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presentation on animatronics
  SCOE, Information Technology 1 ANIMATRONICS Presented By Sneha M.Deshmukh Class: T.E IT (I) Roll No: T37036 Under guidance of Prof. S.T. Jadhav    SCOE, Information Technology 2 Contents  Introduction  Early Development  Formation Of Animatronics  Electronics Components Used In Animatronics Controllers  Applications Of Animatronics  Pros and Cons  Conclusion  References  SCOE, Information Technology 3 Introduction   What is an Animatronics ? -  Cross between Animation and Electronics -  Combination of the ancient art of puppetry with modern electronic technology -  A type of special effect  SCOE, Information Technology 4 Early Development  The First Modern Animatronics by Imagineer “Lee Adams”     Digital And Analog systems Walt Disney`s ENCHANTED TIKKI ROOM  
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