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Bertazzoni Professional Series Bertazzoni Master Series Bertazzoni Heritage Series USA & CanadaIntroduction3 The Series82Professional SeriesThe complete…
Bertazzoni Professional Series Bertazzoni Master Series Bertazzoni Heritage Series USA & CanadaIntroduction3 The Series82Professional SeriesThe complete kitchenMaster SeriesThe Bertazzoni way6Heritage SeriesThe Bertazzoni philosophyFamily roots Precision engineering At the heart of it all146Green responsibilitiesThe technology18Practical thinking, future saving Food for thoughtNew Generation products Freestanding range Built-in ovensOverviewHigh performance cooktopsSeries summariesRefrigeratorsContact detailsDishwashers VentilationColors and finishes Automotive paint Enamel Texture paint7215645The starting pointFor more than 100 years Bertazzoni cooking appliances have helped people bring the best of home-cooked food to the family table. Bertazzoni is proud and well-equipped to do this because food and cooking are essential elements of Italian family life. Bertazzoni cooking machines have been available for over a century now, building a reputation based on the quality of engineering and a passion for food. Whatever your cooking style, Bertazzoni products enable you to cook and serve food with precision, flair and flavor.“The new Heritage Series was inspired by the original Bertazzoni woodburning stoves.â€?The new Heritage Series:Inspiring future traditionsThe new Heritage Series offers a powerful combination of the style of the original Bertazzoni machines with the very latest cooking technology. These appliances bring an authentic traditional inspiration to the contemporary kitchen. To create the traditions of the future, Bertazzoni engineers have been through a rigorous process of examining every detail and every possibility of every product. And they have responded with solutions that set a new benchmark. In the new Heritage Series, you will instantly recognize the signature aesthetic principles of Bertazzoni appliances while noticing many refinements designed to make the cooking experience even better.Bertazzoni has advanced its technology and engineering by rethinking every aspect from the point of view of the person using the appliance. By considering everything from the customers’ perspective and the way they wish to use their kitchens, Bertazzoni drives innovation. As a result, this catalogue introduces a new generation of products in the Professional, Master and new Heritage Series that complete the entire kitchen suite. All developed from the foundation of our deep tradition of craftsmanship and engineering knowhow. Bertazzoni offers best-in-class technology and highly compelling aesthetic features, designed to bring the benefits of even greater usability.This thinking embraces the entire kitchen: cooking is at its heart and other appliances must fit around this central need. Here you will find fully equipped refrigerators, dishwashers and ventilation systems, available in matching styles, designed to create a true, high performing Bertazzoni kitchen. Because a beautiful kitchen should not only look good, it should also work supremely well. Discover the unique style of new Heritage Series on page 132 and find out how the original Bertazzoni wood burning stoves from 100 years ago inspired the special finish of today.The Bertazzoni way10THE BERTAZZONI WAYTHE BERTAZZONI WAY Antonio BertazzoniFamily rootsLa Germania was the original trademark for the Bertazzoni cooking rangeSo how did it begin? The latest Bertazzoni products with their advanced technology are part of a continuous story that began, as many do, with a journey. Back in the 19th century Francesco Bertazzoni made precision weighing machines for the local cheese-makers in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. In Guastalla, observing the trains coming in from Germany and Austria, he noticed that the railcars were heated by a new type of wood-burning stove: a stove that cooked for the train crew as well as heating the carriage. This innovation appealed to the manufacturer – it spoke to his entrepreneurial instincts as well as to his love of food and family.“Always be true to yourself and to your own values” Family. Food. Engineering. These came together in the mind of Francesco and they have passed through the six Bertazzoni generations that have followed. Today those words define the brand. Inspired by his discovery of the railway stove, Francesco and his son Antonio set about adapting it to their own purposes. So they began producing cooking stoves for local use around Guastalla where they had their workshop – soon their stoves were being sold throughout Italy. In 1909 the next generation, headed by Napoleone Bertazzoni, built a factory next to the railway station. It was a reminder of the original idea, perfect for the transport system that could spread Bertazzoni stoves further afield. They branded their main stove La Germania in recognition of its inspiration on that railway journey and began to win awards for the quality of product design. Napoleone introduced mass production techniques, learned from the region’s growing car-making industry. After Napoleone died in the 1930s his widow Angela kept the factory operating at a high level. Electricity and dual fuel ranges were added to gas, and the company’s direction was now well-established, but of course there were many developments along the way.1112THE BERTAZZONI WAYTHE BERTAZZONI WAY“La cucina piccola fa la casa grande.” “A little kitchen makes a large home.”In the 1950s Bertazzoni began manufacturing its first gas stoves, and the 1960s saw the first exports spurred by the appeal of the cookers’ design and engineering. To gas was added electricity and dual-fuel cookers, and by the turn of this century these were sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. In 2005 Bertazzoni first began selling in the USA and Canada. With international alliances and a growing network of dealers, Bertazzoni has become a global brand still proud of its local, family roots in Italy. A brand with cooking ranges at its core but now providing the complete kitchen for customers in all parts of the world.Bertazzoni was an early entrant into automated production through its modern factory1314THE BERTAZZONI WAYTHE BERTAZZONI WAYPrecision engineeringWith its roots in the manufacturing of appliances for the enjoyment of food, Bertazzoni knows where its heart and soul lies. The simple distillation has always been true: family, food, engineering. Brought together in the heart of the home, the kitchen. For Italians – perhaps more than in any other culture – there is a natural fusion of design and engineering. Engineering makes sure you produce products that function perfectly – but an inherent affinity with design, engineering’s close ally, means that Bertazzoni products also look stylish and elegant. Form and function become one. Bertazzoni has always been a leader in production techniques, applying the most modern methods in its factories at each stage of the company’s evolution. In Guastalla production has quadrupled at the high-tech factory since 1998. But nothing stands still. A bigger plant in Guastalla, using the very latest technology, will soon enable a further increase in capacity to meet the demand for products. The engineering and craftsmanship that make it possible to create great kitchen appliances is also ingrained in this region. Around Guastalla, in the nearby world-famous cities like Turin, Bologna and Milan are global industrial companies. Companies that make iconic cars and motorbikes; and other world leading companies in food processing, agricultural machinery, automotive, hydraulic, construction and ceramic machinery.Alfa Romeo, Ducati, Lamborghini, Ferrari. Romantic almost poetic names, yet representing powerful machines, engineered for excellence, honed and developed through the toughest competition in the world. Bertazzoni takes inspiration from them. Marketing is essential to the whole effort, and the Bertazzoni brand is now recognized in more and more countries around the world. It grows because Bertazzoni stands for a clear and desirable promise. It gives customers the means to create beautiful cooking – by using appliances crafted with precise engineering and thoughtful design. It’s a philosophy and an approach that is always rooted in the family, as our customers are. It’s based on knowing, deep down, that cooking brings families together and recognizing that quality products help achieve that aim. It’s an Italian art that the world appreciates.1516THE BERTAZZONI WAYBalsamico di Modena (balsamic vinegar)THE BERTAZZONI WAYAt the heart of it allBertazzoni believes that a kitchen is at the heart of every home. But it is also true that food is at the heart of every kitchen. Located as the company is in the Po Valley in the north of Italy, in the region called Emilia-Romagna traditionally known as the bread basket since Roman times, Bertazzoni is steeped in the ingredients and recipes that have made Italian cooking famous worldwide. In Emilia-Romagna region there are: Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese), prosciutto di Parma (Parma ham), mortadella sausage, cured meats and salamis, balsamico di Modena (balsamic vinegar), Lambrusco, Sangiovese and Trebbiano wines, and many types of pasta that have local origins – tagliatelle, tortellini, ravioli just to name a few. Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese)1718THE BERTAZZONI WAYTHE BERTAZZONI WAY“Here all around us we have growing naturally all the ingredients of a great Italian meal. This is the food that makes us who we are.” All these distinctive Italian foods are made possible by the region’s agricultural abundance. The Po Valley is a wide fertile plain with a rich soil that nurtures all the essential ingredients – grains and grasslands, fruit from the orchards, vegetables of all kinds. So there is wheat to make pasta, corn to make polenta. Grazing land for pork, beef, veal; poultry and game. Butter and cheese. Rice for risottos. Porcini, nuts, truffles from the woods. Peaches, pears, cherries, quince and, of course, tomatoes full of flavor. All the ingredients for a perfect meal.Prosciutto di Parma (Parma ham)19The technology26THE TECHNOLOGYFreestanding ranges“Every generation has the role of improving things – to pass on the values and its own experience.”New Generation productsMaximizing the use of space has shaped much of this new design thinking. First, in terms of a wish to meet the needs of people with kitchens of varying sizes, either full-size or compact, with a greater choice of solutions. Second, to respond to the popular demand in the North American market for ovens of larger capacities. Here are ovens designed for large family dinners such as Thanksgiving; putting more pleasure into such joyful occasions and removing much stress. At the same time the commitment remains to making everyday cooking a pleasure, whatever the size of the meal or the kitchen or the skill level of the cook.• High-efficiency gas worktop design with 19,000 BTU power burnerThe New Generation freestanding ranges (models in 48", 36" and 30") introduce a multitude of innovative content and add color options in the Master Series. The most notable new features are:• Counter-depth design aligns with surrounding countertops• Extra-large oven design, with dual fan convection, provides optimal heat distribution and faster heat-up times • Oven cavities increased by up to 40% in 30", 36" and 48" models, the largest cavity in its class • Digital temperature gauge and food probe sensors in all selfcleaning models, to measure precise temperature and ensure even cooking on multiple levels inside the oven • Timeless elegance in design and better contrast make it easier to read and use the gauges • Seven different cooking levels with improved telescopic sliding shelves – larger capacity in depth, width and height • Lateral multilevel illumination in ovens with halogen lamps that illuminate all shelf levels; full-size glass for easy viewing • Full-width extra powerful infrared broiler, the Bertazzoni signature feature that guarantees great results for broiling and grilling • 30" and 36" induction ranges, giving the most advanced and environment-friendly heating – five zones can be used simultaneously• Reduced flame to cookware distance gives faster time to boil with best-in-class energy efficiency • New Monobloc power burner, a fused component burner assembly, delivers higher heat faster and is easy to clean and reposition • Super-easy to clean – no fingerprint stainless steel, full-width glass with concealed mounting technology and edge to edge inner door • Soft close doors for easy use and safety The overall aim has been an even better cooking experience: greater ease of use enabled by technological advances, increased capacity to cook more and to cook more efficiently, increased energy saving and the creation of a beautiful kitchen.Times change, people change. Technology responds to and drives change. It seems that each decade Bertazzoni reaches a point where it can leap forward again to establish a new platform with enhanced technology to meet changing needs. The appliances shown and described in these pages are a New Generation. They are for the present but they also show the future direction towards ever higher technology performance driven by the need for even greater usability. An evolutionary approach has taken design to an even higher level, applied right across the kitchen.Gas range/Dual fuel rangeLow profile back guard No fingerprint stainless steel Monobloc burnersInduction rangeContinuous contour gratesLow profile back guard‘Keep warm’ functionExtra high efficiency maintop Single or twin power burners5 induction zonesCounter depthCounter depthTemperature gaugeDigital temperature gauge with bezel embedded controlsTemperature precision control systemTemperature precision control systemSoft motion/close doorNo fingerprint stainless steelSoft motion/close doorEdge to edge inner doorTwin lateral lightingBridge functionEdge to edge inner doorTwin lateral lighting Dual horizontal convectionDual horizontal convection Temperature probe cookingGas range: gas convection oven and full width infrared broilerMaximum space cavity and telescopic glidesMaximum space cavity and telescopic glidesDual fuel range: electric and self-clean ovenElectric and self-clean oven (temperature precision control system) Panorama windowPanorama windowPRIMI2948" Professional Series dual fuel range, stainless steel, 6 burners and griddle 48" wallmount hood30PRIMIOven cavity Benefit• Largest cavity in class Feature/technology• 3D expanded new cavity Dual convection Benefit• Optimal heat distribution in large cavity and all seven levels • Faster heat-up time Feature/technology• 2 fan convection Gas convection oven: temperature precision control system Benefit• Constant temperature • Even heat distribution • All gas convection • Best-in-class for temperature accuracy Feature/technology• Precision temperature control through adjustable gas burner and flame • Precision thermostat • Airstream guidance 7 level cooking Benefit• Simultaneous multi level cooking Feature/technology• Greater depth, width, height as part of design • Simultaneous 7 level cookie baking Electric oven Benefit• Precision temperature control • Constant temperature • Even heat distribution Feature/technology• 10 or 11 cooking modes • Self-clean or manual clean • Airstream guidancePRIMI3132PRIMIPRIMITwin lateral lighting Benefit• Illumination of all shelf levels Feature/technology• Side mounted halogen lamps Telescopic oven shelf glides Benefit• No need to reach into hot oven • Added stability for oven rack Feature/technology• 2 arm ball bearing glides3334PRIMITHE TECHNOLOGYDigital temperature gaugeTemperature gaugeBenefitBenefit• Integrated user interface and temperature control instrument • More feedback during cooking session • Timeless elegance and better contrast• Indicator for temperature status • Temperature adjustment reference • Timeless elegance and better contrastFeature/technologyFeature/technology• Temperature display • Cooking mode selector • Food probe cooking• Temperature controlled white face35Digital food probe cooking Benefit• Cooking by desired results Feature/technology• Digital thermostat and user interfaceBezel integrated controls Benefit• Visually concealed and easily accessible Feature/technology• Digital cooking mode controlsHigh power electric griddle Benefit• More user friendly operation, particularly for pancakes, grilled cheese, hamburgers and bacon Feature/technology• Stainless steel • Rapid heating elements36THE TECHNOLOGYPRIMIPanorama window Soft motion door Benefit• Better visibility of all seven cooking levels Feature/technology• Wider & larger windowBenefit• Ergonomic support for opening/closing the door Feature/technology• Balanced door motion hinge Soft close door Benefit• Luxury comfort and highly tactile experience Feature/technology• Soft close hinge works automatically and smoothly Edge to edge inner door Benefit• Easy to clean • More space for deeper cookie sheets Feature/technology• Full width glass with concealed mounting technology3738PRIMITHE TECHNOLOGYPower burner 19,000 BTU High efficiency maintop Benefit Benefit• Allows for use of larger cookware • Larger distance between burners• More cooking flexibility Feature/technology• 19,000 BTU burners • Twin power burners on all 6 burner configuration rangesFeature/technology• Efficiency system • Reduced flame-to-cookware distanceContinuous contour gratesLow profile back guardBenefitBenefit• Larger cooking surface • Better fit on maintop • More stability for cookware• More flush installationFeature/technology• New design commercial grade cast iron grates • Larger silicon buffersFeature/technology• Elegant design solution especially in island configuration3940THE TECHNOLOGYPRIMINo fingerprint stainless steel on control panel and oven door Benefit• Cleaner look in contact areas Feature/technology• Special stainless coatingTwin power burnersMonobloc burnersBenefitBenefit• Commercial range performance • More cooking flexibility• Easy to cleanFeature/technology• 2 x 19,000 BTU brass burners • Twin power burners on all 6 burner configuration rangesFeature/technology• Fused component burner assemblySingle piece worktop Benefit• No sharp angles or dirt traps • Cleaning is fast and easy Feature/technology• One-piece worktop molding4142PRIMILarger induction zones Benefit• Bigger cooking area Feature/technology• Larger inductors and added bridge element 50 Amp compatible Benefit• Use of all 5 heating elements simultaneously while using the oven for baking/roasting Feature/technology• Smart power routing software Power bridge zone Benefit• Auto adjust to large cookware Feature/technology• Extra large cooking zonePRIMI4344THE TECHNOLOGYBuilt-in ovensTHE TECHNOLOGY30" wall oven single cavity 30" combi steam oven 30" combi speed oven 30" warming drawerBertazzoni ovens can also be installed flush with kitchen cabinets. The built-in ovens share most of the technological features of the freestanding ranges, and are design coordinated for a perfectly aligned installation in the kitchen cabinet ambiance. The synchronicity of all vertical and horizontal lines, handles and control knobs is guaranteed in any combination of models. Key features are: • Extra large oven design, with dual diagonal convection on all 30" full size ovens, provides optimal heat distribution and faster heat-up times • Standard digital user interface and food probe cooking technology on selected models • Food probe cooking with digital thermostats allows you to cook by desired results on multiple levels in the oven cavity • Multiple cooking levels with telescopic sliding shelves – simplifies usage in large capacity ovens • Side illumination in ovens – halogen lamps illuminate all shelf levels; easy
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