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  ·product catalogue·  Introduction Here at Orthomed we make it our top priority to ensure that all our implants andinstruments exceed the standard set by the medical ‘gold standard’. We aresupported by some o the worlds leading biomedical engineers and materialscientists to ensure we achieve this.Having the manuacturing expertise however is just the start; the most importantactor in developing new products is you, the surgeon. We have been ortunate towork with some o the world’s leading orthopaedic surgeons over recent years andwith their expertise have released a number o clinically and bio-mechanicallyapproved products including our Castless PCA Plate (see page 12) and the novelSOP™ interlocking Plate system (see page 6).We intend to continue this trend and look orward to introducing urther productsinto veterinary use which oer real benefts to both the patient and surgeon.By choosing Orthomed as your dedicated orthopaedic partner you are assured o receiving the highest quality products backed up by a customer service team thatis second to none.We trust that you will enjoy using our products and as always, i you have anysuggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.I look orward to seeing you in the near uture.Mark Cunlie www.orthomed.co.uk   Contents   612161836424449505152 www.orthomed.co.uk   6Customer Service 0845 045 0259 SOP UniversalLocking Plate System Why have we developed the SOP™?  The use o bone Plates and Screws to repair ractures is wellestablished. Although widely used, conventional Plates havea number o signifcant limitations. For example:- ã Plates can only easily be contoured in a single plane, hence the development o the reconstruction Plate.  ã Conventional bone Plates impair blood ow in healing bone, hence the development o the limited contact dynamic compression Plate. ã Bone Plates are particularly weak around Screw Holes, hence the development o shaped implants. ã Conventional Plates depend on friction between the Screw head/Plate and the Plate/bone interace or stability, which is inefcient,hence the development o locking Screw systems. ã Minimally invasive fracture surgery is an attractive concept but existing Plates do not lend themselves to this application. What makes the SOP™ so unique? ã The SOP™ is a novel implant system which answers many o the shortcomings o conventional Plates and consequentlyhas a wide range o applications in orthopaedic and spinal surgery. ã It comprises a series of non-deformable apertures (pearls) connected by short internodes with a circular cross-section; standard bone Screwslock into the pearls. ã The pearls are stiffer and stronger than the internodes.  They are manuactured to extremely high tolerances to allowthe use o standard Screws. ã The connecting internodes have a circular cross-section which gives the implant a consistent stiness profle along its length – there are no‘weak points’ analogous to the Screw Holes in a conventional Plate. ã The SOP™ was designed to be stiffer than the 3.5 LC-DCP(Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate) and the 3.5 LCP(Locking Compression Plate) - conrmed by mechanical testing perormed at Cummings School o Veterinary Medicine at Tuts University, Boston. Data on le.   ã The SOP™ can be bent in any plane or twisted along its axis.ã The SOP™ is a locking system providing angular stable xation o ragments regardless o bone quality, minimising the risk o losso reduction, even under high dynamic loading and allowing securefxation even when bone stock is poor. ã The locking system (patent pending) uses regular bone Screws and provides two points o contact (Screw thread and Screw head)between implant and Screw or optimum stability and security. It alsoeliminates the need and cost o a separate range o interlockingScrews. ã The footprint of the SOP™ on the bone is extremely small when compared with conventional bone Plates so the impairment o blood- ow will be minimal.ã The SOP™ system is designed for use in conventional and minimally-invasive racture surgery. ã The locking system is more ‘surgeon-friendly’ and ‘bone-friendly’ than existing systems. What’s the range o applications? ã Fractures of the femurã Fractures of the humerusã Fractures of the tibiaã Fractures of the antebrachiumã Pelvic fracturesã Plate – rod constructsã Spinal fractures CervicalThoraco-lumbar LumbarLumbosacralã Surgical spinal distraction-fusion Patent Pending - 0610630.6 TM SOP
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