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Pillar of health
  Seven Pillars for Universal Health Care I will focus on By Sen. Benigno Aquino III   The Health Reform Agenda developed by the Aquino-Roxas Health Team, February 200 Health is a basic right enshrined in our Constitution. Sadly, our public health system is in a state of disrepair where many of our people suffer from a lack or absence of health serices. !oorer regions of the country A#$$, %astern &isayas, $I$A#'!A, Bicol and (estern $indanao hae health indices that are fie to si) times worse than $etro $anila, Cebu and *aao where life e)pectancy from birth is oer + years of age today ersus less than - in those regions. he key must be /niersal Health Care for all 0ilipinos. An Aquino Administration ows that eery 0ilipino will hae access to high quality health care that is1   %fficient   %ffectie 2uality Health Care   Accessible   %quitably distributed   Adequately funded   0airly financed   *irected in con3unction with an informed and empowered public /niersal Health Care will accelerate the attainment of the $illennium *eelopment 4oals, particularly for health1 $*4 5 61 #educing Child $ortality, $*4 5 71 Improing $aternal Health, $*4 5-1 Combat B, malaria, HI&8AI*S. By 9:-, the !hilippines is predicted to hae a population of :7 million at the  present population growth rate. /niersal Health Care will include the promotion of responsible parenthood through adequate information and serices to all eligible 0ilipino women and men to improe their knowledge and capacity to plan and proide for the health and happiness of their families.  /niersal Health Care must mean essential health serices, access to basic medicines, and appropriate health care aailable to all regardless of income class, ethnicity or religion. his system will be built on the following pillars. :.   Universal coverage in health Insurance 0ifteen years ago, the ;ational Health Insurance <aw, which created !hilHealth =:>>7?, called for health insurance for all 0ilipinos by 9:. oday, goernment has fallen well short of this target by proiding health insurance to only @+ of all 0ilipinos =;ational *emographic and Health Surey of 9+?. o remedy this and to bring full coerage to all 0ilipinos, !hilhealth premiums for the poor will be subsidied by the national goernment. I will allocate ! :7 billion to enroll the poorest - of the population eery year. his will ensure that the poorest municipalities will hae access and equity to social health insurance. But I will demand that these freedup <4/ funds be used to improe local health facilities, proide incenties to rural health personnel and delier quality of health care at the community leel.  ;4's, !'s and microfinancing institutions will be harnessed to disseminate information in the community about !hilHealth and to sere as mechanisms for  partnerships with !hilHealth to attain uniersal coerage. o ma)imie reach, !hilHealth will e)pand its outpatient benefits package to include the : basic health serices for all 0ilipinos, and proide special health packages for marginalied groups such as indigenous peoples, public school children and teachers and residents of the fie poorest areas of the !hilippines. 9.   Expanded Health Infrastructure  'ur health infrastructure needs a boost gien the gaps in health facilities. Beginning at the barangay  leel, we will fund 99, more barangay  health stations, @ more outpatient rural health units and at least :7 more district hospitals from an e)panded national health budget of at least !D7Billion a year oer the entire term of si)  years =to 9:-?. =Current *'H budget for 9: is ! 9> billion, an additional ! 6- billion would suffice, which may be sourced from an improed ta) collection system and effectie anticorruption measures.? At the same time, priate sector inestments in health will be encouraged. $echanisms to consolidate resources from the priate sector and oerseas deelopment assistance ='*A? from international deelopment partners will be instituted to boost the limited resources of goernment in dealing with disaster preparedness, response and rehabilitation. @.   Organization of the Health Services Sector I will fully support the Sectorwide approach to health =S(Ap?8Health Sector #eform Agenda through $emoranda of Agreement with proinces and cities as a strategic approach to local health system improement. he national goernment will assist <4/s in coming up with technically sound plans deeloped from the community leel to the proinces. hese plans will be supported by national and international funds and resources pooled nationally and used 3udiciously and transparently by local e)ecuties. I will generate more publicpriate partnerships in health that will sustain health serices improement particularly in proinces and municipalities. Health serices that can be outsourced to the priate sector like management of public hospitals and deliery of maternal and child health care serices will be encouraged. %)isting initiaties will be scaled up to include e)panding and improing community pharmacies =Botika ng Barangay, Botika Binhi, Health!lus? by linking them to !hilHealth reimbursementsE and e)pansion of !ublic!riate $i)ed *'S to improe B Control particularly among  priate physicians. I will increase publicpriate inestments in water and sanitation, nutrition and immuniation serices. I will ensure quality of local health serices by improing public finance management with transparency, accountability and predictability in local budgeting from  barangays to proinces. I will require strict adherence to the goernment procurement law =#A >:+6? to guarantee responsie logistics and procurement system that brings medicines and supplies to hospitals and clinics on time. I will work with all the professional medical associations, including specialty societies to fill in the gaps in health care especially in the poorest proinces. he  municipal health officers and the family and community physicians will be designated as gatekeepers of a uniersal health care system in the country. I will mobilie ciil society organiations =CS's?, peopleFs organiations =!os? and community based groups towards greater coerage of preentie, promotie and curatie health and demand better accountability in the health sector. 6.   Health Financing  I will establish a ;ational Health *eelopment 0und on top of the e)isting *'H  budget =!9> billion for 9:? as a mechanism for leeraging the national health budget to increase priate inestment in health to e)pand the system. he 0und should hae a capitaliation of at least ! 6- Billion annually for the ne)t - years. he breakdown of the  ;ational Health *eelopment 0und is as follows1 !: billion for !hilHealth premium for the poorest - of the population =::million families? on top of the e)isting ! 6 billion as proided by the 4eneral Appropriations ActE !: billion for health infrastructure consisting of D, new barangay health stations, :, new rural health units, and 7 district hospitalsE !: billion for improing personnel salaries and facilities1 ! @ billion to augment the $agna Carta benefits of deoled health workers =9 of deoled health workersF salaries? and !D billion for the salaries of additional doctors =@,?, nurses =@,?, midwies =99,? and other health workers for the additional facilities, and ! :  billion for disaster preparedness and management of health facilitiesE and !:7billion for the toll manufacture of : essential pharmaceutical products for clinics and referral hospitals. 7.   Human esources for Health  'ur health care system can only be as good as our public health workers. 0ar too many of them work at leels that gie them few benefits and do not compensate them for the serice they perform. 'ur doctors, nurses and health workers, in general, and our local goernments hae asked that the proisions of the $agna Carta for !ublic Health (orkers be implemented to the full e)tent and spirit of the law. I will carry out the $agna Carta for !ublic Health (orkers in order to help local goernments delier on health in keeping with the spirit of the <ocal 4oernment Code that deoled this function to our <4/s. o ensure the consistent aailability of health workers in the field, all health graduates of state colleges and uniersities will be required to render public serice. -.   Cheaper !edicines for all  
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