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BUS 365 Week 5 Quiz – Strayer Click on the Link Below to Purchase A+ Graded Course Material Chapter 6: E-Business and E-Commerce Multiple Choice

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  BUS 365 Week 5 Quiz – StrayerClick on the Link Below to Purchase A+ ra!e! Course "aterial http://budapp.net/BUS-365-Week-5-Quiz-Strayer-332.htm Quiz # Cha$ter 6Cha$ter 6% &'Business an! &'Co((erce"ulti$le Choice 1. When a user !iks "n a ma!#ertisement "n a Web site$ the ad %i!! &&&&&&&&&&. a' re!ease the !atest ma!%are t" !aunh attaks "n ("#ernment a(enies b' rediret t" and !"ad a ma!ii"us Web site$ %hih is a rep!ia ") the site the user %as e*petin(' d"%n!"ad a ""kie that traks the user+s purhases and redit ardsd' a!! ") the ab"#e 2. , ser#ie !e#e! a(reement S,' is a !e(a! %ritten "ntrat bet%een a #end"r and !ient in %hih the #end"r (uarantees &&&&&&&&&&.a' a ma*imum ser#ie har(e b' )ree up(rades )"r the !en(th ") the "ntrat' n" de)ets and/"r n" risk d' a minima! !e#e! ") ser#ie 3. ))eti#e e-business m"de!s and "mpetiti#e strate(ies are de#e!"ped by  &&&&&&&&&&. a' #end"rs and ser#ie pr"#iders b' seni"r marketin( mana(ers' mana(ers )r"m #ari"us )unti"na! areas$ in!udin( marketin($ 0$ "perati"ns$ !"(istis$ and a"untin(d' Web site desi(ners    . n!ine hanne!s and "nneti#ity supp"rt &&&&&&&&&&$ %hih minimizes the !imitati"ns ") ha#in( t" be physia!!y present in a sin(!e !"ati"n t" "!!ab"rate "r train.a' the e-business pr"ess b' te!epresene' "mmunityd' se!)-ser#ie 5. #er 45 perent ") e-"mmere d"!!ar #"!ume is &&&&&&&&&& "mmere.a' B2B b' B2' 2d' 2B 6. 7rie!ine."m is an e*amp!e ") &&&&&&&&&& "mmere beause the ust"mer names a pr"dut "r ser#ie and the desired prie$ and then 7rie!ine tries t" )ind a supp!ier t" )u!)i!! that need.a' business-t"-"nsumers b' "nsumers-t"-business' m"bi!ed' business-t"-business   8. , bene)it ") h"stin( an e-"mmere Web site "n a third-party+s ser#er is  &&&&&&&&&&$ %hih is bein( ab!e t" add-"n additi"na! apaity inrementa!!y$ 9uik!y$and as needed.a' sa!abi!ity b' maintenane' aurayd' seurity 4. 0n "rder t" aept redit ard payments )"r purhases$ ,merian *press$ isa and "ther redit ard "mpanies re9uire that e-"mmere Web sites be 70 ;SS "mp!iantand erti)ied t" &&&&&&&&&&.a' he!p pre#ent redit ard )raud b' supp"rt Web site ana!ytis' mana(e ust"mer re!ati"nshipsd' #eri)y that the pr"duts are in-st"k. <. Whih ") the )"!!"%in( is n"t a harateristi ") "mpetiti#e inn"#ati"n= a' >" "mpetiti#e inn"#ati"n remains uni9ue )"r !"n(. b' eadin( "mpanies are a!%ays !""kin( )"r ne*t-(enerati"n apabi!ities t" de#e!"p ne% "mpetiti#e ad#anta(e.' ?"st inn"#ati"ns ann"t be dup!iated by "ther "mpanies.d' , urrent appr"ah is t" inte(rate s"ia! net%"rks. 1@. 0n the e-"mmere business m"de! &&&&&&&&&&$ a #end"r asks its partners t"  p!ae !"("s "r banner ads "n their sites. 0) ust"mers !ik the !"("$ (" t" #end"r+s site$ and buyA then the #end"r pays a "mmissi"n t" partners.a' a))i!iate marketin( b' B2B "mmere' re!ati"nship marketin(  d' #ira! marketin( 11. Sears uses &&&&&&&&&& as a se!!in( hanne! t" !i9uidate (et rid ")' its e*ess "r dis"ntinued in#ent"ry. a' 2 "mmere b' )"r%ard auti"ns' re#erse auti"nsd' a))i!iate marketin( 12. Whih ") the )"!!"%in( is n"t "ne ") ,maz"n."m+s suess )at"rs=a' 7atented 0 de#e!"pments b' 7ers"na!ized ser#ie' 7hysia! %areh"uses desi(ned )"r shippin( sma!! paka(es t" hundreds ") th"usands ") ust"mersd' ?aintainin( a "nstant business m"de! 13. "r banks$ "ne bene)it )r"m imp!ementin( "n!ine bankin( is &&&&&&&&&&. a' it "))ers an ine*pensi#e a!ternati#e t" branh bankin( b' transati"n "sts are ab"ut @C !"%er than at a physia! branh' mar(ins are hi(her beause interest rates "))ered t" ust"mers are !"%er d' a!! ") the ab"#e   1. harateristis ") 0> ;iret+s "mpetiti#e strate(y in!ude a!! ") the )"!!"%in( e*ept:a' paid the hi(hest rates "n sa#in(s a"unts b' in#ested hea#i!y in marketin( ampai(ns' "u!d n"t be "pied by "mpetit"rsd' had a!m"st n" briks and m"rtar 15. Whih ") the )"!!"%in( is n"t "ne ") the ha!!en(es )ain( many e-tai!ers that an inter)ere %ith the (r"%th ") its e-tai!in( e))"rts= a' hanne! "n)!it b' reahin( ust"mers ' "n)!it %ithin their "%n "))!ine "perati"nsd' t"u(h "rder )u!)i!!ment and !"(istis pr"b!ems 16. When mana(ers are p!annin( and mana(in( their "n!ine business$ they sh"u!d d" a!! ") the )"!!"%in( e*ept &&&&&.a' make data-dri#en$ )at-based p!ans b' identi)y a!! key assumpti"ns in the marketin( p!an' m"nit"r pr"(ress t" identi)y %hen adDustments are needed$ and then be a(i!e en"u(h t" resp"ndd' bui!d the marketin( p!an ar"und the pr"duts$ rather than "n ust"mer  18. -s"urin( re)ers t" the many &&&&&&&&&& meth"ds.a' B2 e-"mmere b' pr"urement' se!!-sided' 2 auti"n 
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