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Free Jayne 1992 Zimbabwe | Zimbabwe | Prayer

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  ForwardingAgents: Jim and Nettie Brown2 38 WahalawNene Tallahassee, PL 32301  904 877-4463 Footnotes^ jsr Field Address: Jayne Linda Free P.O. Box H-96 Hatfleld, HarareZimbabwe, Africa ^Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.—Psalm 119:105 DearFriends in Christ, Well with1992well underway and1991onlyamemory stop and reflect on the future and what is in store. felt it was time to It is alsofurloughtimeagain whichdoesnotseempossible that Ihavebeenbackfromthe last furlough for almost three years.Iwillbereturninghomein late May or early June.Ihavealsoputinmyresignation at theZimbabwe ChristianCollege.Thiswasdonewithmuchprayerandwithmuchthoughtasto  Whatnext Lord? .1willbereturningtothe U S for nowto report onthework ofthe Lord hereandtobein earnest prayeroverwhereandwhattheLord desires ofmenext.   earnest prayerrequest ofeachofyouistopray that theLordwillopenthe doors He wantsmetogothroughnext talsoask that you pleasecontinuetosupportmeuntilat least June1993.Thatisoneyeartobeabletoseekout new areas Imaybe able to serve in. TheZimbabweChristianCollegeisinarealstageoftransitionandIknow that this isthetimetochangepositions. Please keeptheminyourprayers as they continue to strive to teach the men and women of Zimbabwe. ThishasnotbeenaneasydecisionandIamnotsurewheretheLordisleading menextbutIdoknow that He isfaithfuland trustworthy. He willopennew doors. .. I just prayIamreadyandwillingtogothrough them I do planto attendtheNationalMissionaryConventioninOctoberandseewhatdoorsare openedthere.Please ifyou hear of areas opened for service, let meknow.  Thank you eachandeveryone forwithouteachof you  wouldnothavebeenable to have servedin Zimbabwe as1 have nd Ialsothank you for being faithfulto me and tothe Lord throughyourcontinuousgivingandforcontinuingtogiveasI stand beforetheLordin this timeofchange. You areeach one verydear and preciousto me .  some of you I have not even seen for years yetyouhavebeenfaithfulinyoursupport.1wouldlovetobeableto visit manyofyouduring this time.IloveZimbabweandthepeoplehere butfeel and have felt for some time now thatis it time to move on and allow thepeopletobeabletotakeover.SharingaboutZimbabweandthepeopleis somethingIdearlylovedoing...please let meknowif1couldcomeand visit and shareallabout my pastsixyearswiththeZimbabaweChristianCollegeand theGeencroft  hristi n Church. Please keep theworkoftheZimbabweChristianCollegeandtheGreencroftChristian Church inyourprayers. Thank you forailyourloveandcarefor me With Jesus love and mine  Dear friends As you cansee,Jayneisaskingforyour help We sincerelyask you tobeinprayerforJayne. She loves working forher Lord and shewantsto go where  e leads.  n additionsheneedsyourcontinuedprayerandsupportasshe strives toserve,takingthegospeltotheunsaved. Ifyourchurch,missionscommittee, group orclasscanarrangeforJaynetovisitanddiscusswithherthesemattersduringthe coming months  after June , shewouldgreatlyappreciateyouradvice.It snoteasyforasingleChristianladytoworkinthemissionfield,even though there is atremendousneed for workers with hertalents. On thebackofthispagewehaveincludedasimpleformwhichcanbe sent toJayneatouraddress.Jaynewillcall you assoonasshecomes state-side and arrangeforavisittoyourcity.Pleasetakethetimethisweek,orthis month tocompletethe form and mail it to us. Again wethank you forthewonderful way you havebeen faithfultoJayne during thelastsixyears. May God bless you as you continuetotakethe gospel to your neighbors,co-workers and thestudentsinyour community In His service. PS Please pray forrainin Zimbabwe some folks onlyhave food forthenext four to six weeks.  To: Jayne Linda Free XJim   Nettie Brown  38 Wahalaw Nene Tallahassee 32301 As you havesuggested we havebeeninprayerfor you andwewantyou to visit withus so wecan hear about the work in Zimbabwe and discussyour plans.Please contact usassoonaspossible sowe can arrange a date foryour visit Name broup Address Lity   state Phone
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