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Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Types

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Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Types Water ring vacuum pump, as a kind of coarse vacuum pump, has disadvantages in environmental protection, but it is still widely used in…
Water Ring Vacuum Pumps Types Water ring vacuum pump, as a kind of coarse vacuum pump, has disadvantages in environmental protection, but it is still widely used in many fields because of its easy processing, isothermal compression and extraction of flammable and explosive gases. In practical application, the water-ring vacuum pump can be divided into four types. 1. Single-stage single-acting water ring vacuum pump This water ring vacuum pump has only one impeller, the so-called single stage.A single motion means that each impeller rotates once, suction and exhaust once.It is the simplest water ring vacuum pump with low limit pressure, low pump speed and low efficiency. 2. Single-stage double-acting water ring vacuum pump On the basis of single-stage single-acting water ring vacuum pump, the suction and exhaust action of impeller will be carried out twice in each rotation cycle, which is the double action.At the same pumping speed, the volume and weight of the double- moving double-ring vacuum pump are smaller than that of the single-moving double- ring vacuum pump.At the same time, since the working chamber is symmetrically distributed on both sides of the hub, the load acting on the rotor is effectively improved.In practical application, double-acting water ring vacuum pump has the advantages of high pumping speed, high efficiency, high limit pressure and so on.However, in contrast, because of the complex structure of a single action, it is much more difficult to deal with. 3. Two-stage water ring vacuum pump Dual-stage water ring vacuum pump can be simply understood as two single-acting pumps in series, which connect the impellers of two single-stage single-acting water ring pumps with a common spindle.The main characteristic of this water ring vacuum pump is that it still has a large pumping speed under low pressure. 4. Gas ejector + water ring pump unit The water ring pump unit is generally composed of air ejector and water ring vacuum pump. The main purpose is to improve the pumping speed of the equipment under low pressure, avoid cavitation of the water ring vacuum pump, and expand the scope of use of the water ring pump.In practice, the injector is connected to the inlet of the water ring pump. First, the water-ring vacuum pump is opened, and the pre-vacuum and pressure difference required for the operation of the air ejector are manufactured to drive the gas.After the momentum exchange and compression between the ejector and the pump gas, the gas enters the water ring pump and is compressed and discharged. These four water ring vacuum pumps are quite common.Of course, in practice, water ring vacuum pumps are commonly used as foreline pumps in various types of vacuum devices. Vacuum pump for bottle blow moulding Vacuum pump for vacuum sucker
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