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Unit 8 Radar Crossection | Cross Section (Physics) | Scattering

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radar crossection
  RADAR TARGETS INTRODUCTION TO RADAR CROSS SECTION  RADAR CROSS SECTION OF TARGETS ã The Radar cross section σ   is the property of a scattering object, or target, that is included in the Radar equation to represent the magnitude of the echo signal returned to the radar by the target. ã The radar cross section of a target is the (fictional) area intercepting that amount of power   which when scattered equally in all directions, produces an echo at the radar equal to that from the target.    Reradiated power density back at the radar ã  = P t  G * σ  4 π  R 2 4 π  R 2  A definition of the radar cross section found in electromagnetic scattering is  Radar cross section
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