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What's The Different between Electric Screwdriver and Electric Drill

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What’s the different between electric screwdriver and Electric drill 1.What is an electric screwdriver? Electric screwdrivers ,we also call them power…
What’s the different between electric screwdriver and Electric drill 1.What is an electric screwdriver? Electric screwdrivers ,we also call them power screwdrivers, are power tools for tightening and loosening screws. The power tool has a structure for adjusting and limiting the torque. It is used primarily on assembly lines and is one of the necessary tools for most manufacturers. The structure of this tool consists of electric motor, clutch device, screwdriver head and power connection device. As a mechanical component, the power screwdriver can not be separated from the electric batch power supply. The electric batch power supply provides energy and related control functions for the power screwdriver. The power can drive the rotation of the motor. Because the parameters of the power screwdriver motor are different. So when the output power of electric batch power supply is quantitative, the rotation speed will be different. Electronics manufacturing, for instance, mobile phones and LCD manufacture, automotive, medical equipment are the main application scope of electric screwdrivers. Therefore, from the industry perspective, the electric screwdriver industry is a high-tech industry. #2.What is an electric drill? Electric drill is the largest selling product in the power tool industry. Its main application areas are construction, decoration, pan-furniture and other industries. Its function is making holes in objects or through the object. Some industries also call it as electric hammers. It gets power from an AC or DC battery and is a type of hand-held power tool. The main components of the hand drill: drill chuck, output shaft, gear, rotor, stator, casing, switch and cable. #3.The main different between electric screwdriver and electric drill In terms of characteristics, the electric screwdriver has such advantages:  Light-weight, small and friendly hold  High precision in locking torque  Easy control in speed  It can automatically stop operation after fastening the right screw circles  Torque adjust is available. On the one hand, this power tool can protect the quality of the locked object. On the other hand, it can avoid the torque or other factors to penetrate the locked object. The electric drill has a fast rotating speed, large vibration and strong impact force; long-term use will produce a lot of dust inside, so it is necessary to clean and add lubricant regularly; long hours working will continue to heat up. Therefore, for the selection of electric drills and electric screwdriver tools. It is also necessary to reference the specific working environment, the workpiece and the precision requirement of torque.
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