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1.2 the Circulatory System- Introduction | Blood | White Blood Cell

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1.2 The Circulatory System What is the use of circulatory system?  To transport nutrients and oxygen to cells and carries waste materials away from cells Components of circulatory system  Three major components: 2. Blood – connective tissues made up of liquid plasma, suspended blood cells and platelets 3. Heart – muscular pump that circulate blood 4. Blood vessels – consist of arteries, capillaries and veins Blood vessels 1. Blood and haemolymph  Blood – medium of transport in hum
    1.2 The Circulatory1.2 The CirculatorySystemSystem     To transport nutrients and oxygen toTo transport nutrients and oxygen tocells and carries waste materialscells and carries waste materialsaway from cellsaway from cells What is the use of circulatoryWhat is the use of circulatorysystem?system?    Components of circulatory systemComponents of circulatory system  Three major components:Three major components: 2.2. Blood – connective tissues made upBlood – connective tissues made upof liquid plasma, suspended bloodof liquid plasma, suspended bloodcells and plateletscells and platelets 3.3. Heart – muscular pump that circulateHeart – muscular pump that circulatebloodblood 4.4. Blood vessels – consist of arteries,Blood vessels – consist of arteries,capillaries and veinscapillaries and veins    Bloodvessels
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