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Unit 11-Resident Care Procedures | Urinary Incontinence | Medical Specialties

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Unit 11 Resident Care Procedures Nurse Aide I Course DHSR Approved Curriculum-Unit 11 1 Resident Care Procedures Introduction Residents frequently require assistance to meet their normal elimination needs. They may also require special procedures that the nurse aide will perform. DHSR Approved Curriculum-Unit 11 2 Resident Care Procedures Introduction This unit explores: • helping the resident to the bathroom; • assisting with use of the bedside commode, bedpan and urinal; • provi
  DHSR Approved Curriculum-Unit 111 Unit 11 Resident Care Procedures Nurse Aide I Course  DHSR Approved Curriculum-Unit 112 Resident Care ProceduresIntroduction Residents frequently require assistanceto meet their normal elimination needs.They may also require specialprocedures that the nurse aide willperform.  DHSR Approved Curriculum-Unit 113 Resident Care ProceduresIntroduction (continued) This unit explores:ãhelping the resident to the bathroom;ãassisting with use of the bedsidecommode, bedpan and urinal;ãproviding catheter care and emptying aurinary drainage bag;ãcollecting a routine urine specimen;ãapplying and caring for condomcatheters;  DHSR Approved Curriculum-Unit 114 Resident Care ProceduresIntroduction (continued) In addition, this unit explores:ãcollecting a stool specimen;ãadministering cleansing enemas;ãapplying warm or cold applications,elastic bandages, elastic stockings(TED hose) and non-sterile dressing;ãand assisting with coughing and deepbreathing exercises.
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