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What Kind Of Screwdriver Is Safety Screwdriver

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What kind of screwdriver is safety screwdriver Safety screwdriver is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting and limiting torque. It is a power tool for tightening…
What kind of screwdriver is safety screwdriver Safety screwdriver is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting and limiting torque. It is a power tool for tightening and loosening screws. The production line needs different kinds of electric screwdrivers. And it is one of the essential tools of most manufacturing enterprises. So safety precautions are very important for production line workers. Next, I will show you how to use the electric screwdriver correctly and safely. Power tools fall into three categories Class I tools, class II tools and class III tools for safety protection. Class I tools have three plugs to connect to the ground wire. The tools have simple basic insulation, and the leakage of electricity should rely on the grounding wire to ensure safety. But this type of tools is the metal shell. In addition to the basic insulation, the plastic shell can use as additional insulation to prevent electric shock. And metal-clad tools can also be used as class II tools, it usually with the "back" symbol on the nameplate. Here is a Safety screwdriver detailed explanation  safety protection of class I tools: The tools have grounding devices, and all or most parts of the insulation structure have basic insulation. When the insulation damaged, the metal parts that can connect with the protective grounding (see grounding) or the protective zero line installed on the fixed-line, which is not electrified to prevent the impact on the operator.  safety protection of class II tools: The insulation structure of such tools includes double insulation or reinforced insulation composed of basic insulation and additional insulation. When the basic insulation damaged, the operator can separate from the charged body through additional insulation without causing electric shock. And the second kind of tool must use the power plug which cannot connect again, it does not allow the earthing.  Safety protection of class III tools: These tools powered by a safe voltage supply. The RMS of no-load voltage between any conductor and the ground shall not exceed 50V; For the three-phase power supply, the RMS of no-load voltage between conductor and the neutral line is no more than 29V. But the safety voltage is usually provided by a safety isolating transformer or a transformer with a separate winding. But protective earthing devices cannot allow in the third class of tools. Advantages of a three-pin plug  At present, most of the screwdrivers on the market are two-pin plugs and the co-share electric screwdrivers are three-plug cable plugs, an external power converter, can convert the voltage of 220V into the safety voltage of 36V human body, will not produce danger to the operator. So the co-share electric screwdriver is the safest electric screwdriver.
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