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Gay City News - March 14, 2019

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Pentagon Sets Trans Ban for April 07Equality Act Re-Introduced 13A Controversial “Girl” on Netflix 34www.GayCityNews.nyc www.GayCityNewS E R V I N G G AY, L E S…
Pentagon Sets Trans Ban for April 07Equality Act Re-Introduced 13A Controversial “Girl” on Netflix 34www.GayCityNews.nyc www.GayCityNewS E R V I N G G AY, L E S B I A N , B I A N D T R A N S G E N D E R N E W Y O R KHIS SOUL BELONGS TO DADDY ANOTHER PROVOCATIVE THEATER PIECE FROM JEREMY O. HARRIS MONIQUE CARBONIPage 29Ronald Peet as a cutting-edge young artist in Jeremy O. Harris’ “Daddy.”Presenting SPONSORMKT 19.014© GAY CITY NEWS 2019 | SCHNEPS MEDIA, ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDFREE | VOLUME EIGHTEEN, ISSUE SIX | MARCH 14 – MARCH 27, 2019Presented by'8).  B 63 63B".+ '<+25:+28'4*'22855354-92'4*/:?+=&5812019 Honorees BAndy Marra "8'49-+4*+8+-'2+,+49+*;)':/54;4* B Anne Maguire +<52:/4-+9(/'49 8/9.+9(/'4'?8-'4/@':/54 BBrian Downey '?,)+89):/54+'-;+ B Charles King5;9/4-%5819 B Chynna Pitlock;++49+4:+8,58'?!+4/589 B Cristina Herrera"8'492':/4'+:=581 B Daniel Tietz '/2+?5;9+4) BDonna Aceto.5:5-8'6.+8 BDarnell L. Moore ;:.5859.+94".+/8+ BDr. Ross Hewitt +:852;9+'2:.2'4 B Floyd Rumohr 85512?4533;4/:?8/*++4:+8 B Harmonica Sunbeam8'-;++4 BHon. W. Franc Perry+=&581!:':+!;68+3+5;8:;9:/)+ B Jeffrey S. Trachtman8'3+8+</4',:'2/98'41+2 BJeremiah Johnson"8+':3+4:):/5485;6 /9+'4* +9/9: B Jerry Allred85512?48/*+BKaz Mitchell/8)2+5,$5/)+94) BLee Soulja Simmons &2')18/*+ BMarcy E. Carr MSW 8/*++4:+85,!:':+492'4* B Matthew Skinner, Hon. Marcy Kahn & Hon. Joanne Winslow ".+ /).'8*'/22'"533/99/54 B Michael Narain;:?259+: B Mohamed Q. Amin'8/((+'47;'2/:?850+): B Monica Prata5;<+';!.+ BOmar Gonzalez-Pagan '3*('+-'2 B Patricio Manuel 85,+99/54'25>+8 B Regnarian Jenkins3/*''8+ B Robert Atterbury !:54+='22+35)8':/)2;(5,& !4899/9:'4::5+8852*'*2+8 B Robert Voorheis'88/'-+7;'2/:?#! '?9-'/49:;49 B Roscoe Boyd II## B Steven Garibell"'41PLEASE JOIN OUR 2019 HONOREES & CELEBRATE THEIR HONOR Tickets www.gaycitynews.com/GCN2019IMPACT 658:/545,:.++<+4/4-9685)++*9=/22(+*54':+*:5;:?259+: ;:?259+:/9'454685:58-'4/@':/54:.':+365=+89*/962')+*'4*;4*+88+95;8)+*"?5;:.=/:. )25:./4-)'8+'4*)536'99/54'4*)8+':+9',83/4-3;2:/3+*/'3+99'-+95,.56+/4)2;9/<+4+99'4*9;6658:For more information contact Amanda Tarley A amanda@gaycitynews.com A 718 260 8340 also sponsored by:2March 14 - 27, 2019 | GayCityNews.nycIn This Issue COVER STORY His soul belongs to Daddy 29COMMUNITY St. Patrick’s symbol of inclusivity 14POLITICS Transphobes bust up feminist anti-sex work rally 04John Blasco’s journey from GSA to City Hall 16Chaim Deutsch blasted as Veterans Committee chair 10 Diaz, Sr.’s bizarre retweet about who controls Hollywood 12Murders She Wrote 36BOOKS Now they want common ground? 30 IN THE NOH At 54 Below, Rebecca Luker sings Gershwin 40OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2019Call or Text (347) 305-4497www.bmcc.cuny.edu/cng GayCityNews.nyc | March 14 - 27, 20193CIVIL RIGHTSRally Against Sex Work Decriminalization Hijacked Transphobic UK group embarrasses feminists denouncing pimps BY MATT TRACYGroups opposed to the movement to decriminalize sex work in New York State took their campaign to City Hall on March 11, and among them included a transphobic United Kingdom-based organization whose representatives held a sign saying “No to sex trade, surrogacy, and transgenderism.” The New York Alliance Against the Legalization of Prostitution, which describes itself as a coalition including women’s rights organizations, faith-based leaders, and sex trade survivors, led Monday’s event during which they slammed a recent state legislative proposal to decriminalize sex work in New York because of their belief that it would embolden pimps and sex traffickers. State Senators Brad Hoylman of Manhattan,COURTESY OF MELISSA GIRA GRANT/ THE APPEALMembers of the UK-based group ObjectUK held a sign saying “No to sex trade, surrogacy, and transgenderism” at Monday’s rally against sex work decriminalization.Julia Salazar of Brooklyn, and Jessica Ramos of Queens and Assemblymembers Richard Gottfried and Dan Quart of Manhattan have taken the lead on that bill, which they say will takesex workers out of the shadows, reducing the violence and exploitation they face while allowing law enforcement to focus on the perpetrators of human trafficking. The bill would repeal a section of the penal law that advocates for reform say has yielded discriminatory enforcement by targeting marginalized groups, including transgender women, people of color, and immigrants. ObjectUK, the group behind the transphobic sign, told Gay City News in an email following Monday’s rally, “There is no such thing as ‘sex work’ — it is sexual exploitation and paid rape,” and that being a woman “is not a costume or something that can be achieving by modifying your body.” The group also asserted that it is concerned that children and those with mental health➤ HIJACKED!, continued on p.5POLITICSPence Chief of Staff Wrote Anti-Gay College Column Veep’s new hire also shamed people living with HIV/ AIDS BY MATT TRACYVice President Mike Pence’s new chief of staff, Marc Short, is under fire after it was revealed he wrote offensive words about people with HIV/ AIDS and the LGBTQ community in a column for his college newspaper in 1992. Short, who was pegged to work for Pence after previously serving as President Donald Trump’s director of legislative affairs, focused his column on downplaying the effects of HIV/ AIDS on straight populations and shaming gay men for “unhealthy lifestyles” that he said played the biggest role in the epidemic. The column appeared in the March 1992 edition of W&L Spectator, a newspaper for which he served as senior editor during his time in college at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. Short, now 48, wrote about the “perverted lifestyles homosexuals pursue” and said the media shouldn’t “glorify homosexuals’ repugnant practices.” He further claimed gay activists and journalists maintained an agenda “to scare” straight people into believing they were at risk of contracting HIV, a tactic that he said was designed “to lobby Congress for more federal funding of4MITCHELL RESNICK /OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PHOTOMike Pence’s new chief of staff, Marc Short, attributed his homophobic comments in the early 1990s to what society had not yet learned about the HIV epidemic. Yep, that’s his explanation.AIDS research and to destigmatize the perverted lifestyles homosexuals pursue.” The Daily Beast first broke the news of Short’s column, which was unearthed by American Bridge, a Democratic opposition research group. In a statement to The Daily Beast, Short said he regretted “using language as an undergraduate college student that was not reflective of the respect I try to show others today.” Notably, he did not apologize. “We have all learned a lot about AIDS over the past 30 years and my heart goes out to all the victims of this terrible disease,” Short said.Gay rights and AIDS activist Peter Staley, who played a significant role in ACT UP and served for more than a decade on the board of what is now called amfAR: The Foundation for AIDS Research, slammed Short in a statement to The Daily Beast. “I wrote stuff in college too,” Staley said. “And I don’t look back and say, ‘Oh, sorry, it was my college years.’ You’re either on the right side of stuff or the wrong side. He was taking classic Jesse Helms-style rhetoric from the late ‘80s and putting an early ‘90s spin on it and sounding like the fools they all were… Guys like him wanted us to die. And they had an effect.” Short’s homophobia marks the latest blemish on an administration that has been hostile toward both LGBTQ people and those living with HIV/ AIDS. Pence, a former Indiana governor and member of Congress who has represented a brand of deeply religious homophobia dating back to long before he became vice president, refused to mention the queer community during his World AIDS Day Speech. Trump has already redirected money away from crucial HIV/ AIDS funding pots like the Ryan White AIDS CARE Act program and proposed to cut the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which is an initiative to fight HIV/ AIDS on a global scale. March 14 - 27, 2019 | GayCityNews.nyc➤ HIJACKED!, from p.4 problems are having transgender identities “pushed at them as a solution to their problems, which it isn’t.” Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women’s New York City chapter (NOW-NYC), participated in the rally — a move that prompted strong backlash on social media in the days leading up to Monday’s event. But the group distanced itself from ObjectUK after the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City called NOW out for standing alongside an antiLGBTQ group. “We wholeheartedly agree @SDNYC that Object!’s presence at today’s rally was absolutely unacceptable,” NOW-NYC said in a tweet in the hours following the event. “We are sickened to have shared the steps with this group and want to make clear that they were not invited. We apologize for not recognizing their presence and shutting them down.” Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, who represents parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens and has said that the push for decriminalization “does not protect women, it protects pimps,” also attended the event in support of the coalition. But like NOW-NYC, she later disavowed ObjectUK. “I’ve just learned that an anti-trans banner was at this AM’s anti-human trafficking event,” Maloney wrote. “As a proud ally of the transCOURTESY OF MELISSA GIRA GRANT/ THE APPEALOpponent of sex work decriminalization on the steps of City Hall.community in NY & nationwide, I strongly oppose this org or any others that express any form of transphobia.” Melissa Gira Grant, a senior staff reporter for The Appeal, wrote that feminist Gloria Steinem was unable to attend the City Hall event but sent a statement noting that pimps and human traffickers support the decriminalization movement. Other transphobic protestors from the UK have also appeared publicly in the US as of late to spread their message. A pair of women identifying as trans-exclusionary radical feminists, Posie Parker and Julia Long, interrupteda January meeting involving the Human Rights Campaign’s out transgender national press secretary, Sarah McBride, and told her that she has “a hatred of lesbians” and champions “the rights of men to access women in women’s prisons.” Those messages are echoed by ObjectUK’s website, which has a list of “the harms of ‘transgenderism’” and states that “biological males identifying as ‘trans’ have already been housed in women’s prisons and have sexually assaulted women prisoners.” The group’s list also states that transgender children receive “unnecessary ‘medical’ treatment such as the administration of puberty blockers.”ASK YOUR DOCTOR TO TEST YOUR CHILD FOR LEAD Lead in peeling paint poisons children. • Tell your landlord to fix peeling paint. It’s the law. • Wash floors, windowsills, hands, and toys often.GET YOUR CHILD TESTED AT AGES 1 AND 2. CALL 311 TO LEARN MORE OR VISIT nyc.gov/leadfree.GayCityNews.nyc | March 14 - 27, 20195MILITARYEx-Brass Blast Pentagon’s Untruths on Trans SoldiersSpecial Offer$99 TAX RETURN*Former Navy, Army, and Air Force secretaries say Trump policy indefensible BY MATT TRACYTProudly Serving The LGBT Community Since 1941 Limited Time Offer with Coupon:GCN-HP-M199 HARLEM, 10035 34 East 125th Street ......... (212)369-3866 MIDTOWN, 10017 162 East 46th Street ......... (212)682-7986 LOWER EAST SIDE, 10002 305 East Houston Street...(646)666-9091 DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN, 11201 206 Livingston Street ............. (718)596-1188 EAST NEW YORK, 11207 1110 Pennsylvania Avenue......(718)272-8186 BAYRIDGE, 11209 8509 Fourth Avenue .............. (718)836-4373 BENSONHURST, 11223 299 Kings Highway................ (718)836-4373 BAYSIDE, 11361 214-20 41st Avenue ............... 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(718)561-8284he former leaders of the US Navy, Army, and Air Force said in a joint statement last week that Pentagon officials falsely told Congress during testimony late last month that medical treatment sidelines transgender service members for longer periods of time and that they “ignored data confirming the success” of former President Barack Obama’s policy to allow all LGBTQ people to serve openly in the military. The March 3 statement, signed by former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, former Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, and former US Army Secretary Eric Fanning, followed a February 27 hearing of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel during which five transgender service members testified before this subcommittee of the Armed Services Committee and stressed that they have succeeded in carrying out their respective duties regardless of their gender identity. However, James N. Stewart, who serves as the Pentagon’s leader for personnel policy, and Vice Admiral Raquel Bono, who heads up the Defense Health Agency, pushed the argument that soldiers with gender dysphoria are a burden on the military. Remarkably, Stewart tried to downplay the effect of the ban on transgender troops, saying that the military aimed only to remove those service members with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria — even though by that criteria no transgender person would be allowed to serve if they wished to transition to their appropriate gender. Bono argued that trans service members require more mental health services compared to troops who are not transgender. Stewart also argued that the ban on transgender troops, which was first announced by President Don-ARMANDO GONZ ALES/ WIKIMEDIA COMMONSFormer Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, seen here in 2016, was among three major military leaders to condemn the Pentagon for making “misleading claims” to back up President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender service membersald Trump in a July 2017 tweet, is not discriminatory because it is focused on gender dysphoria instead of being a categorical ban on trans troops. But the exclusion of those diagnosed with gender dysphoria, in practice, comes very close to the president’s original shoot-from-thehip tweet that all transgender personnel would be banned. “The realities associated with the condition called gender dysphoria and the accommodations required for that gender transition in the military are far more complicated than we may assume,” Stewart said, according to The Hill. He also said that Obama’s policy of accepting transgender troops would eventually lead to degradation of “military readiness.” Mabus, James, and Fanning said in their statement — which was issued through the Palm Center, a think tank with a specialty in issues regarding sexual minorities in the military — that the Pentagon’ testimony was rife with “misleading claims” as part of an effort “to justify President Trump’s wrongheaded ban on transgender service members.” The three former military leaders further said current officials made “the untrue assertion that holding all service members to the same➤ CALLING BULLSHIT, continued on p.17 March 14 - 27, 2019 | GayCityNews.nycMILITARYPentagon Says Trans Ban to Take Effect in April Trump administration moves despite ongoing action in one remaining injunction BY ARTHUR S. LEONARDOpinions released by two federal courts this month dramatically reduced the chances that lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Pentagon’s proposed ban on transgender service would be able to block its implementation even as the merits of the issue continue to be litigated. And in a clear sign of how much the Trump administration is champing at the bit to get its policy in place, the Defense Department, on March 12, announced that it would go into effect in 30 days. That despite the fact that one of the nationwide injunctions barring its implementation is still technically in effect. The policy is a modified version of the ban first announced by President Donald Trump in a series of tweets in July 2017 — and just how meaningful those modifications are has emerged as a central issue in the ongoing litigation brought by transgender military personnel and potential enlistees. Until this past January, the transgender ban had been blocked by preliminary injunctions issued by four federal district judges in the fall of 2017. The Supreme Court, on January 22, signaled how this issue would likely play out when it granted the government’s motion to stay preliminary injunctions issued by district courts in Riverside, California, and Seattle. The district court in Baltimore, following the high court’s lead, stayed the preliminary injunction issued there on March 7. And the Court of Appeals for the District Columbia, which had issued an unsigned order on January 4, also granting the government’s motion to stay a district court’s preliminary injunction there, finally issued written opinions on March 8. The injunction in DC, however, remains in place, with the transgender plaintiffs having three weeks to seek further review. If their effort is turned back by the Court of Appeals, the Pentagon would seem to be free to meet its April 12 plans for impose the ban, even though the underlying merits of the four constitutional challenges would remain undecided. Trump originally announced his intentions regarding transgender military service with virtually no advance warning to anybody in a series of tweets on July 26, 2017, stating, “The United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the US military.” A month later, the White House released a memorandum spelling out the details: all serving transgender individuals would be discharged and no transgender people would be allowed to enlist. James MatGayCityNews.nyc | March 14 - 27, 2019WHITEHOUSE.GOVPresident Donald Trump’s ban on transgender military service, announced impulsively in July 2017, could be implemented very soon.tis, who was then defense secretary, was tasked with drawing up a plan for implementation to take effect the following March. The four lawsuits raised a variety of constitutional claims against the policy as spelled out in the August White House memorandum, and four district judges, all finding the plaintiffs were likely to succeed in proving the ban violated the rights of transgender service members and potential enlistees, granted preliminary injunctions against implementation. In the meanwhile, the policy opening military service up to transgender personnel announced in the last year of the Obama administration took effect on January 1, 2018, though reports indicated that enlistment applications were being slow walked by the Defense Department. On February 22 of last year, Mattis gave the president his report, purportedly prepared by unidentified military experts, providing a justification fo
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