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Powerful insights into the interpersonal dynamics of leadership. Based on the new Leader members Exchange theory of leadership.
  There are many ways to complete the sentence…. Leadership is … LMX.L EADERSHIP www.righTrack.org  ã There are almost as many different definitions of leadership as there are people who have tried to define it. ã As soon as we try to define leadership, we discover that leadership has many different meanings. LMX.L EADERSHIP Leadership is … www.righTrack.org  Some researchers have approached leadership from a  personality perspective which suggests that leadership is a combination of special traits or characteristics that some individual possess. Another school of thought addresses leadership from a skills perspective which stresses the capabilities (knowledge and skills) that make effective leadership possible. Other approaches to leadership define it as an act or behavior- the things leaders do to bring about change in a group. In addition, some define leadership in terms of the  power relationship that exists between leaders and followers. From this viewpoint, leaders have power that they wield to effect change in others. Others view leadership as transformational process that moves followers to accomplish more than is usually expected of them. LMX.L EADERSHIP Leadership is … www.righTrack.org  LMX.L EADERSHIP LMX Leader-Member Exchange Theory LeaderFollower LMXLMX Theory takes an altogether different approach and conceptualizes leadership as a process that is centred on the interactions between leaders and followers. www.righTrack.org
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