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Alpha Times Putting Heart and Soul of your Neighbourhood VOL: 1 ISSUE 28 Dec.14,2008 PRICE Re. ONE ONLY *** Parthasarathypuram residents get water connection after five decades T Nagar MLA quenches five decade old thirst If Tamil Nadu has a long history of disputes over sharing of water with its neighboring states, the plight of its residents are no better when it comes to getting their legitimate share of drinking water from the civic bodies. Over 500 houses in Parthasarathypuram area in T .Na
  VOL: 1 ISSUE 28PRICE Re. ONE ONLYDec.14,2008  Putting Heart and Soul of your Neighbourhood   Alpha Times AT TEAM  Repeated requests from the area to theerstwhile members of the state assembly yielded noresults and when Kalairajan met these people he washorrified that the area is without metro water connection inthe heart of the city. He immediately moved the necessarypapers and allotted funds of Rs.16 lakhs to the civic bodyand thedream came true.Civic body officials were mum when contactedsince they had no specific answers. Even after Kalairajanelected as MLA the civic officials has been turning a deafear to MLA’s request according to sources close to MLA.Determined to help people in his constituency Kalairajan  Parthasarathypuram residents get water connection after five decades T Nagar MLA quenchesfive decade old thirst If Tamil Nadu has a long history of disputes over sharing ofwater with its neighboring states, the plight of its residentsare no better when it comes to getting their legitimate shareof drinking water from the civic bodies.Over 500 houses in Parthasarathypuram area inT .Nagar which had to wage a protracted battle with the civicbody for close to nearly five decades for getting drinkingwater connections, finally managed to get justice, thanks tothe request made to the T Nagar MLA V P Kalairajan andthe subsequent intervention of his office and extending ahelping hand with funds allotted from his MLA areadevelopment fund.swung into action and made the water connection a reality.The residents heaved a sigh of relief when thewater connection which was inaugurated by a seventy yearold lady of the area along with the MLA.It is ironical that no officials from the civic bodywas present at theinauguration.Talking to AlphaTimes T Nagar MLAKalairajan said Thepresent governmenthas always beenviewing the oppositionwith an eye of hatredand they are notlooking at the positivefeatures of theperformance. Overand above this redtapism in the utilitiesare major hurdles.Without theGovernment co-operation and withouthaving a proper officein the area we are ableto do well and if properfacilities and co-operation extended wecan make thisconstituency a modelone he added.Parthasarathypuram residents praised the MLAKalairajan whole heartedly.A large number of AIADMK party functionaries,including T.Nagar B. Sathya, A.A.Arjunan participated in thefunction. ***  Be on your alert while dealing with Leos andScorpions. Lady luck will smile on you, if you jointaureans or librans.Opportunities are slipping from you as a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude on your part is spoiling the show.There can be some truth involved if others criticise you. Dec.14,2008 A combustive Mars urges you to spendrecklessly. Assurances of support you have beenreceiving will evaporate. Beware of tricksters. For the week upto Dec.20,2008 With a dominant Venus gaining momentum,your life should be like a bed of roses and romance willbloom. You are very close to the jackpot.If you are planning to undertake some newresponsibility, you are heading towards a big adventure.Your money and health may be at risk.A lustrous moon brings happy tidings thisweek. A lost game could be revived with success. It canadd more shine to your reputation.The sun, overwhelmed by gandamoolafflictions, is playing a negative role. An unfamiliar taskcould pose a serious problem. Avoid doing anythingimportant especially on Sunday.Your grasp of facts could run counter to yourestimate. An awaited opportunity could also elude you.Your economy is showing markedimprovement despite rising costs. Time to recover yourold losses.Tuesday-born scorpions will be playing theircards with skill. However, Saturday-born scorpions arewarned to change their hackneyed habits.Since you are at emotional crossroads, choosethe right direction. Shake off streak of pessimism at theearliest.Jupiter shuffling between two signs will showmixed results. Vital issues may remain pending. Don’tlet others pressurise you to do things their way. VOL : 1 ISSUE 28 Dec.14,2008 [ July 23 to Aug 22 ] Y winning three states out of the five that went to the polls, the Congress has proved that it is no  B  pushover. It is a hat-trick for the party in Delhi where Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is likely to form a government for the third consecutive term. While it swept the polls in Mizoram, it has emerged the single largest party in Rajasthan. The BJP can take consolation from the fact that it could win handsomely in Madhya Pradesh and scrape through in Chhattisgarh. Even so, it has to reconcile itself to the fact that the Congress has improved its vote share and seats in these states. The calculation that the high voter turnout in all states other than Chhattisgarh would go in favour of the BJP in view of the Mumbai attack has been proved wrong The voters in Delhi would surely have been influenced by the Metro, dozens of flyovers and the Bhagidari schemes launched during the two terms of the Congress. The BJP’s sinister attempt to cash in on the Mumbai mayhem would certainly have alienated a large section of the voters from the party. In Mizoram,the voters have by voting massively for the Congress voted against corruption. In Rajasthan, the voters found in Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje a person who could not keep her word given to such communities as the Gujjars. Nor did she keep her promise to give better governance. The ruling party’s campaign against terrorism did not pay any dividend as its own government failed to prevent such attacks in Jaipur and Ajmer. In short, the campaign against terror did not carry conviction with the voters.In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP can be proud of retaining the state. But it cannot overlook the surge the Congress has made in terms of vote percentage which will count in the next general elections. Ms Uma Bharati has been proved to be what she has always been — an empty vessel that makes a lot of noise. In neighbouring Chhattisgarh, the BJP has retained power against heavy odds. The defeat of Mahendra Karma, the kingpin of Salwa Judum, is a warning that the people have not approved of the strategy to deal with Naxalites. The emergence of the Bahujan Samaj Party in all the North Indian states is something that will cause concern to the BJP and the Congress. Although not much time is left for the Lok Sabha to complete its term, the favourable results may persuade the Congress to advance the parliamentary elections to take advantage of the containing of inflation and the economic stimulus unleashed during the last few days. Terror is not politicallyencashable The Tirunakshatram of HH45th Azhagiyasingar - SriLakshmi Nrisimha DivyaPaduka Sevaka SrivanSatakopa Sri NarayanaYateendra Mahadesikan of SriAhobila Math, - presided overby MannargudiRajagopalachariar Swami – Asthana Vidwan of Sri AhobilaMath, was celebrated at SriAhobila Math Oriental HigherSecondary School, WestMambalam, on Dec. 06.The Swami in his upanyasam stressed thatknowledge can be acquired only with the help of anAcharya. Hailing the virtues of Srimad Azhagiyasingar,he said that the Acharya removes ignorance from themind and is the divine source, who through hisAnugraha, delivers us from sorrows and guides us toMoksha. Students should love, respect and worshiptheir teachers, and exhibit gratitude and devotiontowards them. Guru's anger results in perfection, instudents. This has been experienced by the speakerpersonally, as he had been under the nurture of hisGuru Srimad Azhagiyasingar.Ealier V. Srinivasan, Commerce Departmentrendered the welcome address and Dr. Smt. T.N.Jaya,Sanskrit Pandit, delivered the Vote of thanks. AcharyaThirunatchatram celebrated The Harikatha Upanyasam on Thyagaraja's Sri Prahlada Bakthi Vijayam organised by theTirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, at Sri Ahobila MathOriental Higher Secondary School, West Mambalam,on Dec. 08, was presented by Isaikalaimani P.T.Seshadri, disciple of Smt Radha Viswanathan,daughter of Smt M.S. Subbulakshmi, with theaccompaniments of the Violin and the Mridangam byKum T.V. Suganya, disciple of Violin Maestro LalgudiJayaraman and Ashwin, disciple of Poongulam SriSubramanian, respectively.P.T. Seshadri explained the significance ofbakthi and described the glorious bakthi of Prahlada,advising the students to place such implicit faith in theLord. The raindrop deposited in the oyster developsinto a rich pearl. Just as one dives deep into theocean, holding one's breath, in order to retrieve thepearl, one can seek the grace of the Lord, only bysubmerging deep into the ocean of bakthi with totalconcentration. These aspects of bakthi were stressedthrough various keertanas of Thyagaraja in the ragasSourashtram, Kalyani, Reethigowla, Agiri, Varali,Sahana, Asaveri, Panduvarali and Madyamavati.More than 1,000 students enjoyed thisdelightful musical discourse, listening with raptattention, enthralled by the melodious music. TheVote of thanks was rendered by Smt Dr T.N. Jaya,Sanskrit Teacher of the School. Dr N.V.Vasudevachariar, Correspondent of the School,hailed the performance of P.T. Seshadri. Prahladha Bakthi Vijayam The sixth edition of Iyappa Vilakku Poojawould be held at the Sri Ram samaj's AyodhyaMandapam West Mambalam, on Sunday Dec. 14 underthe aegis of Sri Sabarigiri Sasatha Seva SangamChennai 600 033. from 6.00 am onwards. In theevening 6.30 pm a Bhajan programme byBakthimamni Sasthadasan would be held. Iyappa vilakku Pooja Sri Ram Samaj, asocio cultural orgnization, iscelebrating the Centenary ofNarayana Dikshithar, onMonday, Dec. 15 at 6.30 PM.A portrait ofNarayana Dikshithar will beunveiled and a Souvenirreleased, containing thebiography of Dikshithar on thatday.NarayanaDikshithar, brother ofSengalipuram AnanatharamaDikshithar, had givenprogrammes in Sri Ram Samajin the initial stages and incommemorating theextraordinary contribution ofDikshithar in renderingUpanyasam, Sri Ram Samajis organizing this function.The event will be followed byNama Sangeerthanam byVittaldas JayakrishnaDikshithar says a release fromthe samaj. Centenary of NarayanaDikshithar   alphatimes1@gmail.com Send your news and events to  Dec.14,2008 Available Commercial Space required in andaround Chennai from 1200 Sq. ft., to20,000 Sq. ft. for an MNC. ContactCommercial space in and aroundChennai from 1000 sq. ft to 25000 sq. ft.,ideal for MNC, Banks, BPO, Softwarecompanies etc., Affordable price. Easyoptions Required CANAAN CITY Ph : 4204 6556, 4204 6557Cell : 98400 30466, 98403 49559e-mail : cannancity@rediffmail.com The Stenographers' Guild, T. Nagar, hasproposed to conduct a one-day Workshop on NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programe) and TA (TransactionalAnalysis) on Sunday, the Dec. 14 in its premises from10.00 am to 4.00 pm with a lunch break of one hour.The workshop will cover Visual, Auditory,olfactory, tactile, gustatory, memory techniques, self-confidence, self-appreciation, circle of expression, fear,new behavior therapy, reframing, stroke analysis,structure, transactional analysis. The registration fee forthis workshop is Rs.200/- The admission will be on first-come-first-served basis subject to a maximum of 50persons.The workshop is open to those who areworking as managers/executives in various offices andwho want to handle the latest techniques in managingthe affairs of companies.For more details, the Office of the Guild may becontacted at No.1, Guild Street, behind Siva VishnuTemple, T. Nagar, Chennai - 600 017. Ph: 24342421,24337387. 996216312 Fax: 42867859- E.Mail:stenold@vsnl.com. Oneday workshopNeuro Linguistic Programeand Transactional Analysis Music World, music and home video retailchain, announces the commencement of their annualMusic Sale from December 12 to January 4, 2009 (bothdays inclusive).This is the eighth edition of the sale and will beheld at Chettiar Hall, T.T.K. Road, Alwarpet from10.00AM to 9.00 PM . Spread over 5000 sq ft, it's thebiggest music and movies' sale in Chennai featuring over40,000 titles across nearly 100 labels – covering allgenres including film, regional, hindi, internationalclassical and devotional. Besides, Music World will haveattractive offers of upto 50% off on all music and moviesand special offers on IPods, playstations andaccessories which form an integral part of the sale saysa press release. Music World annual sale Jaipur Foot, an NGO, will or ganise a servicecamp for fitting artificial limbs to the disabled people inChennai from Dec 15 to 19. No fee is involved.Those from outside Chennai can come inbefore 2 pm at the venue for taking measurements andget the work done by evening.The venue is Shantiniketan, HasthinapurNagari (Maloo Jain Bhawan), 30, Venkatachalam MudaliSt, Choolai (near Choolai post office). The camp is openfrom 9 am to 7 pm Artificial limbs Southern Railway will conduct a pension adalatfrom 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on December 15 at the SouthernRailway Headquarters Office, Park Town, here to redressgrievances of those who retired from the headquartersoffice, the Chennai Divisional Office and otheroffices/workshops in Chennai area.Those who wish to participate in the adalat canapproach the reception/registration booth at theentrance of the Chennai Divisional Office of SouthernRailway on December 15, a release said. Railway pension adalat A three-day meet Diabetes 2008 is beingorganised by Dr Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centrehere from December 19 to spread awareness about thedisease among the public.State Health Minister M R K Paneerselvamwould inaugurate the event being organised by the DrMohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre. The theme of this event was 'Diabetes inChildren and Adolescents', with an objecctive to createpublic awareness about diabetes and its complicationsand to educate and empower people so that they canmanage the disease better , Dr V Mohan, Chairman andChief Diabetologist of Dr Mohan's Diabetes SpecialitiesCentre, told reporters. The event being held in Chennai after 5 years,wherein we will have over 25 theme stalls to educate thepublic on diabetes and associated complications. Thestalls will display posters, charts and photographsdepiciting various aspects in diabetes , he added.He said that blood glucose testing meters andstrips, pen injectors, insulin pumps, special diabetic foot-wear, fitness equipment and diabetic foods would beavailable at special discounted rates Expo on diabetes after 5 years A Poetry Reading session titled ‘Secret Life ofPoems’ will be held at the British Council by Tom Paulin onFriday, Dec. 19 at 6.30 pmRich, intense, hard, profound and paradoxical,Tom Paulin's poetry is a fascinating blend of contemporaryand classical elements. Relentlessly searching foranswers, Paulin's work encompasses a wide range ofthemes relating poetry with the complex and disturbingrealities of history, politics, religion and society.Tom Paulin, born in Leeds, 1949, grew up inBelfast and was educated in the universities of Hull andOxford. He has published seven collections of poetry andtwo major anthologies, two versions of Greek drama andseveral critical works including ' The Day-Star of Liberty:William Hazlitt's Radical Style'. Well known for hisappearances on the BBC's 'Late Review ' and ‘NewsnightReview’ programmes, he is also the G.M .Young lecturer inEnglish Literature at Oxford.Tom Paulin’s programme in Chennai is part ofour India ‘09: Through Fresh Eyes initiative. India is theMarket Focus at The London Book Fair in 2009 and BritishCouncil is putting together an exciting literatureprogramme for the world’s premier publishing trade andrights event. Forty Indian writers will travel to London inApril 2009 as part of India 09: Through Fresh Eyes, and bepart of seminars at The London Book Fair and othervenues in the UK. As part of that cultural exchange, BritishCouncil India will present a number of writers from the UKat various venues up to April 2009 and beyond.Also a work shop on poetry would be conductedby Tom Paulin on Thursday Dec. 18, 10.00 am to 1.00 pm>Submit the poem that you have written anddiscuss the same with him to reshape it.For more detailsWalk in to theBritish Council, 737, Anna Salai, Chennai600 002 or Call on 42050600orEmailchennai.enquiry@in.britishcouncil.org An evening of poetry reading Eight new deluxe buses in new routes wereintroduced to connect Kanchipuram with Chennaifrom Thursday. The new buses were operated fromTambaram, Poonamallee and T Nagar.Route No 576 plying from Kanchipuram to TNagar would have two more air-conditionedbuses.Labour Welfare Minister, T.M.Anbarasanflagged off the new AC bus service betweenKancheepuram and T.Nagar at Kancheepuram busstand on Thursday. The Collector, Santosh K.Misra,Kancheepuram MLA, Sakthi Kamalammal,Uthiramerur MLA, K.Sundar were among those whowere present on the occasion.The AC bus service to Kancheepuram willleave T.Nagar at 5.30 a.m; 7.30 a.m; 10.30 a.m; 12.30p.m; 3.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. In the return direction,the service will leave Kancheepuram at 8 a.m; 10 a.m;1 p.m; 3 p.m; 6 p.m. and 8 p.m, according to theManaging Director, MTC, M.Ramasubramanian.While the AC bus service, which will beoperated via the Chennai-Bangalore NationalHighway, will have stoppages at Sunguvarchatram,Sriperumpudur, Irrungattukottai, Poonamallee, Porur,Guindy and Saidapet, the fare in this bus is Rs 75 perperson.Apart from this, four buses in thePoonamallee-Kanchipuram route and four inTambaram-Kanchipuram route were operated. Allthese are deluxe buses.A new bus in the existing M-18-C fromNanganallur to T Nagar had also been introduced. New bus routes launched The National Institute of Fashion Technology has set in motionthe process of admission for the next academic year to its fouryear degree and two-year post graduate programmes invarious fields, including fashion design, textile design,knitwear design and master of fashion management.The admission will be made through an all Indiaentrance examination to be held in 29 centres across thecountry in February 2009. The applications for the courses canbe obtained from NIFT, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Taramani. Fordetails, calla 22542755. The last date for submitting filled inapplications is January 7. NIFT admissions Chennai Metrowater will conduct openhouse meeting at its area office inTNagar and Kodambakkam Area VIIIlocated at No.9, Muthukrishnan st.,T.Nagar, on Saturday Dec. 13 between10 a.m. and 1 p.m.Consumers may present theircomplaints regarding water supply andsewage removal at the meetings to theofficials concerned. They can also gettheir doubts clarified about water andsewerage taxes and water charges.TheSuperintending Engineers will inspectthe meetings at the area office under theircontrol, said an official release Metrowateropen house meeting  Dec.14,2008 Our Team Editor S. Raghunathan Advisor K. Venkataraghavan Reporters UshaSai Narayan Designer B. Harish Circulation Akbar Advertisement Desk044 42697393 Owned & Published by  S. Raghunathan Office : First FloorSai Abhirami Old 30, New72, Brindavan St., Extn.West Mambalam,Chennai - 600 033.Cell :email : ce@alphatimes.org 94449 43293 Readers are recommended to make appropriate enquiries before entering into dealings with advertisers who advertise in this publication, Neither.the Editor, nor the Printer and Publisher do not vouch any claims made by advertisers and hence shall not be held liable for any adverse consequences. Disclaimer  The Chennai City Police has requested the holders ofArms licences which are valid upto this year to apply for renewalbefore December 31.According to an official press release, they licenseescan apply for renewal by downloading forms from the websitewww.chennaicitypolice.org.The forms can also be obtained from the office of theCommissioner of Police and the filled in applications should besent to Commissioner of Police for renewal of their Armslicenses for three years.The licensees are also requested to affix a Court feestamp to the value of Rs 2 in the renewal application and enclosethe srcinal license book for making renewal endorsement.The prescribed fees for each type of weapon and theapplications should be remitted at the City Police office, Egmorebetween 10 am and 1 pm on all working days either by licenseeor by any authorised person.The weapons should be produced before therespective jurisdictional Assistant Commissioner of Police (Lawand Order) for inspection and their remarks recorded in thelicense book before sending for renewal.The licensees have also been asked to produce thexerox copy of residential proof, if there is any change ofaddress.Completed application forms should be handed overat the office of the Commissioner of Police, Chennai Policewhich will be processed and the srcinal arms license will bereturned to the licensee for renewal, the release said.The holders of arms licenses in respect of the threedistricts - Ambathur, Madhavaram and St Thomas Mount shouldapply to the Commissioner of Police, Suburban, St ThomasMount for renewal.The release also said that under Arms Act 1959section 25, weapons in licenses that are not renewed should bedeposited at the nearest police station or authorised arms dealerfor safe custody and the licensees should not keep them underany circumstances as the same is punishable.After the expiry of the last date, the licensee shouldsubmit the application with penal fees and receipt from thepolice station or authorised arms dealer for having deposited theweapon. City police notifies renewalof Arms licences Local Administration Minister M KStalin Tuesday said. that Chief Minister MKarunanidhi will inaugurate the flyoverbeing constructed at Gopathy NarayanaRoad andTirumalai Roadintersection onDecember 29.Reviewing theconstructionworks of theflyover works,he said that theflyoverconstructed ata cost of Rs16.5 crorewould easetrafficcongestion in T Nagar to a considerableextent.‘It is wide enough to allow two-way traffic,’ Stalin said.The constructionworks of the flyover began in September2007, he said adding that to ensure smoothflow of traffic in the city more number offlyovers and subways will be built.The ongoing projects includingAlandur Road Bridge, Jones Road Subway,the subway near Stanley Hospital will becompleted by May 2009 and the bridge atPerambur will be ready by December 2009,the Minister said.He also informed that similarprojects for constructing flyovers werebeing undertaken at Villivakkam andKorukkupet.Speaking about the flooding ofthe roads induring therecent rains,Stalin said thatmuch of theflooding wascaused due tothe runoffsfrom Porur,Virugambakkam,Chembarambakkam andPuzhal lakes.‘The Stategovernmenthas forwarded a proposal for the JNRMproject estimated at Rs 1538 crore to theCentral government, which would cover theconstruction of more storm water drains inthe city, desilting and upgradation ofChennai’s waterways, raising theembankments of Adyar, Cooum rivers etc.If sanctioned it will take care ofmonsoon-related problems,’ the Ministersaid. Chennai Corporation Mayor MSubramanian, Corporation Commissioner,Rajesh Lakhoni, Zone -8 ChairmanElumalai, Former T Nagar MLA JAnbazhagan, Councillor of Division 127 JKarunanidhi and several corporationofficials accompanied Stalin during his visit G.N. Chetty Road Flyover toopen on Dec. 29 “Sivaraman, the mridangam maestro launches‘Mridanga Cintamanih,” As his fingers trace the intricatepatterns on the mridangam, the audiencewatch and listen in disbelief, wondering athow despite the speed, each syllable istraced withcrystal clarity.Umayalpuram K.Sivaraman “is alegend servingthe cause of theart for over sixdecades,” saidN. Murali,ManagingDirector, TheHindu. He is not just the Maradona of Carnatic music, but acombination of Maradona and Pele, hesaid, explaining that though Mr. Sivaramanis a genius like the maverick footballer, he isalso disciplined and structured like Pele.He was speaking at the launch of‘Mridanga Cintamanih,’ a set of sevenDVDs featuring Mr. Sivaraman and his art,presented by Swathi Soft Solutions here onMonday.Mr. Sivaraman has evolved ansrcinal ‘bani,’ a style, which is a fine blendof rhythmic patterns, creativity and melody,Mr. Murali said.Commending the effort atcreating the instructional DVDs, Mr. Muralisaid that as the Gurukula practice does notexist any longer, technology helps inpreserving our glorious treasure.The DVD set containsinstructions divided into four levels. Thefirst level is abeginner’s guideand providesinformation aboutposture andfingeringtechniques. Thesecond level givesadvancedexercises andincludes adetailedexplanation of‘gathi bhedam.’The third includes ‘thaniavartanams’ in different talas and the fourthdeals with how to embellish a concertthrough the mridangam. The set contains ashort film, ‘Laya Naadha Pravaaham,’ onMr. Sivaraman.Kerala Minister for Educationand Culture M.A. Baby said that whengreat mridangam players are enumeratedin the field of Carnatic musicians, the firstname would be Palghat Mani Iyer’s and thesecond would be Mr. Sivaraman’s.Carnatic vocalist Madurai G.S.Mani and Bharatanatyam exponentPadma Subrahmanyam were present. The Public SectorIndian Overseas Bank (IOB)signed a distributionagreement with Japan'sUniversal Sompo GeneralInsurance Company Limited(USGICL) for distribution ofits insurance products.The agreementwas signed by IOB CMD S ABhat and Universal SompoExecutive Chairman O NSingh.USGICL was a joint-venture non-lifeinsurance company of IOB,which has a 19 per centequity investment in it,Allahabad Bank, Karnatakabank, Dabur Investments andSompo Japan Insurancecompany.Under theagreement IOB would sellnearly 40 of the insuranceproducts of the USGICL to itscustomers.Speaking on theoccason, Mr Singh said theBancassurance tie-up withAllahabad Bank was atremendous success andthere was huge clientele forretail general insuranceproducts like health, motorand package policies whichwere the mainstay productsfor the future generalinsurance business.Mr Bhat said theassociation with USGICLwould provide the IOBcustomers best-in-classproducts and generalinsurance services in theyears to come, besidesaugmenting the revenue ofthe bank. IOB signsdistributionagreement withUSGICL WE did not speak atall, in the beginning, as wetravelled to our first kutcheritogether, sometime in the1960s – our violinist evencomplained that we were toosilent – but by the time webegan our performance at theICF, and the first song wasover, Sankaran and I hadspoken much to each other – through our music and hearts…” Not many of the audiencecould fail to be moved by such words, as Madurai T NSeshagopalan, musician, teacher, composer and Harikathaexponent par excellence paid his own tribute to professor TrichySankaran, who had just felicitated the musician a few momentsago. The occasion was Mudhra Fine Arts’ inauguration of its14th Fine Arts festival at the Infosys Hall – an event wellattended by celebrities from both the music and theatre worlds – and the presentation of the Mudhra Award of Excellence to T NSeshagopalan.Endowed with a rich voice and trained mind, T NSeshagopalan’s mastery and style have proven, for many yearshis undeniable supremacy in the field of carnatic music. Hissinging technique, with a knack of transferring andcommunicating intricate musical expressions with ease andaesthetic charm has won him many accolades through theyears; professor S Ramachandran, Vice Chancellor, Universityof Madras conferred on him the Mudhra Award for Excellence,while Nalli Kuppusami Chettiar, President of the Sabha presidedover the event, in company of A Natarajan, former Director,Doordarshan and also the Vice President of Mudhra.The kuthuvilakku having been lit, followed by MudhraBhaskar’s welcome address, Professor Ramachandranaddressed the gathering, praising not only the evening’sawardee, but the patrons as well, comparing them to the kings ofyore, who patronised artistes. Both Nalli Kuppusami Chettiarand A Natarajan shared brief anecdotes of their own musical journeys, while also extolling T N Seshagopalan’sperformances. But perhaps the cream of speeches wasdelivered by mridangam maestro, Professor Trichy Sankaranand the awardee’s speeches themselves, which were full ofwarmth and shared reminiscences about past concerts and along musical journey.Having arrived for the December season fromCanada, Sankaran was voluble in his praise for T NSeshagopalan. “TNS is an expert in all aspects of music,” hesaid. “He is a musical genius, endowed with a gentle voice – multi-faceted, multitalented artiste. This award is but anotherfeather in his crown.” T N Seshagopalan, who rose to make hisacceptance speech, thanked his patrons, and put forth his wishthat more sponsors took a hand in promoting sabhas and theirmusical events. Speaking about Sankaran, he said, “There aresome artistes who understand the talent of others – but fail toappreciate them, because of an unwillingness of heart or voice.But Sankaran is one of those large-hearted musicians who seekand appreciate others fully.” Thus ended a convivial eveningwith a touch of poignancy. MultifacetedT.N. Seshagopalan honoured . - Pavithra Srinivasan  Threeeminent personalities intheir own fields wereconferred titles at theinaugural function ofNungambakkamCultural AcademyTrust’s 39thAnniversary and FineArts Festival held atRama Rao KalaMantap, T Nagar.Carnatic singerNithyasree Mahadevanwas conferred Sangeetha Kala Siromani titleand danseuse Rajeswari Sainath and artiste TV Varadarajan were conferred Nrithya KalaSiromani and Nataka Kala Siromanirespectively After conferring . titles on theeminent personalities, Union Minister of Statefor Statistics G K Vasan said that theseawardees have carved a niche for themselvesin their respective fields and brought laurels tothe country .All thosepresent on theoccasion of theinaugural function,lauded the servicesof NungambakkamCultural Academyand its presidentNalli KuppuswamiChetti. Felicitatingthe awardees, notedBharatnatyamexponent SudharaniRaghupathy said, “Iwas so proud when I got this award 15 yearsback and then I was not able to sit back aftergetting the award. I was proud but also fearedas I have to perform well.” In her acceptancespeech, Rajeshwari said, “The award givesme confidence to perform well.” Nithyasreeand Varadarajan said that they would givetheir best to their respective fields. The musicfestival is on till the end of Margazhi at RamaRao Kala Mantap. NCAT honours eminent musicians
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