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Free Jayne 1986 Zimbabwe | Prayer | Christmas

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  MISSION: Flefd Address: Jayne Linda Free P.O. BoxH-96Hatfleid, Harare Zimbabwe, Africa Forwarding Agents:  im and NettieBrown 2038 Wahalaw Nene Tallahassee, FL 32301(904) 877-4463 CENTRAL AFRICAN MISSION No. 5 Jayne Linda Free January I986 PRAISE THE LORD  Leteverything that has breath praise the Lord, Ps. 150:6 JayneLinda, arrived in JohannasburgSunday,January19th at 7 l5   S.S.T, She willtravel to Harare on Wednesday or Thursday,followingacoupledays rest in Johannasburg. She will bedriving her own car (I982 VW Jetta), which she has purchased in Johannasburgfroma Christianfriend. 1986 isa new beginningfor Jayne Linda, with m ny opportunities to reach out to lost souls in Zimbabwe.The fields are whiteunto harvest. WithGod sleadingJayne Linda will bespending the next three years in full time service to her Lord,- As Jajrne Linda's forwarding agents we thank the Lord everyday for your prayers, your faithfulness and your financial support. Thenext three years JayneLinda will greatly needs us, here at  home to continue to l t her up to Jesus, to support the work she does, and to be faithful in our financial support. Theknowledge that we are behind her asshe labors in Zimbabwe for the Lord.  e haveencloseda financial statement for theyear endingDecember 3i»I985 for your review. JAYNE LINDA SSPECIAL PRAYERNEEDS. Please pray for: —her safety idiile in Zimbabwe. her family,asthey suppo27t her with their prayers, her continued monthly support. her decisionsas she seeks to do the Lord's will. -—us, as Jayne Linda's forwarding agents, —yourpart in herministry. His service ã0 3 ® ' s l-ord will besaved. How. then,cantheycallontheonetheyhavenot believed in Andhow ®Pe e> ethe oneolwhom theyhavenot heard? Andhow can they hear without someone preaching to them? Andhow can thevreach unless they aresent. As itis written. How beautilul arethe feet ol those who bring good news Romans 10:13-15  CENTRAL AFRICA MISSION JAYNS LINDA FREE-MISSIONARY FINANGIAL REPORT - I985 Cash on Hand January 1 I985 Receipts; Gash Mr.  c Mrs M. L Baer Noblesville Ind Mr. Mrs W B Bishop Franklin Tenn. Mr. Mrs. Michael Bliss Knoxville Tenn Carol Ann Boggs BonitaSprings Fla Mr. Mrs.Lewis Boggs Springfield Ohio Mr. Mrs. Hines Boyd Monticello Fla Mr. Mrs. J R Brown Indianapolis Ind Mr Mrs.R.L.Brown Bedford Ind Virginia L.Brown Ludlow Ky Lynn Janene Buckley Knoxville Tenn Mildred J Coughlin Tallaiiassee - Fla Mr. Mrs.Sam Darden Jr. Knoxville Tenn Dean   Jodie Davis King N C. Robin Delaney Zimbabwe Shanda Delaney Zimbabwe Edwin Janet Drake Pittsburg Pa Dale   Belinda Fontana Hampton Ga John   EstherHolliwell Las Vages Nev Thomas SherryHart Tallahassee Fla Mr Mrs. V M Hodges Marrow Ga Peri Ann Horton Morristown Tenn Taunya Huff Knoxville Tenn Fred   Patsy Kapp Jr. King N.G. Kelly Mission Fund Hillsboro Ohio Stephen Lennon Knoxville Tenn Lori S. Littleford Knoxville Tenn Frank  Rosemary Manzenberger Oolitic Ind Karen Meade Knoxville Tenn Richard/Frances Morgan Knightstown Ind Mr. Mrs. Tom Morse Fortville Ind Martin   Nickel Garland Texas William   JoanParke Diamond Bar Calif Betty   Amy Parks Tallahassee -Fla DwightG. Price Columbia S. C.Ron Chris Proctor Knoxville Tenn Timothy Paige Ray Oakland Ky Angela   JosephRobertson Knoxville Tenn Cecil Ross Zimbabwe Sharon Roundtree Gainesville Fla V ayne   Betty Sayre Elizabethtoim Ky - continued on nextpage- 5.0050.0050.00 1 050.00 55.00 100.00 50 00 600.00 150.00120.00 ^50.00 —20. 00 270.00 60.00 200.00 275.00 120.00 10.00 20.00 20.00200 00 if-5.00 100.00 40.00 250.00 100.00 40.00 20.00 6.00 25.00 220.00 25.00 120 00 -2-0-. 00 120.00 225.00 100.00 10.00 868.00 25.00 30.00 .00  Receipts continued  ll Shaw Zimbabwe Greg   Rhonda Smith Greentown Ind Smest   Lou Jean Southers Madisonville Ky TonyaTownsend Kingsport Tenn G, 3.  B, Treadway Tallahassee Pla Cathy G. Treer Brewer Maine Gregory   Garie Turner Nashville Tenn Frances Wages Tucker Ga Robin Wolfe Madisonville Ky Capella Christian Church King N,G, Christian Church Milford Ind Christian Student Fellowship Knoxville Tenn Butch Fork Christian Church Irrao S G, Grapevine Christian Church Madisonville y I^rragetChristian Church Knoxville Tenn Desiginated Gifts Love Offering First Christian Church Harriman Tenn First Ghristicui Church Nashville Tenn First Christian Church Cave in Rock,111 First Christian Church Tallahassee Fla Halls Christian Church Knoxville Tenn Johnson Bible College Knoxville Tenn King Church of Christ King N,C. King s Way Christian Church, Tallahassee Fla Leland Christian Church Mableton GaMadison Christian Church Madison Ga Interest Earned OV Checking Account Total Receipts Total Funds Available Disbursements; Jayne Linda Free Living Link Travel Postage   Preparation Expenses Mission Services- Stationery Flyers etc. Fellowship of Christian Ministers-Insurance Miscellaneous Expenses Equipment   Supplies Lumber for Crate Long Distance Phone Calls - Repairs to Car Total Disbursements GashonHand,December 3I I985  Disbursements priorto leaving Jan. I5 I986 Plane Fhre Travel Funds ShippingExpenses Estimate Total 150.00 10 00 15.00 100.00 50.00 50.00 60 no 10 ã'1.00 1.00 201.01 172.00 389.56 ^25.00 500.00 270 00 190.87 200.00 ã15^.00 VBS 127 00 V S 111.89 100.00 300.00 200.00 2 582.35 ^30.50 158.50 73.243.920.00 2 183.37 284 06 73^.26 305.49937.84 120.77 170.04 214.95- 2 072.52 1 200.001. '^GO.OO ã 13. 385.91   13 385.91 8.870.78   t 515.13  ootnoLcs^. A MISSION: 35 y ZIMBABWE Iio, 6 March I986 CcninAL ArnibAn midSiun JayneLindaFree V^- .>'#2 * Greetings from Africa in the name of our Lord and SaviorJesus Christ. I arrived safely on African soil on January 19th. It was greatto finally get here and to see Shanda Delaney's familiar face. My trip was good and exciting as I learned to exchange US dollarsfor gulden in Holland, then to the South Africsui rand, then to the Zimbabwean dollar. What an experience to figure what to tip and   things were too expensive etc. etc. in all these foreign currencies, We  Shanda and l) left Jo'buig on Monday the 20th in my  new** car. Yep,a 1982 Yellow  W Jetta GI5. It is in excellent condition and a really nice little car. We metMarciaKay Thomson  my new flatmate) and Cecil Ross, (another single missionary) several hours north of Jo'burg. We did some shopping as more items areavailable in SA than here in Zimbabwe. After picking up all of the lists of things that they needed togetfor others we continued on to the border. Oh, what an experience... youhave to let them icnow everything youhave in your possession. Asa first time resident Ido not have to pay duty or customs on any of these items but Ido have to declare it all. We were finished in 1|- hours >diich from what I understand is good timej.ãSmile* Then on to my first night s stayin Zimbabwe. We stayed at the Lion and SleuhantInn—thatched roofs, birds, dogs, cats but no lions or elephants* It wis a wonderful night*s sleep. We headed to Harare on Wednesday, the 22nd. Along the wayI saw ny first mud huts and they seemed as   I d seen them before. I guess my slide presentation helped me feel as   I*d been here before too Smile We also saw a huge troop of baboons cross the road infrontofus, as well as many monkeys and a lot of cows Yep, cows We also stopped several times for a  coke break. You can get the  Real Thing in even the remotest of places * Field Address: Jayne LindaFree P O. Box H-96 Hatfielo, Harare Zimbabwe,Africa ForwardingAgents: JimandNettieBrown 2038 WahalawNene Tallahassee, FL 32301 (904) 877-4463 for.EveryonewrtocailsonrneriamsofifieLorowilbesaveo.How.rnen canfheycallonrneone rheynavenotOeheveom Ananotvcanmeyoe/iovem ifye oneofwnom/neynavenotneara ^Andnowcanineyhearwithoutsomeone jreacnmgto rnem' Ananowcanineypreachunlesstheyare ssnf' Ajit  s written.Howoeautilularemefeetofthosewhobnng goodnews' Romans10.1J- 5
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