine cat and I’ll share prophecies with StarClan every day, and together we will be the most powerful cats who ever lived.” Squirrelpaw paused. “Did StarClan tell you that?” she mewed hopefully. “No.” Leafpaw glanced at her paws shyly. “But it’s obviously true.” Across the clearing, Firestar turned away from Dustpelt. Squirrelpaw’s heart leaped. “They’re done talking!” She looked eagerly toward Dustpelt and Cinderpelt. Disappointment dropped like a stone in her belly as they began talking. “What else is left to say?”WarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 26/10/19 2:46 PMWA R R I O R S S U PE R E D I T I O N : S Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S H O PE3But Firestar and Sandstorm were headed across the clearing. “How does it feel to be an apprentice?” Firestar meowed happily as he neared. “Great!” Leafpaw hurried to meet them. Sandstorm swished her tail. “Do you feel different now that you’re ’paws?” “Of course!” Leafpaw wove around her mother. “Squirrelpaw’s already planning her warrior name.” Squirrelpaw fluffed out her pelt. “I’ve been planning my warrior name for moons!” She looked earnestly at Firestar. “You won’t name me Squirreltail, will you?” “One step at a time,” Firestar purred, his eyes shining with pride. “First you must finish your apprentice training.” “That’ll be easy!” Squirrelpaw’s tail shivered with excitement. Leafpaw frowned. “It’ll be easy for you. You don’t have to remember the name of every herb in the forest.” “But I have to remember every prey-scent and paw print,” Squirrelpaw pointed out. Sandstorm blinked at them fondly. “I know you’ll both make us proud.” “What if Leafpaw gets her medicine-cat name before I get my warrior name?” Squirrelpaw fretted. “That would be embarrassing.” “It won’t matter,” Firestar assured her. “You each have your own path to tread.” Sandstorm stretched her muzzle forward and touched her nose to Squirrelpaw’s and then to Leafpaw’s. “As long as youWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 36/10/19 2:46 PM4WA R R I O R S S U PE R E D I T I O N : S Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S H O PEhave each other, you’ll both stand tall.” Squirrelpaw’s fur prickled with happiness. She looked at her sister. “Leafpaw and I will always stick together.” She meant it with every hair on her pelt. Leafpaw twined her tail around Squirrelpaw’s. “And we’ll always help each other,” she vowed. “Nothing will ever drive us apart.”WarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 46/10/19 2:46 PMcha P t e r;1Greenleaf was giving way to leaf-fall, and­ shriveled­ leaves­ were­ already­drifting­along­the­forest­trails.­Ahead,­a­stream­babbled,­tumbling­its­way­toward­the­lake,­and­beyond­it­the­moor­ rose­against­a­blue­afternoon­sky.­Squirrel­f light­padded­from­ beneath­the­trees­and­tasted­the­air.­She­could­smell­heather,­ dusty­and­browning. Eagle­wing,­ Plum­stone,­ and­ Bumble­stripe­ fanned­ out­ beside­her. “It’s­quiet,”­Eagle­wing­murmured. Plum­stone­gazed­at­the­heather­stretching­ahead.­“It’s­perfect­hunting­weather.” Eagle­wing­ stared­ at­ the­ trees­ as­ though­ he­ might­ see­ through­them.­“We’d­best­be­on­our­guard.”­ Squirrel­f light­ nodded,­ knowing­ that­ the­ young­ warrior­ was­ probably­ thinking­ of­ Ambermoon,­ his­ former­ mentor,­ who­had­been­attacked­by­an­owl­a­moon­before­on­a­day­very­ much­like­this.­She­had­died.­It’s good to remember, Squirrel­f light­ thought,­that even the clearest days hold their dangers. Squirrel­f light­ narrowed­ her­ eyes,­ straining­ to­ make­ out­ a­ dark­ shape­ near­ the­ top­ of­ the­ moor.­ She­ was­ leading­ the­ 5WarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 56/10/19 2:46 PM6WA R R I O R S S U PE R E D I T I O N : S Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S H O PEborder patrol and had promised to report back on their neighbors. It had been nearly three moons since the Clans had redrawn their borders to make room for SkyClan, and the new scent lines had remained unchallenged. Bramble­star was happy—the new peace suited him—but he’d confided in her that he was worried that it was too good to be true. The dark shape dipped beneath the heather. Another darted after it. “Is that a WindClan patrol?” Squirrel­f light wondered. Bumble­stripe followed her gaze. “I think so.” “They’re heading away.” Plum­stone narrowed her eyes. Squirrel­f light shifted her paws. “We’d better check the border to make sure it hasn’t been crossed.” Eagle­wing padded forward and sniffed the edge of the stream. Plum­stone headed along the bank. Squirrel­f light flicked her tail toward the stretch of prickly gorse beyond. “The border’s been moved,” she reminded them. “Yeah, but the stream is where the forest ends.” Eagle­wing blinked at her. “We have to get used to our new borders, too.” Squirrel­ flight glanced at the ginger she-cat, surprised that a young warrior should already be so rooted in Clan traditions. Did her sister, Plum­stone, feel the same way? “Have you ever marked the new border?” “Thornclaw said there was no point,” Plum­stone told her. “He says Thunder­Clan cats don’t hunt on moorland. We hunt in the forest.” Squirrel­f light widened her eyes, surprised. A strong ClanWarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 66/10/19 2:46 PMWA R R I O R S S U PE R E D I T I O N : S Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S H O PE7should adapt to change, not ignore it. Bramble­star would have to speak to his senior warriors. Has the peace only held because the Clans haven’t been trying to enforce our new borders? She padded downstream to where stones jutted out of the water, and hopped onto the first one. “Thunder­Clan cats hunt on Thunder­Clan land,” she called back to her Clan­mates. “From now on we mark all our borders.” She scrambled onto the next stone, uncurling her claws as her pads slipped on the wet rock. Then she leaped onto the far shore. The air tasted peaty here and stringent with gorse scents. She was surprised that it could be so different only a few paces from the tree line. But the moor wind was brisk, always carrying fresh smells. In the calm of the forest, scents hung longer in the air. Behind her, Eagle­wing and Bumble­stripe looked distrustfully at the crossing stones. “Are you coming?” Squirrel­f light whisked her tail impatiently. Plum­stone brushed past her sister and leaped onto the first stone. “Come on!” She pricked her ears. “We’ve never been on WindClan land before.” “It’s Thunder­Clan territory now,” Squirrel­f light corrected her. The stretch of moorland had clearly been left unhunted. The grass was untrampled, and no prey-scent sweetened the air. And yet Thunder­Clan hadn’t gone hungry since the border changes. It had been a good greenleaf. Prey had been plentiful. But when leaf-bare drove prey underground, they’d need this precious hunting territory. They had, after all, given a good swath of their forest to SkyClan.WarriorsSquirrelflight txt ed4 cc17.indd 76/10/19 2:46 PM8WA R R I O R S S U PE R E D I T I O N : S Q U I R R E L F L I G H T ’ S H O PEPlum­stone hopped onto the bank and stopped beside Squirrel­f light. “It smells like WindClan here.” Squirrel­f light sniffed again as Bumble­stripe and Eagle­ wing crossed the stream. There was a hint of WindClan, but the scent wasn’t fresh. “It’s probably the wind carrying the smell down from the high moor,” she told Plum­stone. Plum­stone sniffed the grass. “Everything smells like WindClan here.” Bumble­stripe reached them. “It was their land for a long time,” he commented, looking warily toward the moor. “I guess it’ll take a while for Thunder­Clan scent to take hold.” Squirrel­f light headed toward the line of gorse that marked the border. “It’ll take hold quicker if we leave scent marks.” She grazed her cheek along a branch, wincing as the prickles snagged her fur. Bumble­stripe padded stiffly along the border, leaving marks as he went, while Eagle­wing and Plum­ stone plucked at the grass, rubbing their scent into the earth. “I can’t smell any WindClan scent markers.” Eagle­wing looked puzzled. “They haven’t marked the new border.” “Perhaps they’ve been busy. Remember, Whitetail died recently, and they would have had her vigil. Wait till the weather starts to turn,” Squirrel­f light warned her. “They’ll be m
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